Title: Five Years

Author: digitaldesigner

Word Count: 273

Rating: PG

Spoilers: None

Pairing/Characters: Angel/Cordelia

Summary: Angel and Cordy remember.

Disclaimer: If you recognize them, they belong to Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. Otherwise, they're mine.

Author's Note: Written for whedonland's Angel week.

Angel stared up at the Los Angeles night, letting out a deep sigh. "What's wrong, Broody Boy?" Cordy asked as she came up behind him.

A small smile formed at the corner of his mouth, remembering the first time she'd called him that so many years ago. "It's nothing; not really," he finally answered.

Cordy placed a hand on his cheek, forcing him to meet her eyes. "You wouldn't be sighing like that if it was nothing," she told him. "Talk to me."

She still knew him better than anyone else ever had. "It's been five years," he told her, knowing she'd understand. Five years since they'd lost Wesley, Fred and Gunn. It hadn't happened in some apocalyptic battle or a fight to the death, but something so much more mundane. They'd been traveling home after a rare evening out when they'd been hit in a head-on collision; they'd died instantly.

Cordy slipped her arm around his waist, leaning into him as he pulled her closer. "I know. I miss them, too. I've been thinking about them all day," she admitted as tears filled her eyes and slowly slid down her face.

Sitting down on the grass, he pulled her into his arms while whispering words of comfort in her ear. Tears subsiding, she smiled up at him softly. "I don't know what I'd do without you, Angel."

He smiled and brushed the last of her tears away. Holding her tight, they watched the stars and remembered. Remembered their lost friends, their family. They may have lost everyone who mattered, but at least they still had each other. And that was something.