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Harry James Potter would say that he liked a quiet life. Of course, everyone else would say that this was rarely what he received. He really should have seen it coming when he woke up in an alternate universe. One completely devoid of magic.

Harry had been on a mission for the Aurors; the few death eaters still not in Azkaban were kicking up trouble again. It was with great regret that Harry left his Wife, Ginny with seven year old James, six year old Albus and four year old Lily to catch the dark wizards. He packed his mole-skin pouch (made larger with an undetectable extension charm) with a few necessities and headed to America, where the Dark wizards had fled.

It was all going fine, until a veteran Death eater hit him with an unknown spell, sending him unconscious. When he woke up he was in a completely different world. That was a month ago, and now Harry was temporarily living in a run-down hotel in New York.

It hadn't taken a while for Harry to figure out what had happened; he wasn't stupid. The first place he checked was home, but he found the place where Godric's Hollow had once been to be exactly the same. But it wasn't called Godric's Hollow. The next place he went was Hogwarts, then The Ministry, then every other magical place in Britain he could think of. It was the same everywhere he went. In the end, Harry gave up and travelled back to America, where he started his search to find a way back home.

New York was a mess. Apparently, there had been an invasion of Aliens the month before Harry had arrived, half destroying the city. Harry didn't really believe it until he saw clips of it happening on the television of a small café he frequented. That was when he first saw the Avengers.

"Sir, I have visual on the target. Should I take him out?"

A man was crouching on a nearby roof, watching the slow progress of the green-eyed wizard down the street. He had a loaded Bow aimed at Harry. The man's name was Hawk-eye.

"Not yet. We don't know enough about him. Mark the target and get back to base. Fury out,"

Hawk-eye narrowed his eyes as his target stepped into an alleyway. This was his chance. He drew back his bow, and fired. The electronic device separated from the arrow at the last minute and attached itself gently to the back of the man's neck. He didn't notice a thing. Seeing his work was done, Hawk-eye turned around and headed back to base.

They had been tracking the man who called himself Harry for just under a month. They had CCTV footage of the man suddenly appearing, unconscious, in a park on the outskirts of New York. Unfortunately, he had woken up and disappeared again before their agents had arrived. They had been keeping an eye on him since.

Strangely, every time they had managed to get an agent close, he had ducked behind a wall or walked in to an alleyway and disappeared. The scientists called it teleporting, but how he had managed it had left them baffled; that sort of technology was years away!

In the end, they had asked him, Clint Barton, Hawk-eye, and Member of the Avengers to step in. He was one of the best and was reserved for the hardest cases. Whoever this Harry was, he had really gotten Fury worried.