Maddy was only vaguely aware of her surroundings. The running was helping but her mind was still in overload. She could feel the warmth of Rhydian's hand as she clutched it desperately. The sound of his breathing pounded in her ears, comfortingly familiar.

Suddenly they were on top of a large cliff and both gasped aloud. It was beautiful. Acres of fields ran down to meet the beach, the water stretching into the horizon. Her eyes found the moon and then stared into Rhydian's blue ones as white hot fire raced through her veins. However it wasn't like the panic of earlier, it felt nice-it felt natural. Rhydian gave her hand one last reassuring squeeze and the world tilted on its axis.

When the sky was the right way up again Maddy realised something. The whole world had gone HD. She could see the leaves on the trees right back at the hotel. She heard Jeffries coughing in the distance. Felt every blade of grass between her... paws? The biggest change was in her. She now had strong, lean muscles covered in silky brown fur with grey around her muzzle. She felt powerful and free and excited.

The she-wolf barely had time to adjust to these startling new developments before the universe threw her another curve-ball. Maddy looked to her right to see another wolf. This one was larger, had lighter, greyish fur and looked considerably less fazed by the entire situation: Rhydian.

He turned his eyes to her; ears pricked as she gave a little yip of excitement and pranced about on their rock. Then, all of a sudden Rhydian was, well, nuzzling her. They touched noses and he proceeded to sniff around her sides, burrowing his nose in her fur. It was cold, wet and rather ticklish. If Maddy had been able to she would have blushed. The whole situation felt rather... intimate. It was probably proper wolf etiquette (her mam had never mentioned it) but it was really not helping her mixed feelings towards him...not that she had any! No, no defiantly not.

After inspecting each other they really got down to the fun stuff. Racing along the beaches, playing chase in the forest; neither one had ever felt more alive or free. However , even wolfbloods eventually got tired and as the wind picked up chasing eachother into the sea became less fun. The pair decided to head inland towards the old lime hills.

The light of the torch blinded Maddy and she ran-but not before she caught the scent of Shannon and Tom. She sprinted around the caves desperately looking for a way out. All she got was a dead end and the sound of her friends approaching. Her heart climbed up her throat as they got closer and closer and-. There was no option. She ran straight at them, pushing both teens to the floor as she fled. Tom's cries about ghost dogs would have made her laugh if she wasn't, you know, being hunted by her two best friends. Once outside she found Rhydian and the young wolves took stock of their situation. It was clear they were too tired and wound up to make it home. The last thing Maddy remembered was how warm the cave was.

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