The sun had set long ago, leaving a chill in its place. But Merlin couldn't bring himself to go in. He felt like the world had warped, nothing seemed right. Having Gwen banished and losing Lancelot for a second time… He felt like he should cry or scream or fight, but couldn't.

He couldn't even begin to imagine what Arthur was going through. He had plastered on a brave face to his people like a good king should. But to Merlin, it spoke of just how much pain he was in. He knew Arthur would go on, he would be a wonderful king, but with out Gwen, he would always have a piece missing.

Sitting on the barracks, over looking Camelot and the surrounding forest, Merlin took in the scope of it all. All of this was his responsibility, as well as Arthur's. But he also had the magical community to look after. He rubbed a hand over his face and sighed.

"You sound like a king with the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders," Arthur's voice interrupted his thoughts. "What right does my lazy, good for nothing servant have to make such a sound?" His teasing was less then half hearted, but was at least a poke at lightening the mood.

"Well, looking after a dollop head like yourself is like looking after an entire kingdom," Merlin replied, feeling that he would do anything to make himself and Arthur smile. Two sides of a coin, weren't they suppose to be?

Arthur gave a slightly more convincing chuckle and leaned on the barrack that Merlin had chosen for his perch. "I see. Well, can I say as that kingdom…"

"The kingdom of dollop head!"

"Yes, quite. Can I say that you are the lousiest king ever?" Arthur punctuated the statement with a playful whack on Merlin's head.

"Hmm, but you make up for it, eh?" Merlin smiled charmingly up at Arthur, who made an exaggerated face of self importance.

"I do don't I? Now, time we headed in," he turned on the spot to face the castle. "Good kings and lousy kings alike have duty to perform in the morning."

Merlin took one more look at the view before hopping up and following Arthur. Side by side they headed back to the castle.

"Thanks," Arthur murmured, almost to quietly to hear.

Merlin smiled, "No, thanks you."

Arthur gave him a playful shove, and dodged the one sent back at him.

Opposite sides of a coin, master and servant, but most importantly, they where best friends.