Chapter 16

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Set a few months after the first date, Lelia was all forgotten within the Grey Family.

The office was had grey walls with a glass pane looking overboard the Seattle skyline. In the edge perched was a small desk which was contained by a man. The man was in his forties with a receeding hair line and stubble forming down his jaw line. He was chubby and not the most attractive guy but his deep blue eyes shone throughout the room, they were twinkling In pleasure as his strong hairy knuckled gripped the edge of the table and his lips parted as he let out a heavy breath, 'oh God..' he whimpered his voice deep and dark with pleasure as he thrusted his hips up. Out of the desk were tanned, heeled legs poking out.

The door swung open as a leggy brunette strolled in pursing her lips. She tutted at the sight as the blonde P.A stood up clearly embarrassed, her red lipstick smudged. Leila pointed at the door, 'out'. The girl obeyed and stalked out with her head down, Frank Hayes looked like he couldn't care less. He zipped up his unfinished business and stood up and shrugged his blazer off, 'and what do i owe to this pleasure Leila?' Leila sauntered onto the black leather chair opposite the desk and crossed her legs, hitching up skirt to reveal her tanned fleshy thigh. Her garters peeped out from underneath her skirt causing Frank to gulp as he strolled over and sat on the desk in front of her.

Leila licked her glossed lips as she glanced at Frank's boner poking up through his pants, 'well i have a...proposition' she peered up though her eyelashes to see Frank staring down at her with a smirk scratching his chin between his index fingers and thumb, 'if it's anything to do with Isaac and his mom then no, he stays here' he sneered towards her.

'It's to do with Grey, Frank' she stated firmly and stood up and leant close to him pressing her boobs against his pecs. 'I want to make him mine and to do that i need to mess with his family, his life and business...I know you want his business Frank so what do you say?' she inched closer to his lips licking her lips feeling the hot breath on her mouth. 'And how do we do that?' she pressed her lips to his for only a second then broke away strolling away from him to the door and leant back facing him, 'you deal with the business' she slowly unbuttoned the first to buttons, 'and I'll deal with everything else...keep me updated and if you do good well...' she trailed a finger underneath her skirt and let out a small moan and she delicately rubbed herself, 'I'll let you have your way with me' she gasped 'you can tie me up...control me' She flung her head to look directly at him tendrils of her hair flowing down her jaw line, her eyes smouldering 'master' and with that final word she moved her hand and walked out of the office. She pulled out her ringing iphone and slid the bar to answer it, 'I'm in' Frank's gruffly voice came and Leila smirked to herself and hung up.

She walked out of the shiny mirrored building and down the road to a small bistro, she typed a quick text to unknown source and placed her phone into her grey designer clutch bag and crashed into a tall legged dirty blonde girl, 'oh sorry!' she squealed as she looked at Leila then her eyes widen in realisation, 'Leila?' Leila smiled fondly at the girl and grasped her into a tight squeezing hug, 'Talia' she squealed out. Both girls looked at each other up and down with fake smile, 'so you and Isaac still?' Talia frowned and sat down at a nearby table which Leila followed. She hid a smirk at the young girl's frown. Her brown eyes shone out from her dirty blonde fringe as she looked across at Leila, 'we broke up' Leila pulled on a fake sympathetic smile as she hid her amusement and reached across to stroke her arm, 'aw sweetie, what happened?' Talia nodded and tilted her head back to contain her tears, 'he said he needed space, that he thought we weren't going anywhere' she whimpered and Leila rolled her eyes and passed her a tissue.

Talia dabbed under her eyes careful not to smudge her mascara, 'i thought he loved me' she shook her head and moved her full block fringe which was swept to the side out of her eyes as she straightened her leather jacket and cleared her throat and smiled at Leila.

'Listen I wouldn't think about Isaac, i know he's my nephew but' she sighed and smirked, 'he still loves you, I've heard him tell his...mates' she nodded to herself happy with her answer. Talia's eyes widened as she grinned in glee but then she frowned, 'so why did he break up with me?'

Leila clicked her fingers so a young waitress strutted over with a mini notepad in hand and swayed her hips as she reached the designated table, 'Welcome to Colin's Bistro, Can I take your order?' Leila glanced at Talia to was smoothing the edge of the table cloth with her manicured nails. Leila looked back, 'a bottle of Rivesaltes, Cuvée Lucie, Domaine de Rancy, 1985 if you have it and a bowl if chips to share' the waitress stuttered as she glanced at Talia and back, 'I can't serve an alcoholic drink to someone is a minor' Talia looked up with a fiery gaze as did Leila and the nervous uniformed girl stepped back as Leila spoke, 'she is at legal age, how dare you?! You will go and get what I ordered or I will report you for harassment against my friend over here,' she gestured to Talia who nodded and flared her nostrils. The waitress nodded meekly and quickly hurried back inside to the chef.

After a few drinks Talia started to feel a bit tipsy and Leila smirked, 'you going to tell Isaac that..?' Talia nodded downing the glass of wine and slamming it on the table, 'that I lurrve him ndd he shall be mine!' she hiccupped and slurred and Leila nodded, 'I have to go' she stood up and went to walk away before turning back like she forgot something, 'oh yeah I forgot to tell you' Talia looked up sucking her bottom lip, he big brown eyes shining expectantly, 'isn't he in a relationship with Phoebe Grey? Christian Grey's daughter?' Angered flared through Talia's eyes as she heard the revelation and stood up abruptly as she picked up her leathered black handbag and stormed out of the bistro. Leila pulled her fingers through her hair and strolled over to a taxi.

Over at the Grey's house Phoebe was pacing around her room talking to Isaac on her blackberry, 'I really want to see you Isaac'
'I know baby, so do I'
'so why can't I sneak over and see you? I just want to hold you, to feel you' she flopped onto the bed rubbing her temple and sighing.
'I know baby, I want to hold you to but I have to go to meeting tonight baby' he rubbed his eyes as he stared at his body through the long length mirror hanging on his wall
'Who has a meeting at 11 though baby?' she questioned trying to hide her smile
'Crazy people babe'
They both broke into fits of laughter even though it wasn't funny, it was the atmosphere.

After so long of talking they hesitantly hung up their phones and Phoebe laid on her front and looked at Harry. 'Hey harry, you cool?' she nodded to herself, 'look at me talking to myself...only crazy people talk to themselves' she laughed and flopped onto her back sitting Harry on her tummy. She let out a deep breath and toyed her key in her hand. 'Maybe I should surprise him' she swung out of bed and pulled on a blazer and stepped into her pumps. She walked out of the bedroom and hugged her father. 'Daddy?' Christian smiled fondly down at her daughter, 'hmmm?' Phoebe looked up into her dad's eyes with wide blue grey eyes, 'can I sleep at Sophie's tonight?' Christian tensed, 'Phoebe..' he started but Ana interrupted, 'That's fine Phoebe as long you keep your phone on you at all times' Phoebe squealed and hugged her mom, 'thank you mom!' she picked up her bag and rushed out of the house sending a quick text to Sophie:
Told my parents I'm sleeping at yours, cover?x

Almost instantaneously she received a reply:
Of course, stop over if you need to yeah? And why am I thinking you are seeing your hot new beau?;)x

Phoebe laughed at her phone and quickly glanced at Taylor who was focusing on the roads:
Maybe I am;) Thank you x

She smiled brightly to herself as she glanced out at the road cruising down the street, the streetlights reflected off the street and onto the cars sleek black windows. A faint buzz came from her hand as she checked her new message from Sophie:
I don't want to sound horrible or like our parents but...are you sure you're ready for a relationship with Isaac I meant you guys are going pretty fast relationship wise. X

Phoebe sighed at her phone, she knew Sophie was right but Isaac said he would take it slow. Do it the proper way. It was as if they were forgetting what happened when they first met. It was different; he made her heart sing and her stomach dance. Yes she felt it before with Ryder...but he was her first love, first boyfriend it was different. Isaac wasn't a rebound...was he? Maybe she was going to fast but lately he hasn't touched her over the past months, it's been bare minimum. They would make out on his bed and he would hold her but when it came to sex he would blank her. Well Phoebe wanted to change that tonight. She decided tonight was going to be the night to show her love for him, she was going to let him make sweet love to her. And to be honest she was teenager, she's horny. Plus she wanted Ryder off her mind. Isaac isn't a rebound she chanted over and over.

Once she got to Sophie's and walked out the back way she started to regret her actions. She felt nervous, what if Isaac came back to his apartment not wanting her. If he told her he didn't want her what would she do? Would he kick her out? She can't call security, they'd tell Christian and then she would be in a heap load of trouble. Her hands trembled and she pulled her jacket closer to her and checked her phone it was 21:34. Hours away till Isaac had to go to work or whatever business thing it was. She didn't really care; she wanted to make her heart know that it was Isaac. He made her heart sing, sex or no sex. But somewhere back in her mind Sophie's words played out, she knew she was right. Too fast, too soon. She was only fifteen for christs sake. Maybe it doesn't matter because whenever she's with him she forgets all her worries, all her cares; she's reckless when she's with him. But he isn't a bad influence on her. She laughed to herself and stroked Harry in her pocket. He actually helped her with her homework, helped her revise for her upcoming math exams and he also listened whilst she ranted on about people in school or her overbearing Dad. He was perfect for her; Ryder couldn't even compete against him. Isaac was sexy, passionate, caring and bad ass in his own way.

She would listen when he would rant on about his dad or when he would be close to tears about how much his missed his mom. He wanted to take Phoebe out there to see her; the thought made her heart constrict it was too soon wasn't it? But it was sweet although they should hold off for a bit. Maybe it was her shyness more than anything or maybe it was fear of going somewhere new without her Dad. She was still going to be daddy's princess that would never stop. Ever. He was the only guy to ever talk about their future. She liked the sound of that. THEIR future.

She walked up the steps to Isaac's apartment feeling the ridge of the key in her fingers. The teddy, Harry clutched in one hand as her back drooped off her shoulder.

There she was outside his door as she inserted the key and twisted it till she heard a click as it unlocked. She placed it back in her pocket and gently pushed the door open so it creaked. Her hands trembled but the sight before her couldn't brace her for what she was seeing.

There was a pair of jeans, skinny jeans fumbled on the floor with lacy Victoria Secret thongs and brassiere set on top with a light top torn by the side. She trailed it up to Isaac's bed where a tanned girl with dirty damp blonde hair was tied up. A chained collar was wrapped around her neck and attached to the post of the bed. It looked like a dog collar. Her eyes were smudge with mascara as if she'd been crying or...sweating, her naked tanned body was dripping like she had just worked out. Tears stung her eyes and a lump had welled up in her throat. She wanted to move but she couldn't, she was glued to the floor holding a teddy. She must of looked pathetic holding a teddy whilst a mature woman with a tanned lean body smirked at her. 'Who are you?' Phoebe managed to get out. Out of all the questions that was the one she could manage.

She could feel the tears dripping down her cheeks. How could he? Just at that moment both girls head snapped in the direction of the bathroom door as the lock clicked and the blurred, glass door opened.

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