"Dating? I can't believe the first thing they thought of was that we were secretly dating!" Maddy continued to stalk around the grounds of the castle, growling and clenching her fists in frustration.

In contrast, Rhydian was lounging against an oak tree smirking, lazily observing her entire nervous breakdown. "Aww come on Madz, I'm not that bad am I?" he joked, trying to lighten the mood.

"It's not about you Rhydian! If Tom and Shannon think we-I've kept this from them they'll hate us. And that's not even the real secret…"

The change in Rhydian was instant, a scowl spreading across his face like an ink blot. "Oh yeah Tom and Shannon. Everything's about them and what they think. I'm sorry for trying to make you feel better Maddy. Sorry for thinking I mattered one tiny bit." He used her name like an expletive, snarling bitterly.

"Hang on everything is NOT about Shan and Tom everything's about you! This all started when you arrived so stop talking to us like I'm the enemy-"

"That's right, blame me again!"

"-cause it's all your fault Rhydian and I wish you'd never arrived!" she yelled, panting.

The blonde froze, his eyes flashing yellow with hurt and rage.

"Thanks Madz. It's good to know the idea of us dating disgusts you so much." He hissed. Then he turned and sprinted off into the forest without waiting for a reply.

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