A series of drabbles varying from Weechesters to Adult!Winchesters filled with sweet, humorous, sad and adorable moments between the characters. H/C, angst, drama, family, friendship, mostly focused on the Winchester brothers but will also feature other awesome characters such as Bobby, Castiel, John, Mary, Gabriel.

Drabble # 1: Fear Of Thunder

Six-year-old Sammy cringed at the loud raging thunder that roared outside of their motel room, raindrops pitter-pattering on the roof of their building. He was always scared of thunder, because they were really loud and they made his little heart beat faster.

"Dean?" Sammy squeaked out shakily. Dean was his big brother, and he'd protect him because he said it was his job, and once he'd be close enough with his big brother he'd feel safe and he won't be afraid no more because he knew Dean wouldn't let anything hurt him.

"Yeah Sammy?" Dean responded tiredly, his voice thick with sleep and breathy in slight exasperation.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" Sammy asked hopefully even though he knew Dean wouldn't refuse.

Silence before Dean sighed and lifted his covers as an invitation, and in a heartbeat he had his little brother lying beside him and hugging him, his floppy-haired head on his chest, listening to the thump-thump and letting it lull him to slumber.

"You know, you don't really have to ask." Dean said softly.

Sam nodded, and then yawned widely, feeling sleepy already. "G'night De."

"G'night Sammy."

Sam felt no fear from the thunder anymore, and he let the lullaby of his big brother's steady heartbeat take him to sleep.

Hey guys! So lately I've been suffering a lot from writer's block and that's why I get a bit rusty when I start writing again, which is why I've decided to make my own series of drabbles, because I think it might help me in those times. :) I hope you enjoy it.