Ch 147


Summer '13

"I love Joe," Bella yawns. "Let's name the baby after him."

I laugh. "We're having a girl, beautiful. I'm sure he would be flattered, but he was just doing his job."

"I can't feel my legs. This is awesome," she slurs. "Seriously… pinch my big toe. I don't think I'll feel it."

I rub her kneecap and she marvels at the lack of sensation.

"How are the contractions?"

She shrugs. "I feel some pressure, but the pain is gone for the most part. Like I said... I love Joe."

"Did you tell your dad what we were planning on naming her?" I ask, trying to veer the conversation away from my wife's love for her anesthesiologist.

"I did."

Her eyes close as a contraction sweeps through.

"What did he say?"

"That we're very clever. My mother hated her first name. He's really touched that we're honoring her memory this way."