Chapter 2: She would never love him

This is the first oneshot. The scenario was sent in by 'Black Angel and Snowflake' and goes like;
based on the sneak preview clip for episode 9, where Leo is accused of treason. I just want a Leo/Lisa fic where Mac realises that he's never going to get Lisa, because a certain inventor already has her heart.
So, onwards!

Look at the end for translation of Italics

'Stand aside boy, or I'll shoot you too' said the duke
'No I won't' said Lisa
'And neither will you have to' said a voice from close by
'Piero?' asked the duke
'Yes, cousin' answered Piero de' Medici as he glided to the front of the crowd ' and I'm here to say that this boy, Leonardo, is not a traitor, just a young ragazzo, still with the clumsiness and liveliness of childhood.'

The duke stormed off, guards following and the crowd slowly drifted off, until it was just Leo, Lisa/Tom, Mac, Piero, Lorenzo and Signor Verrochio.
'Scusi Leonardo, may I talk to you' asked Piero
'Certainly' answered Leo

5 minutes later, Leo returned. Signor Verrochio and Mac had left, only Lisa remained. Then Leo noticed something, she wasn't dressed as Tomaso, but as Lisa, in the dress she wore to 'The betrothal ball' as they called it. Her hair wasn't in its wig but layered on her shoulders. Leo was so shocked, he had to take a step backwards, and he then rushed to see why.

'Lisa!' he called as he ran up to her
'Oh, Leo.' Said Lisa spinning round 'you gave me a fright'
'Why are you undisguised?' Leo whispered into her ear in case anyone was nearby
'I am dressed like this because I have something to say, which I couldn't in my alter-ego.' Said Lisa
'OK, what is it?' asked Leo, a look of confusion on his face
Lisa then leaned up to him and her lips touched his. The kiss lasted about 4, maybe 5 seconds, but who cared. When she finally stopped, a look of shock and embarrassment was on Leo's face that made her chuckle, she slid her hands into his and said 'Leo, I love you, I wanted you to know before you died. I have since your eyes met mine and I forever shall.'
Leo snapped out of the daze he was in and smiled down at her, 'I love you too, Lisa.'
And with that they embraced, oblivious to their observer

Mac was hidden round the corner; he had seen Lisa leave the workshop wearing the jasmine blue dress and had followed her to see where she was going. When she stopped, he saw who she was waiting for: Leo. He saw them talk then… no, she couldn't! Where his eyes deceiving him? Did Lisa just kiss Leo? And then those 3 heart-breaking words 'I love you'. He was so shocked, he had to sit down. Lisa loved Leo? What about him? She preferred Leo, a slightly crazy, life risking, unorganised inventor to him!? 'I can't believe I was friends with them' Mac thought and with that stomped off, plotting 'I'll get you for this, Leonardo. You'll see.'

A/N: And scene. Thank you for reading this Chapter and remember to send in your scenarios. Thanks to 'Black Angel and Snowflake' for sending this one in. as they say in Italy, arrivederci!
Arrivederci: Good bye
Ragazzo: Boy/ lad
Scusi: Excuse me.