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Chapter 23

I ran my hand through my wet hair sighing as I looked down at my iPod, 'What's wrong?' Isaac's voice spoke through intruding my thoughts. I smiled watching his brow crease with worry.

'Nothing, just stressed I guess' I shrugged as of to brush it off and he smiled warmly at me. 'You know you can talk to me about anything Phoebs, even if it is about my Aunt' I flinched a little from the memory, that subject was a tense no go area with other people outside my family.

'Sorry...' Isaac's eyes shone through my screen and I gave him a small smile 'No it's okay...I just haven't talked about it to anyone besides my family' I looked down at my fingers briefly and looked back up, 'I just don't understand how someone could be that crazed they want to hur-kill my family just at the thought they could get to my dad'

Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked down to contain them, chewing my nails I felt my body began to tremble as a million thoughts ran through my mind at once. 'Hey...' Isaac's husky voice ran through my device as I looked up to him, his face was creased with worry yet his eyes were soft and caring. I missed him. 'I wish I could somehow help you, I hate what this does to you' he sighed and fell backwards onto his bed, his hand rubbing against his jawline. I could see distinctively a stubble forming upon him. I wanted to run my tongue- Fuck Phoebe stop!

'Well I'm seeing Dr. Flynn so I guess that helps I'm just...I get scared a lot' my smile faded and I gently laid back onto the bed looking at the gorgeous boy trapped in my screen 'how do you feel now?' his voice was filled with curiosity and I sighed gnawing at my nails 'nervous...fed up...I don't know' his eyebrows waggled causing a smile to tug at the corners of my mouth.

'So what you nervous about?' I let out a shaky grin, ''s been months' he nodded grinning, 'I'm glad we're talking again...what happened though? When you left?' his smile faded 'I tried to run after you but you were gone'

I shut my eyes briefly before looking at the screen, he had to know at some point. 'I walked home...Dad was up so he took me to the hospital and' I inhaled a sharp breath 'turns out I had severe concussion' I laughed it off my Isaac's face remained remotely serious.

'Phoebe I am so know I never did anything with Talia I promise you that, god Phoebe' he groaned and rubbed his temple. 'Are you mad?' I whispered almost ashamed of myself.

After moments he let out a hoarse chuckle and shook his head, 'because you ran? Phoebe I don't blame you for thinking that, what you saw was...disgusting but I love you, the only person I want tied to my bed is you' he smirked, his deep blue eyes getting deeper with lust and I blushed and felt myself getting warm and damp down there.

'Isaac..' I moaned and closed my eyes my pink flannel PJs felt too hot against my skin. 'Phoebe' his voice was hoarse as he intently gazed at his screen.

'I have to go' I whimpered and he shook his head 'no, not yet please'

I smiled 'but my wrist hurts' I shrugged and pouted in protest as I watched him smirked 'why don't you and your cute ass get onto the computer and Skype me?' I looked over at my iMac and chewed at my lower lip. 'Okay' i pressed the 'end call' button and sat at my computer switching it on. I grabbed the hair dryer and let it blow through my hair as my iMac loaded up as soon as I logged in Isaac was calling me. Grinning I accepted his call and watched his face blow up onto my screen.

From the call I could tell he was topless, he seemed naked but I guess he wasn't. Unfortunately. Oh god Phoebe shut up! I shook my head and sat up so he would have a better view of me, my head and my chest was perfectly visible. I could see Isaac watching me, viewing what was on his screen. I tilted my head slightly watching his reaction as he gazed at me.

Tucking my feet under my knees I let out a soft giggle 'your staring!' he grinned goofily at me, as if he was enjoying himself, 'how could I not?' he winked causing me to burst out into fits of giggles. He watched me happily and leaned back watching and I blushed. 'Would you stop looking at me like that? It's


I pouted at him and he smirked shaking his head and I just smiled watching him, 'What have you been doing?' I twiddled my hair between my index finger and thumb.

'Mmm nothing really, school and work mostly I just think about you and then it hurts to much so I concentrate but...' he sighed his eyes looked almost...regretful? 'I really miss you Phoebe' my heart caught in my mouth, I missed him to.

'Phoebe I know you probably don't want to but I need to, can we meet? Just to talk nothing else I promise' watching his sincerity made my nerves grow. He wanted to meet, was I ready?

'I'm going to Florida for a holiday it's suppose to be an early birthday present but secretly I think it's to get away from all this. We're on my dad's boat for the two weeks' I looked at him apologetically.

Isaac nodded stroking his jaw, 'when you going?' I itched my arm hoping to control my urge to jump at him even though the screen was in our way. 'Tomorrow night' he looked down then back up, 'I'll miss you Phoebe' I grinned.

'We'll have Skype Isaac, and texts and calls' I rolled my eyes at him and he chuckled 'not the same as seeing you in person though' his voice was almost sing songy causing my heart to beat faster.

'If your lucky...I'll get you a prezzie' I poked my tongue at him grinning and he smirked raising a eyebrow, 'if it's you wrapped in a bow then I'll me happy' I bite my lip, 'In just a bow?' his eyes widen and I quickly regretted it but before I could protest his slick voice cut in.

'I'll be ready and waiting Miss Grey' I giggled and leant back in my chair, 'you might be waiting a while' he grinned and retaliated 'I accept that challenge'

I spent the night talking to him getting to know him all over again and I felt like I was ready to give him a second chance but I didn't want to rush. Isaac could tell that my mind had drifted off.

'What is it?' his voice wavered in concern and I shrugged, 'whatever this is, you know us I just don't want to rush again. I don't like being hurt, at least I'd like to do is brace myself before the fall'

He nodded in understanding, 'I'd never force you into anything, ever I want you to be my girlfriend, I don't really do girlfriends but I'll wait for you whatever you need' I grinned at his words, 'really?' he nodded and I felt the butterflies beat their wings faster.

'I need to get ready for bed' he nodded watching me and I blushed, 'preferably without you peeping' I admonished him and he kept his lopsided care-free grin. 'Nothing I aint seen before' I shook my head and stood up.

I turned my back to him and unbuttoned my pink flannel pj top, perfectly aware that Isaac's greedy eyes bored into my back. When my top was undone I slide it off my body and folded it neatly onto the bed before reaching over and sliding on a white tank top. When I felt that it was safely secure I turnt around to see Isaac watching me but his gaze was fixed on my bed.

'You watched?' he smiled at me and locked his eyes onto mine I flushed deeply, I felt hurt. Was I not good enough? 'No, I wouldn't do that to you, not unless you were mine' I blushed and nodded, 'thank you' I almost whispered it but it was loud enough for him to hear as he smiled gently. 'Anything for you baby' I nodded in response and hugged myself.

His eyes scrunched as he narrowed into an object on my bed and I quickly turned confused and saw Harry, the teddy he gave me. Immediately I flushed and buried my face in my hands.

'You still have it?' his voice was laced with shock yet he seemed amused by it. Shyly I lifted my head up and nodded at him, I couldn't look him in the eyes.

'I missed-miss you and I sleep with it' I shrugged a little, 'It's kind of a comfort'

He laughed and smiled, 'I still have your tights you know' I blushed then cringed 'ew please don't tell me you wank with them!' he chuckled and winked at me.

'I can if you want' I laughed at his words aware that he was serious, 'They're yours I guess, I have no need for them now' I blushed confused as to where all my confidence is coming from.

But seeing him made my heart swell up, he made me feel like a better person. I was confident around him, not ashamed of my own person and all I wanted right now was to be in his arms. I had all these urges and I wanted nothing more than to tell him how I feel but if I did, I could potentially ruin what we have now. It's been a matter of hours and I wanted to jump back into the relationship with him.

No Phoebe, I told myself, step back now. I took a deep breath in and saw Isaac frowning, 'Phoebe what is it?'

I shook my head snapping out of it and dragged my fingers through my hair, 'Just thinking about us' He frowned slightly 'us? I thought we were okay?'

I nodded, 'No we are, we are it's just...I'm afraid of getting hurt again like I have all these feelings and...I really miss you Isaac' I hugged myself cosying up into my pajamas, I needed to sleep soon. My eyes were growing increasingly heavy as i let out a yawn.

'Sleep baby' I smiled at his words and nodded not arguing. 'Good night Isaac' I whispered and smiled softly at him. 'Sleep tight, I'll be dreaming of you and hold Harry tight' I smiled at the reference to the teddy and nodded shutting down the chat.

Once my computer was fully shut down I shut off my lamp letting me meet with the bleak darkness as I rushed into my bed climbing under my thick duvet and grabbing Harry the teddy tightly to me. I closed my eyes letting darkness take over my body as I entered a thick slumber. Dreaming away of my adventures in Florida and me and Isaac's new found relationship. We were just building the foundations but I have to remind myself to take it slow...if he loves me he will wait.

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