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Acquiring Bravery

A challenge from Jirokichi; a heist like any other, or that was how Kaito saw it, but little did he know that there were more to everything than what he knew. The Ruby of Fire, newly found in an excavated temple was his target. The challenge had a two days preparations-time and he had already replied with a note telling everyone that he would be there, but once he stood in the crowds in the dark summer evening he didn't know how to get inside. He knew that the ruby had exchanged hands multiple times so that it always was on the move, ranging from Mouri Ran and Suzuki Sonoko to Nakamori and a few officers, but he'd been able to follow it, knowing that Hakuba was the proud owner of a special valuable item at the moment and knowing that said British detective was inside the building.

The security was unusually hard, where everyone was pinched, and only two officers were allowed inside. All communications went over the headset, and as of what he'd heard, every officer would stop and stand still if the communications were broken, which would make him found out as soon as he moved.
Kaito frowned, knowing that he was left with only one other choice. He pickpocketed a young man in the crowd and made a call.
"Hi, Sonoko," he said in a calm voice, "is there any way that I could join you in meeting KID?"
"Shinichi-kun? What number are you calling from?" the blonde woman asked in return.
"I forgot to recharge the batteries in mine so I got to borrow a phone."
"Oh? And what made you change your mind about attending the heist?"
"Yea, well. I was bored, and thought that I might catch a thief so that you get to see his face. That's what you want, right?"
"I'm coming down to get you!" she replied happily and Kaito smiled, returned the phone to its owner, flattened out his wild hair and placed lenses in his eyes. He turned his head to see a young woman staring at him with a suspicious frown so he winked at her while holding a finger to his lips. She gaped and then giggled, knowing who he was, but wasn't aware that he didn't have a mask over his face.

Sonoko exited the building and Kaito made his way to the frontlines, getting his cheek pinched and passed the police barrier. Reporters immediately attacked him with questions about cases, why he was there and if he was going to show up again. He answered their questions perfectly, but was suddenly struck by something hard in the back of his head. He fell to the ground and stared at a football, rolling a few metres ahead of him, fearfully realising who the perpetrator must've been as it deflated.

"Ten minutes left until Kaitou KID will show," a voice stated behind him while he got up and turned around, seeing a taskforce member in riot gear.
"Did you just kick a ball at my head?" he asked angrily and the person chuckled, while the crowd had gone completely silent, only watching the display on the gigantic screen that some TV-company had seen fit to hang up.
"What if I did?" the person asked and pulled of the helmet, revealing another Kudou Shinichi, "I hardly think it matters. I did kick the ball at myself, didn't I?"
"Oh, this is too good," Kaito smirked and knew exactly how to play things. "So you show up after me? And pretend to be me? Good strategy, KID, but," the thief pulled in his own cheek, "I'm not the one wearing a mask."

"So that's how it's going to be?" the detective smirked. "I know for a fact that you can make a special mask that can withstand the pinch-test," Shinichi lied, aware that the thief looked like him, and pulled in his own cheek, "so how do we do this? Just go to the police station both of us? Or…" The detective pulled up a pair of cuffs with a smile while the thief frowned.
"What are you playing at KID?" Kaito asked in suspicion, realising that the detective must've been in on the heist the entire time.
"Fact;" the detective said as he pointed towards Kaito with the cuffs in hand, "if you are the real Kudou Shinichi, then I, by default, must be KID. So you have to come and catch me as a detective. Now; if I'm Kudou Shinichi you must be KID," Shinichi pulled up a red ruby and held it in his other hand, "and I have your target, so it doesn't matter who the real Kudou Shinichi is, you have to come to me anyway. So, here kitty-kitty-kitty."
"Why do you want me near you, KID?"
"Fine, how about a bet?" the detective began again and pocketed the jewel, "I bet that I can keep the ruby out of your reach for tonight." Shinichi suddenly ran inside the heist building and Kaito blinked, while all eyes turned to him.
"Well, this just got weird," he muttered and ran after the detective, wondering why none of the taskforce were chasing him and Meitantei, but quickly figured that there must be a trap of some kind inside the building, even though he hadn't seen anything when he surveyed the officers through the cameras.

Following the detective up the stairs he wondered why his Meitantei had decided to never attend his heists and then suddenly showed up without a warning. They had had a sort of agreement as Tantei-kun and KID, but he didn't know if that silent agreement was still active now that the Heisei Holmes was back. Kaito chased him up the stairs and when he got to the roof he watched how the detective swished past him on his skateboard, which the thief had no idea where he'd gotten.

Kaito gaped as the detective jumped over the railing with the help of a plank and then ran after him, extending the glider when he jumped off. Kaito watched how he struck the roof of the other building and picked up the skateboard as he ran into the stairwell. After he landed Kaito followed inside and tied a rope on the railing, throwing it over the edge and then slid down along it. He caught up to the detective just as he ran into a corridor; a hotel Kaito knew, and the thief followed his target into the building, watching how a young woman in headphones walked out from a room, dragging a suitcase behind herself and never sent a glance back. The detective grabbed into the door just as it was about to close and disappeared into the room. Kaito immediately shot a card into the spring of the door, making it unable to lock and then pulled it open, seeing the detective in the small hotel room, opening the door to the balcony, and Kaito smirked, knowing that he'd won.

"The gap between the balconies are five metres towards the sides and three metres down, and if you are unsuccessful in grabbing into the balcony on the floor below, you will fall to your death," Kaito stated while slowly making his way to the middle of the room, seeing the detective tense up and close the door again.
"I won; there's no other way out of this room other than past me," the thief quickly sent the room a glance to make sure that it didn't contain anyone else and then watched the detective turn around with a confident smile, despite uneasiness flickering through his eyes. Kaito smiled, hoping that the detective could answer a few questions that he had for him.
"No, KID," Shinichi's lips twitched towards a nervous smile, "there's something you've overlooked." Kaito narrowed his eyes in suspicion, but was suddenly shocked when the lights went out and he became restrained. He fought with every ounce of power, but whatever contained him refused to release and then the lights came back, revealing the detective with a remote in his hands and the thief wrapped in thin strings running to the ceiling.

"Oh, KID-KID-KID," Shinichi smirked and began to circle the thief, "you knew the length of the gaps between the balconies, but not the wallpaper of the room. Too bad for you." Kaito looked around while the other teenager forced his arms behind his back and then taped up his fingers with duct tape so that he had no chance to escape.

"The wallpapers are a light-ish yellow and they have no pattern. You placed the wires all over the walls so that it looked like a pattern and then stood by the door to the balcony, which was the only place where you were safe from the trap," Kaito sighed, frustrated that he had overlooked that detail, knowing fully well what the wallpapers looked like.
"And you didn't think it was odd that a woman was leaving during the evening, when the checkout usually is around noon?"
"It happens," Kaito stated and tilted his head down, so that his face would be shadowed when Shinichi walked around him to face him, but to Kaito's surprise the detective didn't tear off his disguise, and only sat down in an armchair to stare at his victim. What was most unexpected was that the detective seemed to be worried and nervous, not proud over his achievement and calling the police to come and drag the thief away.

"What happens now?" Kaito asked while meeting the detective's sharp gaze that seemed to be able to see into his soul and heart. There was silence for a while before Shinichi answered.
"Now, I should call the police, reveal your identity and become even more famous than I already am," he confessed emotionlessly and Kaito began to sweat from the calculating eyes that fixed him; his Tantei-kun had never been that way. He always showed emotion, whether it was frustration, excitement from the challenge or anger from the defeat, but the Tantei-kun, no, the Meitantei that was sitting before him showed nothing; he only seemed to be in deep thought.
"But you're not moving," Kaito commented after a while of staring, waking the detective from his own musings.
"Yea, you're right," he mumbled and stood up, suddenly looking nervous again, but Kaito didn't have time to worry about his detective's strange behaviour and only tried to buy some time so that Jii could come and save him.

"Tantei-kun," Kaito began and used the old name, in hope that the detective might release him and asked a question that he honestly wanted an answer to, "why did you stop coming to my heists once you returned?"
"Something happened that I needed to deal with, and Kudou Shinichi isn't interested in thieves, never was," Shinichi confessed.
"Oh, come on! Things like that can change; people change. You have no idea how bored I've been! I thought that once Tantei-kun disappeared and my Meitantei reappeared I would have such trilling heists! And instead you deprived me of everything. Then you shows up and actually catches me. I don't understand; I thought you enjoyed the games we played..." Kaito finished with a sad sigh, tilting his head down as the detective now was dangerously close.
"I did, and do," Shinichi began and tried to swallow the nervous lump in his throat, "but as I said; something happened. Something that I needed to deal with first."
"What happened?" Kaito asked curiously and threw a glance up at the detective.
"I realised some things, and was forced to make a choice, a very important choice. And that choice brought us here, because I decided-," Shinichi interrupted himself and reached for every single strand of courage he had inside him while Kaito looked up in curiosity, wondering where things were going. A hand under his chin forced him to meet Shinichi's eyes made him panic slightly, but the detective's eyes held a calming warmth; he didn't seem like he would turn him in.
"I decided that happiness outweighs law," the detective confessed in a whisper and then closed the distance between their lips.

The thief blinked confused, feeling gentle lips move over his own, and then felt how his cheeks began to burn as he slowly realised what was happening. When Shinichi met no resistance or complaints from the thief he cupped his face with both hands and kissed him more fiercely, knowing that it could be the chock that made KID not fight against him, but at that moment it didn't matter, not as long as he got to kiss him at least once.

Kaito shivered from the pleasurable heat that sparked though him from the detective's kiss and noticed with mild fascination that he didn't mind it, he actually liked it, liked it a lot. The kiss lasted for a little while before the detective pulled away, flushed from embarrassment, with unsteady breathing and panic fitting through his eyes.
"Your assistant's on his way, right?" Shinichi asked with a quiet whisper and Kaito nodded while watching how the ruby was placed inside his inner pocket.
"Yes," he mumbled and the detective suddenly made his way to the door, leaving Kaito behind before he had time to reply to the obvious confession.

Kaito's head was in a confused mess, making him stare into the wall, gaping like an evil sea-monster. His ego was laughing wildly, fuelled by the fact that he'd made a detective fall in love with him, and not just any detective; a male detective. And not just any male detective; it was the Heisei Holmes, Kudou Shinichi, the only one who he could truly match wits with, the only one that could see through his tricks and predict his movements; his harshest critic. His illogical side was in an uproar, wondering why the hell his heart was beating so fast and why he was feeling so happy, obsessing over the fact that he didn't get turned on by men, and that he didn't have any gay tendencies, if those kinds of things even existed. The logical part urged him to try a relation with the detective, since he hadn't minded the kiss and since Meitantei knew his criminal secret, unlike Aoko; Meitantei was a good choice. His body urged him to hunt down the detective and pin him down in order to punish him until he begged for mercy. Kaito blinked confused, suddenly realising that the detective had stolen his first real kiss, and then began laughing, knowing that he really needed to think things through before he answered to Meitantei's confession.

Shinichi went from train to train in a daze, not really seeing where he was going and blinked confused when he found himself on an airport. He turned around to leave, but was unable to take a single step away. He stood there for a while, examining the strange feeling in his stomach that seemed to pull him towards the reception. Shinichi braced himself and took a step, spinning around on one foot and then headed for the reception, losing the war against his own body.

"Hi," he said to the smiling woman, "I'd like to go on the first plane out of Japan." She observed him suspiciously and then checked her computers.
"We have a plane to Paris, France, leaving in thirty minutes, with seats available in first class," she informed him and he nodded.
"I'll take that," Shinichi handed over his passport and paid for the ticket, suddenly struck by the fact that he was running away.
"Do you have any luggage or handbags?"
"No, nothing," he confessed and wondered why his flight response was so strong.

He stared at the exit after he'd paid, trying to fight his instincts, but lost the war and quickly ran to the boarding area, wondering why he even had his passport on him, and remembered that he'd only grabbed it in haste while he ran on his way to the door, late for the heist, but why had he grabbed it in the first place? -That made no sense!

A/N: The taskforce didn't chase them because everyone knew that Shinichi didn't have the real ruby, and thought that Hakuba had the real one. I'm aware that it isn't that easy to get in and out of Europe.