Author's Note- Greetings readers! Welcome to my first ever story! What started out as an English paper became an idea. I want to apologise in advance for two things. 1) I'm from South Africa. We use British English, so if you think there's a spelling mistake, it's probably just our way. 2) I know this is very short compared to most chapters, but I gotta start with baby steps! Criticism is gladly accepted, as I'm always looking to improve. Thanks for reading!

A Knock at the Door


"Knock knock"

"Who's there?"


"Death Who?"

And in a coarse whisper that would scare Satan Himself, came the reply. "Death's–a–comin' to get you."

Alex Mercer - as he was now known - sat up in his bed, panting and sweating. He hadn't had a bad dream in…Actually, he couldn't remember the last time he had a bad dream. The heat radiated off his body like a fireplace, so he decided to go outside and cool down. Standing on the deck, he looked at the city that lay before him. The lights were beautiful. "Man, that breeze is good." He thought to himself. He surprised himself by reminiscing about his previous life – Something he seldom did. Thoughts raced through his head. "Was it worth it? Leaving behind his…talents…for a normal life?" He was wide awake, and for the rest of the night until dawn, he sat outside, just watching the world.

Chapter 1

Alexander Mercereign - as was his birth name – was born into a wealthy family. An intellectual genius, he taught himself, and hardly ever went to school. By age 15 he was self-studying third year university with ease. At nineteen, he opened his own science lab. He focused on changing human nature. His ultimate goal was to give every human the ability to understand and manipulate the laws of quantum-entanglement – a form of advanced physics. If his experiments were successful, people would be able to move objects with nothing but the power of their minds. He knew it was quite cliché, but he couldn't let that stop him.

Unsurprisingly, he didn't have many people helping him with his experiments, as many believed he was crazy to believe it was possible. The loyal few who followed him were rewarded handsomely. Money was never a problem for him, due to his ridiculous sum of inheritance. His parents died in a car crash. No murder, no killing, no suspicious deaths. Your average, unfortunate car crash. After years of experimentation, he had finally done it. It was done, and he was now 23. No minor mistakes or side effects. But, however, a colleague of his was going to steal his idea. Alex first tested the serum on himself, and the results were better than anyone had ever anticipated. His treacherous colleague wanted to steal the idea, and sell it to the highest bidder. As Alex injected himself, the traitor stole the batch and ran off. Alex, seething with rage, flung himself fifty metres into the air, only to land on the traitor. He saw the face, and realised it was Christopher Mathews. As Alex subdued him, he saw that the batch was destroyed in the struggle. All of it. There was no more left. Seeing his chance, Christopher took advantage of the distraction and stabbed Alex in the neck with a pen. On the floor, bleeding out, he was helpless. Christopher ran away, and told his buyer the bad news.

Being the only one with the knowledge of the serum – as well as having it inside him – Alex was hunted by the mysterious buyer. A tedious game of cat and mouse followed for many years. Alex eventually became used to his powers. Jumping fifty feet in the air, superhuman strength, and telekinesis were all possessed by him. It was hard for him at first; being able to control himself. He did not enjoy killing his pursuers, but if push came to shove, he would do whatever was necessary.

After a few years, he realised that the only real way he was ever going to truly escape his pursuers (without killing everyone in sight) was to stop running, change his identity and try to live a normal life. He gave himself an almost identical name in an attempt to throw off his pursuers.

He had no need to work (his inheritance would take care of that), so he passed the time of day by painting, drawing, reading, and keeping himself in shape. He tried to stay away from girlfriends and one-night stands, as he preferred to stay 'below the radar'. It was a lonely life, but at least it was a fairly normal one. He still used his powers to grab things from the other side of the room every once in a while, if he was having a lazy day.

After five years on the run, and two years in hiding, Alex was now 30. He was quite bored with life, so decided to discretely find out more about his enemies. He was sick of repeatedly referring to them as his "pursuers". He needed a name. A face. Anything. But he had to do it quietly. He thought for a while, and suddenly remembered his dad's old friend James Saynar; a private investigator. "He would know what to do…" He thought.

After scouring pages and pages of internet pages, Alex finally found the address. 27 Briar Street. After jumping into his Astin Martin DB9, he soon found his destination. It was not what he was expecting. A dreary, morbid place that looked about as fun as a concentration camp. His Astin was definitely out of place.

He knocked on the door. As he was waiting, he felt a strange presence. He felt a chill going up his spine. "Death's-a-comin'"…The door opened and Alex jumped in fright.

"Whattya want?" Said the man in the doorway.

"James Saynar?" Asked Alex

"Yeah? Whattya want? You not tryna sell me something are you?"

"What? No. It's me James. Alex."

"I don't care what your name is, I…Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Alexander? Alexander Mercereign? Is that you?"

"Yeah James, it's me."

"Well ain't this a surprise!" He grinned in disbelief. "Come in, come in!"

The first thing Alex noticed as he walked inside was that it was nothing like the outside. High tech computers and electronics of all kinds littered shelves, tables, desks, chairs, couches, the walls, the floor, and even some of the ceiling. Staring in awe at everything around him, James noticed him gaping.

"Quite a sight isn't it?" Chuckled James.

"Yeah, you don't say…"

"Unfortunately, it's a bit of a mess, too."

"No worries."

He managed to stop marveling, and got on with business.

"So, what brings you to my humble abode?"

"Can I sit?"

"Yes, yes, of course."

Sitting down, he chose his words, and began his tale.