Cara's eyes snapped open, she was still in the inn, in the room she and Kahlan had shared for the night but something was different. That's when she realised her arms were tied above her head, but there was nothing else different in the room. Kahlan was sleeping peacefully on her side of the bed. Cara didn't understand, if no one had been in and taken anything then that meant that Kahlan had to have been the person to have tied her hands while she was asleep, but why? Cara was sure that Kahlan and her were getting closer to being friends, even though she wouldn't admit that to anyone who asked. She was sure that Kahlan trusted her now, and it hurt to believe that Kahlan thought she needed to go to such drastic measures to protect herself when all Cara really wanted was her friendship.

Kahlan's change in breathing indicated to Cara that she was awake. Cara wasn't sure what to say because obviously her words meant so little to the brunette, Cara felt Kahlan moving as she turned around to face her. Cara turned her head away from her, she didn't want Kahlan to read any form of emotion in her eyes. Before she had turned away though Kahlan had caught a glimpse of what was in Cara's eyes, she saw betrayal, pain, sadness and to Kahlan the most surprising of all rejection. Kahlan didn't understand.

A/N - Sorry it's short didn't know if anyone would actually read or like it, if you do please let me know and i'll try and write more, first try at fanfiction.