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Phoebe's P.O.V

I woke up to the screech of my alarm and groaned. I lifted my head up off the pillow and glanced at my alarm clock. 7 Am. I rubbed my eyes and swung my feet out of the bed and let out a yawn. Stumbling into my ensuite bathroom, I grimaced at the reflection in the mirror. Sighing, I reflected back to the summer. It was the best summer so far, I saw Sophie, my best friend every day and I lost my virginity to my boyfriend. I sigh contemplated. It was amazing, yes it hurt, but nonetheless it was perfect.


'Pheebs, do you want to come up to my room and uh, not watch t.v.' Ryder winked at me, yeah I know it's not really romantic but I love him. I giggled and grabbed his hand. The next thing I know Ryder is attacking my lips and neck. 'I'm ready' I whisper, unsure if he heard me but I knew he did when he looked up and smirked. 'I'll make it feel so good baby'.

I moaned against his mouth and rocked my hips against him, I could feel him and smiled at the fact I could turn him on. Ryder started to suck on a sweet spot on my neck and I felt the heat settling at the bottom of my stomach. I pulled away and sat, Ryder eyed me with concern, 'you know, if you're not ready…' I just smiled and lifted my strappy top over my head and looked at Ryder's naked torso and chewed my lip. 'Fuck Pheebs, you're hot'. He grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him; his mouth darted to the cup of my bra and started to tug at it. His strong hands reached to unclasp my bra. I gasped as I lay back down and Ryder absentmindly started to suck my nipples. I shut my eyes and moaned at the new sensation. I opened my eyes when I felt Ryder's familiar hands grab the edge of my shorts. I looked down and saw Ryder kissing my navel. His ruffled dark hair covered my belly button and he slid down my tie-dyed shorts. His piercing green eyes were filled with lust and hunger, 'you're so ready Phoebe'. I gulped, and then his thumb started to rub on my clit. I moaned and gasped at the new sensation, my back arched begging for more as he thrust a finger into me. 'Feels good, doesn't it baby?' I merely nodded, unable to talk. 'You want more huh?' 'Please, oh Ryder!' He smirked and flicked his tongue over my clit, my eyes shot wide open. I felt my walls starting to clamp, 'oh god Ryder, I can't…' 'Just let it go baby, for me.' His fingers sped up speed and his mouth sucked harder until finally I released.

Panting heavily I looked at Ryder and started to kiss his chest; I grabbed his belt and felt him pull away. 'I want this to be special for you, so lay back and relax.' I lay back and heard the rip of a foil packet, looking down I saw his hard length covered by a condom. I gulped, this is really going to hurt, I silently thought to myself. 'Relax baby, you ready?' Ryder's voice was all I needed to assure myself that I was ready. Ryder pushed my legs apart and his tip entered me slowly. His piercing green eyes stared into mine, 'it's going to hurt' he warned. Lifting my hands up I gently stroked his dark ruffled hair. 'I know, but I love you', he smiled and entered me, my eyes watered and I whimpered. He thrust in to me a couple of times until I started to get used to it, I started to move my hips, 'fuck baby, you're so tight' he moved faster and harder, willing me to come. Moaning 'oh god Ryder, I think' 'come on baby, I'm close'. My mouth created a 'O' and I closed my eyes as I orgasmed, my walls clenching around Ryder, 'Ryder!' I panted until he came and collapsed on top of me. 'God Pheebs' I curled up into Ryder and smiled.

-End of Flashback –

I stared into the mirror all ready for school. My dark brown hair was tied up into a messy bun, my makeup was on and I was in my school uniform, wearing trousers. I am going to change into a skirt when I get to school. You see my father; Christian Grey won't let me out wearing a skirt. He's too over protective, doesn't even know I've had a boyfriend for the past 6 months. But I love him. I sigh I pick up my school bag. All ready for the first day back at school.

As I entered the kitchen I saw Teddy my 17 year old brother sat there with his bed head copper hair munching on toast. My dad sat opposite, uncanny how much they look alike. 'Morning Phoebe' my dad greeted me brightly whilst Teddy grunts in response. Charming. I sat down and started to eat my toast, I knew if I didn't eat it my dad would strap me down and force feed me. 'Morning gorgeous' the voice of my mother rang through the kitchen. 'Morning' from me, Teddy and Dad replied. My mum laughed and walked over to dad. Mum put my little brother Jaxon down to eat. He is six and never does anything himself. All you could hear was smooches and moans from the two lovers across the kitchen table. Good to know the fire hasn't gone, ew! 'Right I'm going'. I dashed out of the kitchen with Teddy following 'wait for me!' I just laughed and held the door. 'Have a good day' was all I could hear from my parents as I entered the car, Prescott was driving.

Breathing as I entered the school grounds to be greeted by Sophie, 'Pheebs! How are you?!' 'Hey Soph, bit excited aren't you?' we giggled and walked over to out lockers. I missed Ryder and wanted to find him, maybe I should tell dad. Teddy already knows and I gave him a grilling, I mean what could be worse? 'Phoebe what's up?' The blonde looked at me with concern, 'oh Soph, I was thinking I should tell my parents about Ryder, I mean we're serious now and I love him'. I sigh and lean against the lockers 'well you can always come to mine after you dad kicks off!' I laugh and I spot Ben. 'Ben!' I run over to Ryder's best friend. 'Heya Pheebs, you alright?' Ben had short brown hair slicked to one side, his eyes were chocolate and he was quite good looking, 'where's Ryder?' I smiled but I swore he looked deflated when I asked but quickly smiled and replied 'In the changing room I think, you should go and see him'. He looked at me sadly like he was trying to tell me something. Shrugging it off I replied 'thanks' hugging him I ran over to Soph and our friends and told them I'd meet them at break and walked towards the changing rooms.

Ava's P.O.V

Sat on the benches of the of locker room I could feel Ryder's erection pushing on my leg, his fingers slipping through my wet folds 'quite teasing Ryder!' I gasped as his fingers plunged into me. Yes I'm currently getting fingered by my cousin's boyfriend but me and Phoebe don't exactly see eye to eye and Ryder fucks whoever he can. As I was about to come the door swung open to a rather distraught, angry looking Phoebe.

Phoebe's P.O.V

I can't believe it! My boyfriend is fingering my cousin! The little bitch. I felt tears streaming down my face 'How could you?!' I ran out ignoring Ryder's calls after me. I sat on the bleachers shivering, why would he do this? I thought he loved me; I was going to introduce him to my Dad! My dad. Christian Fucking Grey! I let out a bitter laugh. I gave him my virginity and now it means nothing. I felt a jacket cover me and looked up to a familiar pair of brown eyes. It was Ben. He gave me a weak smile and I cried onto his shoulder whilst he rambled, 'I'm sorry Pheebs; I knew he was cheating on you. Not just Ava but others to. I should have told you, I wanted to but he's my best mate. I hope you'd find out Pheebs, I hoped you realised that there's so much better for you. You're an amazing, beautiful, passionate person and I'm very sorry, I hope you forgive me'. I looked up to a million thoughts and feelings ran through me. I lifted my lips to his and gently kissed him, his mouth moved in response before I could deepen the kiss he pulled away. 'I'm sorry Pheebs, I want to do this but I can't, you're in a state and Ryder's my best mate'. I just smiled and replied 'I'm sorry'. I knew I was heartbroken but I had people that generally cared. I stood up from the bleachers and heard Ben say 'c'mon, I bet everyone's wondering where we are, a quick shag in the bleachers ey?' he winked and I giggled. We walked back off into school.

Ryder's P.O.V

I was chasing after Phoebe leaving Ava behind. I couldn't believe I was stupid enough to get caught, I love her. I think. I saw Ben running after. Why the fuck does her care?! I hid in the corners of the bleachers close enough to hear but not too close so that they'd see. The next thing I saw was Phoebe kissing Ben, I wanted to rip his guts out for touching but then I saw him pull away and then walked away. What happened to bros before hoes huh? Friggin' slag and so-called mate. Stalking off I went to find Ava to finish the job that Phoebe interrupted.

Teddy's P.O.V

Being seventeen does have it's advantages at school, I get free periods. Ryder may be Phoebe's boyfriend but I don't like him, we're mates but hell I don't trust him. I was drawn out of my thoughts when I saw Ryder having a heated argument. 'Keep your hands off my girlfriend!' growled Ryder. 'I think being caught fingering her cousin signifies the end of that relationship' spoke Ben coolly. Wait what? Ryder is cheating on my baby sister with Ava? That's low. Hold up, Ben wants Phoebe? I was pulled out of my thoughts when Ryder laughed and said, 'have fun with Pheebs, I know she's good at sucking me off. It's one of the things I love about her.' Ryder smirked and I lost it. Lunging at him, I punched him square in the jaw, 'that's my fucking sister, you ass!' I punched him in the nose and he laughed. 'Who is a fucking skank' I screamed 'You bastard!' and went to thrash him but got pulled away by two teachers. 'My office now!' screeched a voice. Well that would be the voice of the fat, bald, sweaty headmaster. Shit, Dad is going to kill me if he finds out. 'Great start to the first day Teddy...' I groaned to myself and followed a bloody Ryder to the office. I winced and realised he got a few hits on me.

Phoebe's P.O.V

'Did you hear that Teddy bashed Ryder?' I turned around and walked up to the source. It was Rhiannon, the sixteen year old had jet black hair, deep honey eyes and had a body that girls would kill to have and guys want to shag. She was talking to Dev who was a shorter, younger version of Rhiannon and had brown eyes with short hair which had one side shaved off. It looked good, and only certain girls could pull off that look. 'What did you say Rhi?' she gave me an apologetic smile before explaining, 'apparently Ryder was bad mouthing you, saying you were only good for blowjobs and Ted lost it.' Tears welled up in my eyes and I remembered the fuck fest in the locker room. Rhiannon and Dev hugged me; I felt Ben and Sophie's arms encircle me. 'Just let it out' came Sophie's angelic voice, I broke down grateful it was the end of the day and the hallways were almost empty. I embraced these few moments before I had to face reality and my parents, especially Theodore. I hope he hasn't told them that I've had a boyfriend for the past six months, I don't know how I'm going to explain this especially to Dad. God I need to be strong. I broke away from the hug, dried my eyes, fixed my running mascara, and said my goodbyes before walking towards Prescott and bracing myself for the blowout at home.