In Summer 2011, I completed my first every Nuzlocke Challenge on Pokemon Gold. Now that I finally have enough time and inspiration, I'm writing my own story based upon it. In case you're unfamiliar with the Nuzlocke Challenge, it's when you play Pokemon with 2 specific rules:

1. If a Pokemon faints, it dies

2. You can only catch the first Pokemon you see per area

Sometimes, people add some more rules to make it harder, but these are the rules I played by, in addition to nicknaming all Pokemon.

Two more things: I plan on having this story be the first of a series of 4 or 5, hence why it's Landon's "first" journey. Also, since I've seen it down before and I like it that way, all Pokemon will speak English. And now, the disclaimer:

Disclaimer: I don't known Pokemon. I am merely a fan writing some fanfiction. Don't sue me.

Prologue: A Simple Email

From: missingno._is_real at pmail . com
To: marill_lover at pmail . com

Hey Lyra!

Hope you and Ethan are having an awesome time at the Orange Islands. See any of those pink Pokemon yet? Are you gonna bring me back anything cool?

Anyways, you're not going to believe what happened to me today!

It all started with this weird dream I had the last night. This random old guy appeared to me, talking to me about the world of Pokemon. He demanded that I tell him the time and my name. He told me that my own adventure was about to unfold, and then the world seemed to shrink around me and I whited out. What a creepy old man...

Anyways, I awoke this morning to head over to Professor's Elm lab. Mom said he had some sort of task for me. At first, I was annoyed. I thought it was going to be something stupid like arranging paperwork or observing Pokemon and writing notes. But I didn't really have anything else better to do, so I decided to go see what was up. Best decision ever.

Elms was talking something about a "Mr. Pokemon". I didn't catch all of it because I was too busy thinking about the name "Mr. Pokemon". I mean, who actually has the last name "Pokemon". Did he change his last name to that? Or does his family actually have that name? How did they get that name? Or is that just his nickname? I kept zoning out until Elms gave me exciting news: he'd give me a Pokemon for the task! My first Pokemon ever! No way I'd pass on that opportunity.

I had three choices. You remember them, right? There's Chikorita, Todotile, and Cyndaquil. I know how much you love Chikorita (because it's "SOOOOO CUTE"), but I've never been a fan of grass types. And the Cyndaquil seemed too timid. How can I expect to win battles with a shy little creature? So I was more than happy to pick Todotile, since he was really energetic.

And man, was he excited! He jumped up and down clapping happily. I decided to nickname him "Mizuko".

As Mizuko and I left to go see this "Mr. Pokemon" fellow, I noticed some red-haired kid peering into the window outside of the lab. Weirdo...

After traveling and battling wild Pokemon for awhile, we made it to Mr. Pokemon's house, where he gave me the big discovery: an egg... Woot. But the weirdest part was that the creepy old guy in my dream was there! He said that he heard that I was running an errand for Elms, so he waited for me... O_O He then gave me this strange encyclopedia thing called a Pokedex and ran off... Wow.

On my way back to New Bark Town, that red-headed kid ran into me, looking all angry and panting. That weirdo called me a wimp! And then immediately challenged me to a battle with his Chikorita. His Chikorita didn't know any grass moves, thank Arceus, so Mizuko easily took him down. Who's the wimp now?

He didn't take it so well. The sore loser shoved me, introduced himself as "Damion, the world's soon-to-be greatest trainer", and ran off! What a wuss...

When I got back to the lab, I learned that Damion had actually stolen the Chikorita... What is wrong with that guy? Being moody and stealing things... But enough of that. I haven't even gotten to the best part!

After giving Elms the egg, he noticed how well me and Mizuko had bonded. He introduced me to the idea of taking the Pokemon League Challenge. The Pokemon League Challenge. You know I've only been dreaming about taking the challenge since I was super young. The adventure of journey across Johto, the excitement and thrill of battles, the dream of being the Pokemon League Champion... And it's finally happening!

Of course, my Mom was a little reluctant. I told you that she didn't want me going on a Pokemon journey until I was much older, even though I'm 11 now and am allowed to train Pokemon. But when I told her how well I bonded with Mizuko and how well we've won battles, she finally agreed and is supportive of my decision. She even said that she'll help me save my money!

And so that's that. Tomorrow, I'll be leaving New Bark Town and heading for Violet City to challenge my first gym leader. I'm really sorry that I won't be able to actually say goodbye to you or Ethan, but I really can't wait anymore. My dream is finally coming true! Mizuko's excited, too! Our Pokemon adventure is about to begin!

...I just hope we don't meet anymore of these creepy people...

Anyways, hope you guys are having a fun time! Stay in touch!


Acquired – Mizuko the Totodile; level 5; New Bark Town

Also, sorry about how the email addresses look at the beginning at the story. But it was the only way I should post them without them disappearing.