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'CHALKY!' Mr Byrne screamed as the lorry hurtled towards them. Chalky turned, and his eyes widened at the sight before him. The whole group screamed. Then, silence.

1 hour later

Everyone had been piled into hospital. A few, Tariq, Denzil, Lily, had still not regained consciousness. Josh, shaking with fear and panic, was helped by his equally shaken father into the same ambulance as Lily. Tom sat at the side and rubbed his hands together anxiously, staring down at the unconscious girl who had saved his son's life. When the lorry had hit them all, Josh was clearly in its direct path. Everything seemed lost, but then Lily had appeared, pushing Josh to the side and leaping in front of him. She had been one of the worst hit. Now she was lying there, half dead, and Josh was hysterical. Tom couldn't see any use in him trying to calm him down. He was in a bad enough state as it was. Lily's breathing became ragged, and as the ambulance pulled away from the devastating scene the paramedics looked on in concern. She was slipping away, they could tell. They had no idea how long she had left. She had been hit almost face-on by the lorry, with only her think coat to protect her. They feared for her life, but they weren't about to give up now. That wasn't their job.

When they arrived at the hospital, Lily, miraculously, started to come round. And apparently, she had no care whatsoever for her wellbeing. She was wired up to an oxygen tank, and her eyes slowly fluttered open. No-one was watching her, and she slowly ripped off the tubes attached to her wrist and chest, and took the mask off. Then, wearing only a hospital sheet and her most concerned face, she quickly tiptoed out of the room. Making sure no-one was following her, she walked, lost, along the many corridors of the hospital, ducking inside a cupboard whenever anyone came past her. If anyone did spot her, she held her chest out and her head up, and smiled, acting as if she was just out for a stroll instead of a mission, and she was recovering instead of being on the verge of unconsciousness. When she finally spotted some of her classmates, she knew she was on the right track. Turning her face away, she slipped into the nearest ward, only to find her reasons for walkabout in there. Josh was fast asleep, blissfully unaware of her entry. She sat on the bed next to him, and smiled, dreamily stroking his hair and whispering soft words of comfort.

She didn't notice Tom watching her in the doorway until it was too late. He ran in, afraid for her, and this sudden shock made Lily's delicate heart quite literally skip a beat. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she collapsed, Tom catching her just in time. The strain of walking all that way in her current state had severely weakened her.

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