Thank you so much guys for your reviews and patience. Here's the next part of story. Just want to (always forget to add) add that though it's a CID story but it's not crime based story, just because it has CID characters, doesn't mean I'll be writing or showing crime stories. This story explores their personal lives, their past and their relations; them as humans, who do make mistakes, who do cry, who are strong yet soft, some times lonely. They are CID officers but in the end, they all are just humans. This is what this story is about - not CID officers but humans.

Chapter Eight

It's been 3 weeks since the accident and alot has happened in such a short span of time. Abhimanyu & Tejali are married now. It was quite a surprise for their families but being supportive family they decided to support them in their decisions. So they did not had big fat wedding, they had a simple and sweet court marriage here in Mumbai with their friends and their families has decided to plan their proper wedding for them at the end of year/beginning of new year when they'll have holidays from job. After the marriage both didn't had a day off because of work but today ACP has given them very small holiday permission and they both have left for their holiday. But changes not only occurred in their lives but in others as well for instance, Bhavya has made an effort to interact with others, she is finally opening up to others though there still is some air which needs to be cleaned up between her and Iqra; though she talks to her but still displays some cold towards her. Bhavya and Vineet helped Abhi-Tejali a lot in arranging their ceremony and thanks to that both are good friends now.

Since last few days Bhavya was acting strange which didn't go unnoticed by Iqra. Bhavya seems to have been taking a lot of interest in everyone's life especially ACP's, every chance she gets, she would strike a conversation with him, she doesn't bother to sensor her tongue doesn't think before speaking. At home she would be get on Iqra's nerves at time and sometimes she'll be as quiet as she doesn't exist, will hardly interact with Iqra but she does everything she can to irritate her. Though Bhavya silently notices Iqra's life, her routine... she even saw her once crying herself to sleep; Bhavya didn't had the courage to ask her but it did made her feel bad. She quietly observes everything about Iqra; Bhavya would never say this out loud but she did started to like Iqra but she loves to annoy her that's why she does what she does. She feels she can be as careless in front of her as she wants to be and somewhere Iqra was starting to accept that.

In last 3 weeks a change between Iqra and Rajat has occurred as well. Both of them have realised that there is an unknown and undeniable bond developing between them; no matter how much they try to shake it away it is there, what's worse that both of them are accepting it. It is not a bond of usual love, or the "spark" people speak of. They are two lonely, restless souls who are finding peace and solace in each other. They have hardly spoken apart from work related but the presence, the care in eyes is enough for them. The words have hardly any play between the two.

At bureau tonight ACP, Nakul, Vivek and Iqra are working till late as there is some paperwork needs to be done and sent off by morning. ACP tells Nakul and Vivek that their last case was handed to another CID team and they have given information that for the hearing someone from our team has to go as well so he is sending Vivek and Nakul to Delhi for the court hearing, it's for 2 days it shouldn't be long. Nakul is surprised hearing about Delhi, he doesn't want to go there and ACP knows that but it is important as Nakul was very involved in this case that's why he will be needed in court; Nakul reluctantly agrees to go, Nakul says he needs to go home and pack then they'll leave for Delhi, Vivek also leaves with Nakul. As Nakul goes Iqra follows him out, she stops him before he leaves.

Nakul: What?

Iqra: I know you are not happy about it but...

Nakul: Duty! I know my duty, it's fine. You don't have to sweet talk me.

Iqra: Hey... stop being rude and I'm NOT sweet talking you.

Nakul: Oh really?!

Iqra: Hey... come on.

Nakul smiles at her and holds her hand.

Nakul: Thanks.

Iqra: Nakul... listen to me please but without losing your cool.

Nakul: I'm NOT getting in touch with HIM. And the sooner you get this, the better for you and us. It's been freakin' ages now and still we are going round in circles over this. Just stop it already! He's dead to me.

Iqra: NAKUL! Careful with your words.

She holds his face in her hands.

Iqra: You need to understand he...

Nakul: Why I AM the one to understands always? It's time for him to understand and it is time for you to stop trying to mend the fences which can never be mend.

Iqra: Nakul, I just... don't want you to be alone, to be away from your only family when you know there is still a chance before it's too late.

Nakul: Hey... you are my family. After you, I don't need another family.

Iqra looks at him in awe, he hugs her before leaving, Iqra sees him leaving and just prays for the best.

At home Bhavya is busy with her diary when she gets call from her father. After disconnecting for 2 times she finally picks up.

Dad: Finally you picked up, how much worried I was for you Bhav. Please stop ignoring my calls, I worry for you.

Bhav: Don't worry dad, if and when I die, you'll surely know.

Dad: Bhav! Stop this non-sense. Listen child, I know you are angry and hurt but you need to give me a break. It is not fair on me. I'm your father...

Bhav: Of course dad, you are my father but you are forgetting something or rather...

Dad: Bhav, I am sorry. I was... I don't know what to say to you. I know no matter what I say it will never show how sorry I am. I lost your mother and this guilt will always eat me that I couldn't tell her how sorry I am for my actions but my baccha, I can't lose you now. Please baccha, don't do this with your father. Listen to me, I know I have done things in past which I'm not proud of but please believe me when I say this I am very truly sorry about all of it, if I could get a chance I would change the past but it is not possible. I hope you can forgive your father; lastly I will say... I know you're going through torture right now, but I am with you baccha. I'm with you in your every step and I hope you get what you want. I love you Baccha.

Bhavya who listens to her father quietly, finally speaks.

Bhavya: I love you too baba... I just need some time.

Dad: I know baccha... and I will wait for you.

Bhavya: Bye baba.

Bhavya finds herself in tears after hanging up she slowly lies in her bed and silently cries.

In bureau Rajat and Iqra are sorting out the papers when Rajat gets call from home, Iqra sees the change in his expressions as he hangs up he tells Iqra he has to leave.

Iqra: What happened?

Rajat: Baba is not feeling well, I have to go home.

Iqra: Oh...

Rajat starts to pack up, he tells Iqra to go home as well.

Iqra: Can I... come with you?

Rajat stops in middle and looks at her in surprise, he doesn't find anything but innocence and worry.

Rajat: You.. should go home.

Iqra: Please?

Iqra looks at him with pleading eyes. 'She is doing it again', he thinks as he looks in her eyes in which he can see care for him but tonight he sees a lot more than care. Once he holds her gaze, he doesn't want to let it go and tonight it seems she is not giving up easily as well. Her eyes... he doesn't want to fight with them, he just wants to give in and that's exactly what he does. Yet again, no words just a simple look was enough, he walks and she walks behind him.

At Rajat's home, the nurse lets him know his father had another attack so he got very anxious that's why she called Rajat. He thanks her and tells her she can go home now. Rajat and Iqra goes in to his father's room, Rajat sits next to his father, holds his hand and starts asking his father if he is fine. His father smiles at his son's concern and tells him he is fine but was just missing Rajat. Rajat introduces Iqra to his father, and then he goes out from the room to attend a call. When he gets back he is surprised to see his father and Iqra laughing and talking to each other so causally as if they've known each other for years. After sometime Rajat's father asks him to drop Iqra back home, Iqra refuses saying she'll get home and Rajat should stay there but Rajat doesn't agree letting her go alone at this hour. He takes her home; as they reach outside the house, Rajat stops her before she can go inside.

Rajat: Err... Thank you so much... for tonight. I... am glad you went home with me. Baba's illness makes me a lot worried at times, as you know he had major attack few months ago so any news makes me extra worried for him.

Iqra: I understand. I know it is not easy for you to see your father going through this, I pray for his well being and... yours too.

Rajat looks at her at same time she lowers her gaze to avoid his, a small smile appears on his lips.

Rajat: Thank you once again... I didn't wanted to face this alone tonight.

Iqra lifts her gaze and looks at him, Rajat sense sudden build of confidence in her which can be seen in her eyes.

Iqra: I know.

Two words, that's all she said, that's all that was needed to be said. She doesn't move her gaze from his face and sees the change in his expressions. She goes inside, leaving behind a shocked Rajat. 'How my feelings are so transparent to her? She is not allowed to read me like this, though I never felt this good, this glad before.' Rajat looks at the house once again and then leaves.

Inside Iqra watches Rajat leave, she leans her head against a window. 'I exactly know how you feel, because somewhere deep down I have felt the same. The side of mine which is hidden from all, why does it surface in front of you, I don't know.'

Iqra sighs and moves from the window as she turns around she finds Bhavya standing front of her; her eyes are red and swollen as if she freshly cried. Iqra looks at Bhayva worriedly, she goes up to her and holds her face in her hands.

Iqra: What's wrong Bhav?

Bhavya doesn't say anything but just gives her weak smile.

Iqra: Tell me... what's wrong? Someone said anything?

Bhavya nods her head as 'no'. Iqra gets that Bhavya is not in mood to talk so instead she just does what is best in such situations; she gives her a tight hug. Bhavya surprised at her gesture but surely is thankful for it, she doesn't move back but wait for her inner storm to stop, Iqra creases her hairs slowly, knowing something is wrong, even though Bhav wouldn't say it, she is not fine right now and Iqra has no plans leaving Bhav alone right now.

Hope you'll enjoyed it. :)