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5 Years Later...

The gushing of the waves, the salty tang of the sea, the fresh breeze of the ocean…

"Reborn," A brunet from the other end of the beach called.

The hitman raised his brows. It was a holiday house Reborn had owned in some part of the world (confidential). It has been sometime since he saw Reborn, almost a month.

Knowing Reborn, he'd never give up on the things he possessed, and that includes Tsuna. It was just a silly misunderstanding, thinking back on a few years ago, where they had a nasty argument. Tsuna thought Reborn was going to go to Italy on his own, but no.

It was just for a mission. Reborn never explained what kind of mission it was, but it had something to do with his father. Tsuna never got to know what occurred with his father. After Reborn resigned, he came back fortnightly to Namimori.

As for what they were arguing about…

It was about his mother, his friends and everything else Reborn manipulated to get to his way. Reborn didn't a breather, so he left. That was all it was to it.

Up till now, Reborn still doesn't believe he loves Tsuna, nor did Tsuna.

The only thing they believed in was in the never-fading lust that Reborn seem to hold for Tsuna, and as for Tsuna, someone to rely on in this lonely, lonely world of his.

He had friends, but Reborn was different, Reborn was special, he just stood up from the rest.

Unlike Gokudera and Yamamoto who's doing very well now, Gokudera being a scientist and Yamamoto being a star baseball player, Tsunayoshi became a teacher, something he'd never expect himself.

Perhaps some influence from Nezu-sensei that twisted him, or maybe influence from the cheap shonen magazine that he bought… or plainly just a cliché desire to change the world and stop the tragedy that he had to face in high school.

He had thought about it, he was being a teacher without morals, but all a teacher had to do is to look after their students, so as they don't end up like him, like the story of a frog stuck in the well, all he could see was the moon-Reborn.

Haru became a songwriter eventually, after studying music, it wasn't her dream, but it was the closest she could get to it. This was reality; you don't get to be anything you want to be that easily.

As for Basil, Tsuna still keeps in contact with him, but was not sure of his current location. Tsuna now holds a ring in his middle and ring finger… one for Reborn, another for Kyoko. It was a secret…today he came out.

It was an affair, where he went out today to meet Reborn. He was sure Kyoko wasn't that clueless, she knows that Tsuna was out, having an affair with someone, but she didn't know who. She accepted it without any qualms. Was that her version of loving someone no matter what?

Tsunayoshi didn't know, he didn't know.

All he wants to do…is to soak in the sin with Reborn right now, nothing else. He doesn't care if his mother is still in coma, he doesn't care if anyone else dies right now.

As both of them lock eyes, all they could see in their eyes was that person before them, nothing else. Reborn smiled, before pushing Tsuna to him.

Tsuna wasn't sure whether Reborn continued to play with other women or men, but he certainly did not do it in front of Tsuna. That is fine too, because Reborn would continue to tell him lies, sweet, sweet lies. Tsuna would never uncover Reborn's deeds.

He would just continue to be fed with the honey that Reborn gave him, believing everything that he says.

Reborn pressed their lips together, Tsuna responded by kissing him back.

He melted under the grasp of Reborn, when Reborn pressed their body closer. This effect doesn't seem to wear off anytime soon, it happened at the time he met Reborn, too, and it happened every consecutive time, even when Tsuna tried to fend off Reborn.

Reborn on the other hand, was sure Tsuna had got him wrapped around his finger; he doted on the brunet so much (without having the brunet to know) that he was afraid of himself.

Reborn had continued being a hitman. Honestly, he wasn't sure when he was going to live, when he was going to die, since it puts his life on the line. Plainly, he just enjoys being with the brunet whenever he doesn't have work.

He bit the brunet's lower lip, nibbling and biting it so that it bleeds. Tsuna moaned in respond. The hitman grabbed a fistful of the brown hair, while they kissed. Their kiss was so intense that Tsuna's tongue bleed.

Tsuna had never accepted Reborn's claim of possessing him as Reborn's.

Reborn had always claimed that Tsuna was his.

Both of them continued to live in a state of denial, never knowing what they felt for the other. The closest thing to 'love' they have said to each other was 'I like you', 'I like your body', 'how sensitive', how using their bodies to convey the message.

The reason was very simple, no words were needed, both of them were clear in their heart, but either they were in denial or they could sense it, but they chose not to say it out loud.

Their relationship was simple, it was an affair.

It would probably remain this way until one of the each get sick of them, then Reborn would either kill Tsuna, or Tsuna would probably end his life if Reborn left him for someone else, which would never occur.

It was a secret that no one knows, none of Tsuna's friends know he was having an affair, and neither do Reborn's.

It was a secret, kept even in death.

Thinking back, it was silly, Reborn would never leave Tsuna, he knows that very well right now.

Reborn lets his hands move over Tsuna's body.

He wasn't sure when this intoxicating feeling would fade, but he was sure it wouldn't fade for now, not the next year, or the following year.


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