Hey guys, I'm back with another story. I have paired up with my friend Bhav to write this story. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Roads Untraveled



A Tough Cop, an honest ACP, who loves his team. He's a bit rough, tempered but has a big reason behind that.

Senior Inspector IQRA

An able honest sharp shooter officer, a right hand of ACP. She is also the mentor of new officer Bhav; she is sweet and can tackle any problem with ever calm mind. But have some obstacles in life but she is also rough as ACP with temper but short she wants everything perfect in life she very responsible she wants everything perfect and like to live alone without any interference.

Senior Inspector NAKUL

An honest officer who was accused by his father, after that he did not want to go back to him, he is fun loving yet serious at the same time; best-friend of Iqra. Also a mentor of new Officer Vineet.

Inspector ABHIMANYU - same as in CIDSB character

Inspector VIVEK - Same as in CID

Sub Inspector TEJALI - Same as In CIDSB

Officer BHAVYA

She's not a responsible officer. She does not want to be an officer but due to her family, she comes there on approach and student of Iqra who treat her as sweet sister but Bhavya does not think about that, she is careless.

Officer VINEET

He's is sweet, ambitious with little bit of attitude. His aim is CID.


Character Iqra, is played by me. It's based on myself; some reality, some fiction.

Character Bhavya is based on my friend Bhavya.

Roads Untraveled: Chapter 1:

At the old castle a shootout takes place. There are 10 terrorist against two officers; one of the officer shoot 7 terrorists and other 3 are killed by another officer.

Next Morning - CID Bureau
ACP comes in the bureau with a newspaper, where all of the officers are present. He addresses his officers.

ACP: Kal raat ko old castle andheri me shootout 10 terrorist mare gaye and they were killed by none other than Nakul and Iqra.

NP: Sir maine to sirf 3 hi maare baki too Is ne hi...

ACP : Well done Iqra.

Iqs: Thank you sir.

ACP: Sabhi officers ko half hour mein milne ko kaho.

Half hour later – CID Bureau


ACP : So guys yeh meeting aaj isliye bulai gayi hai kyunki kal se mentor program shuru hoo raha hai. So new officer will come here to be trained. Tomorrow there will be 2 new officers will join, I hope you will corporate.

Vivek: Who are the mentors?

ACP: Nakul and Iqra.

As soon she hears her name, she gets shocked and immediately objects.

Iqs: Sir but... I can't do this, I don't know how to... sir.. I.

ACP: No more questions, I know better, do as I say because I am the boss.

ACP continues.

ACP: Tum dono cabin me aao unka bio-data batata hun.

Iqra and Nakul look at each, Nakul gives her helpless look, then both follow ACP in his cabin.

ACP's Cabin

ACP: Nakul tumhare paas jo officer aa raha hai uska naam hai Vineet. Woh seedha sada hai but attitude hai usme aur woh tu control kar dena. Sharref hai, aimbitious hai, aim CID but he is afraid from firing.

ACP turns his attention to Iqra now.

ACP: As I go further Iqra, Bhavs aa rahi hai, woh bigdi hui hai approach se aa rahi hai COMMISSIONER ke strict order hai es par dhyan rakhne ke pehle bhi apne do mentors ki halat kharab kar chuki hai.

A wave of shock appears on her face for a second.

IQRA [WHISPERING]: mere palee hi padni thi?

ACP: kya hua?

NP: kuch nahi.


They both nod their heads.

ACP: Aur wo dono tum hare saath ho raheinge means respectively.

As soon Nakul & Iqa hears this, both of them look at each other with shocked expressions. ACP notices this.

ACP: Any questions?

Both: No Sir!

ACP: Good! Meeting's over.

Both: Thank you.

As Nakul & Iqra walk out of ACP's cabin both are thinking about their new interns.

Nakul: Kal dekhte hain, koun kitne paani mein hai.

Iqra: Paani nahi samundar.

Before Nakul could speak, she cuts him off.

Iqra: Pata nahi yeh musibaat programme khatam kab hoga.

Nakul (shockingly): Khatam? Abhi toh shuru bhi nahi howa!
Iqra looks at him hopelessly and walks away.

The day is passing in tension for Iqra & Nakul as they keep thinking how things will be tomorrow, when the 2 new officers will come.

During Lunch - CID Bureau

Iqra & Nakul enter in canteen to eat where Abhimanyu, Tejali & Vivek are already there, having lunch. As soon they see Nakul & Iqra entering, a smirk appears on Abhimanyu and Tejali's faces. Iqra tries her best to ignore while Nakul's expressions clearly indicate if the smirking doesn't stop soon, someone will pay for it badly.

Vivek: Tejali tumhe pata hai jo dono aa rahe hai completely opposite hain humare mentors se aur aik dosre se.

Nakul stares at him, signalling to stop and Vivek gets the signal and decides to sit silently.

Iqra silently signals Nakul to sit on other table, while she goes to get the food. He hears a soft laughter he turns to see Tejali's laughing, as soon he gives her dagger looks, she stops in middle.

Abhimanyu: Arre sir, mazaq kar rahe hain itne serious mat ho.

Meanwhile Iqra comes back with food, both of them start to eat but none of them feel like eating.

Nakul: Now what?

Iqra: I don't know.. pata nahi hume hi es musibaat mein dalna tha. You know I don't like sharing my life with second person aur ab yeh akar meri life ko ulat pulat kardegi.. kaise bardasht karon?

Nakul: Lekin hum kar kya sakte hain? Behtar yehi hai esko aik aur imtehaan samajh kar, yeh waqt kaat lein. Zindagi ne agay kam imtehaan liye hain, ab yeh aik aur hi sahi.

Iqra agrees, but somewhere inside she is disturbed but she prays for best.

Iqra: Yeh dono kal aa rahen hai dar lag raha hai Nakul. Yaar mujhe akele rahna pasand hai ab koi or usey training bhi deni padegi. It's damn irritating, tumhara officer to phir bhi seedha hai mere intern ka kiya hoga.

Nakul says: kamsekam tumhari officer tumhari life mein thori si ronak hi le ayegi. Saying this he laughs. But Iqra doesn't react to his comment and just keeps on eating. ACP witnesses this from distance, he had inclination that these both will react this way and yet he decided to do this because he knows it is better for them. Iqra & Nakul has a lot of reasons, a lot of history due to which they both prefer the life they are living and without any interferences but it is best for them. This might be the change which would help them. He walks in the canteen towards Iqra & Nakul's table. Seeing ACP everyone stands, he asks others to sit but Iqra & Nakul remain standing.

ACP: tum dono kuch tension mein mat ayo.

Nakul: No sir, nothing like this.

ACP Rajat looks at Iqra, seeing him, she couldn't keep quiet and in tension tells him everything. ACP smiles.

ACP: Woh tum dono ke interns hai tumhe un logon ko solid banana ha apni tarah. I know both of you can do it, just do that. If there is problem u can ask me.

Both: Ok sir.

ACP: Don't worry it'll be just fine.

Nakul & Iqra looks on, with hopeful eyes.

Enjoy Reading! :)