this story sprouted after reading a story on Yahoo and turned into a 151 chapter drabble

Pay close attention to the headings. Her's (Bella) will be italicized and His (Edward's) wont. Time passes and POV's change constantly soo yup :D

I'm hoping to keep up the multiple updates daily but I might take weekends off to de-stress and work on the next great plot bunny


Ch 1


Summer '03

"We should ditch," Alice whispers as we follow the counselors towards the inner tube rental shed.

"It's our last year of camp. Do you want to soil your good name by running off?" I laugh.

We like to joke that we're twins even though we're polar opposites.

She's short. I'm tall.

She's loud. I'm quiet.

She's rich. I'm… not.

She's the devil. I'm the angel.

"Come on BB. Let's just go on that trail." She points back to where we came from. "Besides, you hate group things."

I bite my lip and fiddle with the waterproof camera case hanging from my neck.

Adrenaline and the fear of getting caught has my heart racing as we step back from the crowd using a loose shoelace as an excuse.

Alice cackles madly as the group enters the water.

And for the first time in a week, we taste the freedom we crave.