Harry had had enough of this Fury's meddling. He wasn't going to take the super-spy out, but give him a warning. First of all, Harry checked he had everything he needed in the pouch at his belt. Then, drawing his invisibility cloak over himself, he picked up his old Firebolt and jumped out of the small window.

Fortunately, the listening charm he placed on the spy also helped him track her, so he knew exactly where he needed to go to find Fury. Rising above the clouds, Harry flew towards the sea, where the base was.

After half an hour of flying, the helicarrier came into view. This was a lot different to what he had expected; there was no way magic wasn't involved! The helicarrier looked like an aircraft carrier, and indeed there ware planes on top, but it was nothing like Harry had seen before. It was held up by four propellers, one on each corner. He could see several guards patrolling the top.

Swooping down to land, Harry thought through his plan. Go in, find Fury. Speak with him then get out. Simple.

Once he had landed, Harry swiftly put the broomstick away, and strode towards a small group of agents making their way towards the entrance. One of the agents turned towards Harry's direction, and it was only then that he remembered that the cloak made him invisible, not silent.

Harry quickly corrected this mistake as casting a silent Silencing charm upon himself, so he could not make any noise. He continued to follow the agents, and he was glad he did when he saw one of them have his eye scanned to open the door. Otherwise, it would have made getting in even more of a challenge.

Harry stepped through the door after them, and found himself to be in a long corridor. Stepping with the group, he listened in and found out they were going straight to Fury to report in on their mission. How convenient, Harry thought.

Lost in his thoughts of what he was going to say to Fury, Harry jumped in surprise when a door slammed shut in his face. He had fallen behind from the group, and could not hope to get through these doors alone. Even if someone else came and opened them, there would be no certainty they would be heading for Fury.

Harry took the chance to examine his surroundings. At the end of the corridor leading to the door were two corridors going in different directions. Walking towards them, he saw that the right hand one held a sign saying temporary residence. Well, he had to start somewhere, and this was as good as anyplace.

Harry cautiously proceeded up the corridor, listening at each door. Half way down the corridor, one of the doors was wide open, revealing an old-fashioned lounge. A tall blond man was looking like he was preparing to go somewhere. He had just picked up his jacket and to Harry's alarm, was walking right at him.

Harry leaped back, glad of the silencing charm that made his retreat soundless. As the man walked pass. Harry felt a flicker of recognition when seeing his face. It was Steve. He should have known he was only spying on him. Harry barely knew him, but regardless Harry was still slightly disappointed. He thought he had had a friend. It seems he was mistaken.

After a moment's hesitation, Harry followed Steve out and back along the corridor the earlier agents had disappeared through.

Through the door, Harry followed Steve through a maze of corridors, though Steve seemed to know the way. Harry was careful to note where they were going, so he would not have trouble finding the exit. Eventually, they arrived at another door, but this one led into a sort of conference room. A man was standing at the head of the table. He had dark skin, was bald and wore an eye-patch. In many ways, he reminded Harry of a cross between Kingsley and Mad-eye.

"Good, now that we are all here, I can begin the presentation about A.I.M," The man said. Harry recognised the voice from the listening charm, and realized that it was Fury, "They have a large base in Mexico. We've just dispatched Agents Barton and Romanoff to go undercover. From what we have got so far, it seems they are investing a lot of money into the development of gamma weapons,"

"How many?" asked a weary looking man.

"Ten gamma warheads. Something like that would be enough to wipe out the whole world if they send them to the right cities,"

"So, what do you want us to do about it?" asked one dark haired man.

"Who says I wanted you to do anything Stark?"

"Well, we're here now aren't we?"

"I'm just briefing you about it. We need reports back from Romanoff and Barton before we make any moves. Now, onto this, 'Harry'" Clicking a button on a small remote, a picture of Harry appeared on the large screen, "so far, we know little to nothing about him. All attempts at bugging him have been sabotaged, and his limits are unknown. Rogers?"

"When I spoke to him, I couldn't get out much," started Steve," He's british. He also seems convinced that he'll never see his family again, but didn't give the reason why,"

"Suicidal?" asked the weary looking man.

"I don't think so. He didn't seem that depressed. He was more regretful. I think something or someone else is keeping him from his family,"

Harry stopped listening at that point. If they were going to be making theory's on his backstory, he would be better off figuring out how he would get a message to Fury without the others seeing. As he took out a thin phone, to check on something, an idea struck him.

Pulling out some parchment and a quill, Harry scribbled down a letter. Then, carefully picturing the phone in his mind, he performed a switching spell, so the note was gone and in its place was the phone. Hopefully it had worked well the other way, and his note was now safely stored in Fury's pocket.

Harry continued waiting until the meeting broke up, when he slipped out and walked back the way he came. However, he was soon lost in the maze-like corridors. Looking left and right, harry tried to figure out which way to go. It looked like it was going to be a while until he got out.

Then, Harry heard voices coming down one of the corridors. Pressing himself against a wall, he held his breath until the agents had passed. Breathing a silent sigh of relief, he made to carry on after them, in the hopes that at least they'd bring him closer to the surface. However, the cloak caught on a loose bit of metal in the wall, and it slipped off, making him visible again.

"Oh shit," Harry swore silently as the agents caught sight of them and turned around with their weapons drawn, pointing at him. As there was no point in maintaining it, Harry undid the Silencing charm.

"Um… I surrender?" Harry said, raising his arms above his head.

Walking back to his office (or rather, marching back; old habits die hard) Director Fury pondered over the Harry situation. How to approach it? They didn't even know if he was a friendly, although his actions with A.I.M. indicated that he was, you couldn't be too cautious.

Reaching his door, scanning his hand, his eye and entering a passcode, Fury entered the sparse office. Sitting in his chair, he reached for his phone in his pocket, but found it was not there. Panicking, He stood up and patted down all of his many pockets. After finding them all empty of his phone, in a last attept he scrabbled around in the pocket he had last had it.

Instead of finding a phone, Fury instead drew out an old fashioned bit of paper; a note. It read:

Director Fury,

You didn't need to stalk me! You could have just said you wanted to meet me and I would have been happy to oblige. I have no quarrel with you, so I will stay out of S.H.E.I.L.D's way, if you stay out of mine and stop sending agents to tail me. And no, I'm not trying to take over the world or something; I'm just trying to get home.



Fury screwed up the note in frustration. How he had managed to sneak on board a top secret facility without being noticed, and then remove his phone from his pocket, replacing it with paper was a mystery. But now, "Harry had his own phone on him, which had lots of Top secret information stored on it.

Jerking him out of his thoughts, he heard the intruder alarm go of. Well, maybe not undetected, Fury thought to himself. He immediately rose and walked to the cells, where the intruder would be taken.

When he reached the cells, lower ranking agents moved out of his way, giving him a clear view of the stowaway. It was, in fact Harry. Amateur.

"Well, look what we have here," Fury said as his eyes met the Emerald ones of their captive, "You and I are going to have a very long talk. You have a lot of explaining to do,"

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