A/N: I spent ages on this chapter and it still isn't as good nor as long as I wanted it to be. I'm afraid I had a bad case of writers block, and couldn't really think of how to proceed without butchering both characters more that I already might have done.

Harry and Fury were sitting on opposite sides of a table, in a cold metal room. Unseen on one wall was one-way glass that the Avengers were watching through. Other than that, the only thing that broke the bleak uniformness of the cell walls was an iron door with a peep hole.

Fury was staring furiously at Harry. If looks could kill, Harry wouldn't just be dead, but be burnt to ashes and six feet under. Harry, alternatively, was sitting back in his own chair, looking relaxed and right at home. This seemed to piss Fury off even more.

"Who are you?" demanded Fury, after a long silence.

Raising his eyes to meet Fury's good eye, Harry said, "Harry"

"I know that! What's your full name?"

Raising an eyebrow, Harry replied, "Harry James Potter," Harry thought he saw a flicker of recognition in Fury's eye, but it was gone after no more than a millisecond, and Harry dismissed it as a trick of the light.

"Perhaps you could tell us why there are no records of you at all until a month ago. Are you an alien?"

It was very hard for Harry to keep a straight face at this. Him, an Alien? The idea was definitely laughable. Doing his best to hide a snigger, Harry said, "No,"

"What the hell are you then?"

Feeling that there was no other way out of this than to tell the truth, other than to stun the muggles with the little wandless magic he knew (they had taken his wand on capture), and he really didn't want to do that if he didn't have to. He didn't want to make an enemy by attacking their agents. Besides, from what Harry had seen on the muggle news, these were meant to be the good guys, so if he co-operated then maybe they would help him find his way home? Besides, there was no Statute of secrecy, so it wasn't like he could get sent to Azkaban, could he?

"I'm a wizard,"


"What? No 'you're insane'? I half expected you to send me to a psych ward or something,"

"Well this isn't the first time I've met a wizard from another dimension, Mr Potter,"

Puzzled, Harry asked, "How did you know I was from another dimension?"

Fury looked slightly smug that he knew something that he didn't, and his lips remained firmly sealed.

"Who exactly were the wizards who came before?"

"I can't say,"


"They asked me not to."

"If you say so…" Harry really didn't like how the tables had turned. Now Fury was the smug, laid back one (if slightly pissed off still about sneaking onto the helicarrier) and Harry was feeling possibly the most confused he had been in a number of years.

"I want to know why you decided it would be a good idea to sneak on-board my helicarrier and steal my phone!"

"I was only curious. You did have agents tracking me,"

Fury's eye twitched the only sign of annoyance, "alright, well are you going to try and take over the world or something? Because you'd have to be pretty damn stupid to try that on my watch,"

"Why in Merlin's name would I want to take over the world?!" Harry exclaimed.

"You'd be surprised. How could you tell we had people trailing you," Fury's curiosity got the better of his irritation.

"I have been an Auror for over eight years." Harry said, and then continued, "That's our version of highly trained police. Well, now we have made it clear that I am not an enemy and are on your side, will you let me out?"


Harry sighed, "Why not?"

"You could be lying,"

Another sigh and then "What can I do to convince you?"

"Well, there is one thing…"

Yet again, Harry sighed. He had perfected the art of sighing after James had turned two. It had been the perfect way of showing displeasure at whatever antics his oldest son had gotten himself into without having to put it into words. "What do you want me to do?"

"I knew you would see it my way," said Fury with a smirk, "we need you to help on a mission, you'll be working with the avengers. I believe you've met them?"

"Briefly. I beat them at their own game," Now it was Harry's turn to smirk.

"Yes, and because of that Stark has been complaining non-stop that we need to get them a faster way of transport because, and I quote, 'He couldn't just let some amateur steal his spotlight,'"

After seeing Harry's raised eyebrow, Fury continued, "Stark is a Diva. If he doesn't get what he wants when he wants he has a tantrum. You'd think he was five the way he acts,"

"So what does this mission include?"

"You'll be a distraction whilst the rest of the avengers sneak into an organisation called A. headquarters. I wouldn't try anything funny if I were you, because Thor will be watching your every move,"

"Don't worry, I won't,"

"You'd better not. Now that that's sorted, and you've agreed, It's time to meet the team,"

They both stood, Fury undoing Harry's handcuffs, after warning him that if he tried anything he'd be dead before he could say abra kadabra. At this, Harry could barely repress a cringe at the words, as they sounded far to like Avada Kedavra for his liking.

Walking through the door (which must have been opened by computer of from the outside), Fury lead Harry to another room right next to the cell. Upon entrance, Harry noticed it wasn't much different to his cell. It was made out of cold metal, and gave an air of unfriendliness. However, this room's far wall was taken up by a screen, and a table in the middle. Sitting at this table were six individuals. The Avengers.

On one side of the room was what looked like one way glass, which looked directly into his cell. Harry realized that they had heard every word of his conversation with Fury, and decided that the Muggle Mad-eye had made fun of Stark deliberately to piss him off. By the look on the billionaire's face, he had succeeded.

"Potter, Allow me to introduce to you the Avengers. Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye; Natasha Romanoff, also known as the Black Widow; Steven Rogers, also known as Captain America; Tony Stark, also known as Iron man; and Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk," Harry nodded politely at each of them as they were introduced, smirking slightly when it came to Stark at the disgruntled look on his face.

"Avengers, Meet Harry Potter,"

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