Chapter Fourteen

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The sweet tune of 'Thousand Years' was playing throughout the car creating a sweet atmosphere. Phoebe's glossed lips were trembling in her smile as she glanced across Theodore who sat in the middle across to Isaac who was watching her with an intent gaze. Blue eyes locked onto her anxious grey eyes.

'Can we play something not so lovey dovey? Maybe not Isaac's mixed tape but the radio?' he complained to the driver. Phoebe rolled her eyes at her older brother who didn't even want to be here anymore.

'No i like it, it's sweet' she smiled sweetly at her date who smiled in amusement. 'If you start getting it on in front of me i will barf' A giggle ran through the car and Isaac's smile brightened and reached over to clasp her hand bring it to his lips. Phoebe blushed as she watched his lips skim over her knuckles, 'perfect. You are perfect' he whispered against her knuckles. She could only just pick up on what he said and blushed even more. Theodore grabbed their wrists and pulled them apart. 'Be grateful I'm not dad, i have his number on speed dial' he glared at Isaac, 'I'm warning you'

Isaac reluctantly sat back but he kept his eyes on Phoebe as she looked out of the window wondering where they were going. Theodore sat back and played on his blackberry on twitter and tweeted, 'Chaperoning my sis #ick #hardmansjob' immediately he got 125 retweets and 38 favs. He grinned in accomplishment to himself and placed his phone back in his pocket and kept his eyes in front of him tuning out the music.

Greeny and trees came into view. It was a massive lawn lit up by solar paneled ground lights. There was various hills and bumps filled with long white poled sticks with little flags on top. Up above was a small white house sitted by a lit up pond. Middle aged men were walking around the greeny accompanied by dates who seemed bored clutching on to glasses of wine entertaining themselves with gossip. Phoebe gaped at the pond as they drove up by it. It had lights underneath showing the slim bodies of the fish wiggling around. Next to her Theodore snorted, 'really golfing?' he burst out laughing and Isaac rolled his eyes as he tenderly climbed out gracefully and unlocked Phoebe's door and grasping her hand. Gently he helped her out aware of her wedges and swiftly shutting a door on Theodore.

'golfing?' Phoebe let out a surprised gasp as she looked around. It was small but stunning and Isaac skimmed his lips over her earlobe 'i wanted to surprise you' she looked at him confused not understanding. 'You see it's typical to bring a girl to a meal plus i wanted to bring you somewhere heartfelt to me' he gingerly placed arms around her stroking her tummy softly causing her to moan softly. 'Heartfelt?' she inquired and he nodded kissing her earlobe. 'I come her to think, to plan things i guess it's like a fort to me' Phoebe looked up, 'why here?' Isaac looked down at her beaming, 'it's beautiful and quiet just like you although i wish you spoke more. I like hearing your voice' Phoebe blushed and leant her head back to place a small kiss on his pulsing throat who in return gave a guttural groan. 'Teach me how to golf?' Isaac let out a small laugh, 'for you, anything'

Theodore finally managed to get himself out of the car and glared at Taylor and Sawyer who stood trying to hide their laughter, 'sir are you okay?' Theodore huffed and stormed over to Isaac and Phoebe who looked at him eyes dancing with amusement'

At the first hole it was Phoebe's turn and Isaac and Theodore were waiting, 'Phoebe hurry would ya? I'm starving' Phoebe stuck her middle finger at Theodore in a rude gesture and he smirked and poked his tongue at her. Isaac rolled his eyes, glimmering with amusement and stalked up to Phoebe and stood behind her, 'what are you doing?' she asked her eyes filled with curiosity. 'You don't have the right shoes for this and i told you i'd help' she nodded at him with eyes wide open and Theodore gaped at them with a bored expression cautious of Isaac's every move.

Isaac placed gentle hands on Phoebes hands and maneuvered his pelvis to her backside. He heard Phoebe's soft gasp and smirked to himself and rubbed his fingers over her wrists and gripped them tightly and lifted them up and moved his pelvis to create friction causing Phoebe to moan, 'oh Isaac' all of the sudden his warm body was torn away from her and she opened her eyes confused. Theodore was stood by her side. 'I'll teach her, not you' he growled through gritted teeth and Isaac backed away instantly looking at Phoebe with an apologetic smile. Theodore was more like his dad then people believed. His muscles were flexing and his jaw was locked in anger. He ran his hands through his hair and tugged his blazer. 'Phoebe hurry the fuck up.' it was a blunt but sharp command and Taylor looked on in almost proudness that Theodore protected his sister. He stalked off to the next hole and Phoebe followed her arm linked in Isaac's.

Through the rest of the holes the tension relaxed and Theodore and Isaac seemed to get on really well. They understood each other's jokes and connected well over businesses neither revealing too much about their own. Phoebe watched in interest at Isaac taking in how much he loved his business. He wanted to build his own business helping disadvantaged children from disabilities, poverty, young carers and mental illness. He wanted to help and this awed Phoebe. Maybe this is what he done to get on her father's good side.

Back at home Christian was pacing the glass wall and Ana had just about enough, 'would you stop pacing?' finally christian sat down and placed his hands through his hair, 'i just hope she's okay and that fucker isn't taking advantage' Ana sighed and stood up from the stool and walked over to kiss her husbands head, 'she's fine stop worrying you'll have an heart attack' Christian didn't respond and checked his phone. Ana leant in front of her husband on her knees and rested her chin on his, 'Christian stop it' she took his phone and placed it on the arm chair and deftly unbuttoned his work trousers, 'Ana what are you doing?' he looked down at her with worried eyes but made no move to stop her 'shh, clear your mind' Ana hushed low and seductively as she pulled down his boxers and trousers removing his socks. 'Ana baby not now' he urged but she didn't listen and wrapped her small mouth around his erect member. 'you wanted me' she murmured and bobbed her head up and down gripping the base with her hands and she pushed him further and further into her mouth. Unexpected by this Christian leant his head back pushing his hips into her mouth. His dark burning eyes burnt into hers as he moved her hair out of his face and stroked her cheek. Ana placed her other hand on his balls and gently rolled them on her hands squeezing gently as she swirled her tongue. 'Jesus Mrs Grey always full of surprises' he groaned and slammed his hips into her mouth one final time before coming undone before her. Gingerly she swallowed and leant up to kiss him, 'tasty' she whispered and strolled into the playroom and knelt in the submissive position awaiting her dominants further instructions.

Meanwhile back on the golfing course the trio were walking over to the small white cottage looking house, 'this is the gardeners cottage it's been here for many decades and i strongly recommend the food' he looked down and Phoebe and smiled lovingly at her as she gazed at the cottage intrigued, 'they don't have a menu you just get what you are given' Phoebe beamed up at him as they stepped in.

'Hello Isaac nice to see you today' a small blonde petite woman gushed at him. She must of been in her very early twenties and Isaac gave her a dazzling smile, 'nice to see you again Suzy, i booked a table for three' Suzy nodded gazing at Theodore appreciatively who gave her a charming smile and lifted her hand to kiss. Suzy blushed at him, 'yes for Theodore, Phoebe Grey and you' she tore her eyes off Theodore and looked to Isaac to smirked and her and took Phoebe's hand who was gazing at the artworks around the room. 'Amazing aren't they?' Isaac whispered in her ear and Phoebe nodded in awe. 'Beautiful' she whispered and Isaac beamed her. He pulled out a chair for Phoebe to sit in and she smiled gratefully as Isaac scooted her in, brushing the back of her neck softly making Phoebe shudder in pleasure. Theodore stood there watching Isaac expectantly who made his way to his own chair, 'not going to help me?' Theodore put on a high pitched voice imitating Phoebe who blushed annoyed and Isaac just laughed, 'would you like me to Tina?' he joked and Theodore laughed as both men sat. 'Men' Phoebe muttered under her breath in amusement as she rolled her eyes.

Suzy placed everyone's napkins in front of them, 'today the chef as claimed his dishes to be a surprise, i shall get some cherryade for you to drink and your dish shall be twenty minutes away. Is there anything i can get you?' she looked at Phoebe then to Isaac who smiled and shook their heads she then looked to Theodore who stroked the bottom of his lip with his index finger and smirked, 'what about your number?' Suzy's pale cheeks tinged with pink as she flicked her short spiky blonde hair and walked away in a rush. Theodore rubbed his hands together mischievously and stood up, 'won't be long my fellow dates' his eyes twinkled with glee as he strolled out after her with ease.

Phoebe rolled her eyes at a fading Theodore and turned her attention to Isaac who nimbly stroked his chinned with his index finger and thumb, 'alone at last' he whispered and Phoebe blushed at him, 'i got you something' he whispered to her and Phoebe's eyebrows scrunched in confusion. She hadn't seen anything on him this sparked her curiosity. Isaac placed a hand in his pocket and brought it out, his hand was flat out with a light brown fluffy bear wearing a red and blue scarf sitting on it. His paws were a lighter colour and there was something shimmering around it under the light. Phoebe's eyes were filled with shock and admiration as she took the teddy out of his hand and hugged it close to her chest.

'Oh Isaac, it's amazing' she stated, her voice croaky and quiet. Isaac smiled small, 'it's called Harry i uh-' he scratched his hair 'it was my good luck teddy when i had my exams and that' he shrugged and smiled at her, 'i wanted to get you something and i figured you had all the jewellery in the world and it was a bit obvious to give you jewellery so i saw Harry and though maybe you'd like it' he shrugged clearly not used to giving gifts.

'Oh Isaac, i love it' her eyes glimmered in awe as she lifted the teddy to her lips and kissed it's nose. 'Right now I'm jealous' Isaac's eyes turned dark as it clouded with lust and Phoebe shifted in her seat trying to ease the burning pool in her abdomen. Isaac smirked and his eyes lightened, 'there's something on Harry' he smiled brightly and Phoebe pulled Harry down from her neck and looked at him. There was a gold shimmering chain wrapped around his body. Phoebe deftly unwrapped it unaware of Taylor and Sawyer typing away to Christian on the table next to them.

At the end of the chain was a gold key, 'it's a key?' Phoebe's voice was laced with curiosity and intrigue. 'What's it's for? A key to your heart?' she joked and Isaac's eyes turned serious and Phoebe's laughter stopped. 'It might as well be' he told her softly and Phoebe's face creased in confusion, 'what?' she asked and Isaac took a deep breath usure. 'It's the key to my apartment, you can come in whenever you want even if I'm not there' Phoebe gaped in shock 'but what about your dad?' she barely got out.

'My father doesn't live there, he has his own house with my stepmother' he stated his tone was bitter and Phoebe nodded, 'thank you' she put it around her neck and hid it under her dress and placed Harry next to her fork on the table. 'I'll keep him forever' she beamed at him and brought his hand to her lips and kissed across his knuckles. 'that was a lovely surprise' she smiled lovingly and looked over to Taylor and Sawyer who seemed to busy typing away on their phones to realise she had a accepted a key to his apartment.

A few moments later Theodore returned with accomplished grin on his face with a flustered Suzy trailing behind with the drinks and the meals. 'sorry i was so late the chef had some problems in the kitchen' Theodore sat down and took a glug of his drink and looked at Phoebe, 'and what's made you so happy?' Phoebe giggled and intertwined her hands with Isaac and beamed at him, 'it's been the perfect date' Isaac beamed back and stroked the back of her hand with his thumb, 'that it has'. Theodore rolled his eyes, 'the dates not over yet' he inquired jokingly.

After a few moments of eating their dinner having a conversation about how Phoebe won golf a pale, attractive middle aged brunette turned up and stared at Isaac. 'Hello Isaac' she beamed. Theodore and Phoebe watched the exchange curiously, 'hello Auntie Lelia' Isaac grinned with a adoring smile and stood to kiss her cheek, 'what are you doing here?'

It was all a blur as a mass of security guards stood in front of Phoebe and Theodore creating a barrier between them and Lelia. Phoebe was shocked at the amount of security guards, she only thought it was two not twenty. 'Get the Grey children out of here now' came a stern authortive voice. Phoebe and Theodore immediately knew it was Taylor and glanced at each other worriedly they have never heard him like that. Theodore stood up with Phoebe and wrapped his arm around her as she glanced at Isaac with the same confused expression.

'It's good to see you again Taylor' came a sweet melancholy voice from Lelia as she toyed with her brunette hair and looked toward Phoebe and Theodore. 'Looks like sir had children' she tilted her head towards them in a curious yet amused way.

To clear it up, yes it is Lelia the ;)