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In the candlelight

Soft singing could be heard as Misaki was taking a shower, letting out a pleased sigh as the warm water rained down on him. It was just what he needed after a long day of hard work. With his eyes closed, he rinsed all of the shampoo out of his hair, his wet chocolate brown locks a little darker and heavier from the weight of the water. He stood there for a few more seconds, enjoying the warmth, before turning off the faucet.

There was a dead silence, until the teen heard the sound of thunder. The sudden rumbling startled him a little, but he calmed down when he heard the familiar sound of fingers tapping. "He's probably working on a new novel," Misaki said to himself and smiled. He was glad that Akihiko was working seriously after three weeks of neglecting his work. Aikawa had already threatened the author innumerous times, but to no avail. Something had kept him from writing, but it seemed that he finally got motivation again.

A yellow towel wrapped around the boy's head and Misaki started drying himself. The fabric was velvety soft, as Akihiko only had high quality items – and the teen assumed that they were all incredibly expensive too. He rubbed the towel over his body and tied it around his waist, not particularly bothered by the fact that his hair was still damp. He listened closely to know if Akihiko was still writing, not wanting the man to catch him half-naked.

There it was; the sound of tapping, again. As fast as he could, Misaki ran towards his own bedroom and shut the door behind him. "Phew, I'm safe." He walked over to his closet, pulling out underwear, a random pair of jeans, a grey long sleeved shirt and white socks. While he put on his boxers, there was a flash outside, followed by rumbling. 'It's really close,' the teen thought, a little frightened. Thunderstorms were definitely not something Misaki liked.

All of a sudden, there was a very loud bang nearby and the lights went out. Stumbling around in the darkness, the boy tried to find the light switch. When he had found it however, it remained dark. "Great, a lightning strike," he cursed under his breath.

"Misaki," the low familiar voice called from the corridor, "Is everything all right in there?"

Emerald eyes shot up in shock. 'No! If he finds me in here like this, he'll pounce on me for sure.' "I'm fine," he responded swiftly.

"I'll go find something to light up the place. Be careful not to hurt yourself." At this, Misaki's heart skipped a beat. The author was worried about him. He dressed himself as fast as humanly possible, but because of his limited sight it took more effort and time.

"Usagi-san, I'm done." He slowly walked out of the room. "Have you found somethi-" His eyes wandered around the room, observing the small springs of light that were scattered all over the place. The teen was dumbfounded. "Wait, candles?"

"Indeed. Do you like it?"

"C-couldn't you find something less… flammable?" Misaki muttered softly as he started his descent down the stairs.

"Nothing will happen unless you get clumsy and trip," the novelist teased.

"Shut up! I'm not clumsy." A beautiful rosy color spread across the younger one's face. "But… why candles?"

"It's more effective than walking around with a flashlight all the time. Besides…" Akihiko's gaze softened and his lips formed into a smile, "I've always wanted to do this." The look on his face caused a quickening of the teen's heartbeat. Misaki rarely saw the author like that.

"Sheesh, you're so corny," came from the younger one's lips, although it was only a desperate attempt to mask his true feelings. Deep down, he felt happy and touched, as he found this 'solution' his lover had come up with very romantic.

Of course, as always, the novelist could read the truth in the boy's eyes. He beckoned his lover to him. "Why don't we just sit down for now? It'll probably take a while until the power is restored again."

While Misaki was certain that the man would try something inappropriate if he complied, he had no reason to turn down the offer. Besides, without electricity there wasn't much that the teen could do anyway. "Fine," he sighed, moving closer towards the couch. The author smiled and sat down, pulling his younger lover into his lap.

"Wha- hey! What the heck are you doing?!" A large cold hand ran through the chocolate locks, calming the squirming form. The novelist pushed his nose gently against one of the flushed cheeks and held his lover close. Misaki felt the warmth of the man's body and relaxed instantly. He didn't want to oppose him this time, so instead of pushing Akihiko away he just wrapped his arms around the strong neck and leaned against the older one's chest.

Surprised by the teen's actions, the author looked down to see the expression on his lover's face. Misaki was blushing immensely, the red color all over him, and he had a contented look in his eyes. At the sight of this, Akihiko smiled gently and started caressing the back of the boy's head. The couple sat there for a while, feeling the tenderness of each other's touches and the love in their hearts. The teen's hands traveled down and started massaging the man's back slowly.

"Misaki," Akihiko said, "I love you." His voice was laced with affection and endearment. Doe green eyes darted up after the honest confession had left the novelist's lips and sparkled, showing the boy's happiness. Very slowly, the silver haired man moved closer until his lips brushed against Misaki's. The teen responded to the kiss by leaning in, his pink lush lips softly colliding with Akihiko's. He didn't have the strength nor the will to fight back. 'I love him, so dearly. Why can't I bring myself to tell him?'

A wet organ licked the boy's mouth, making him shiver. Without hesitation, Misaki parted his lips and let the man's tongue slip inside, his own muscle welcoming the invitee. The passionate dance began, but it was gentler and sweeter than ever before. Tongues circled around each other as hands explored curves, softly and lovingly touching.

After a fair amount of oral gratification, Akihiko moved back, a single thread of saliva still connecting his and his lover's lips. He stared at the teen and ran a thumb over a crimson cheek, smiling sweetly and lovingly.

"I love you," he spoke again, planting a kiss on the boy's forehead.

At that very moment, Misaki threw all his pride out the window and placed a tender kiss on his lover's lips. When he looked at Akihiko's face, he could see how those beautiful lavender eyes were filled with true love. The boy smiled, loving how his landlord always knew how to make his heart beat faster. He was touched by the fact that Akihiko acted so cold towards everyone but him. That sweet, kind side of the novelist was something that only he would ever see. His fingertips caressed the palms of his partner's hand. The petite fingers intertwined with the longer ones and mouths met each other once again.

This time, it was Misaki who retracted his lips, a faint smile crossing his face. Several soft pants escaped from his mouth as deep amethyst eyes gazed at him. In the soft light of the candles, Misaki looked even more beautiful and magnificent, the shade of verdant in his orbs only intensified by the warm glow. The author gently stroked the boy's chocolate brown hair, that felt softer than the feathered wings of an angel. He was grateful that he'd been given the opportunity to do this sort of thing with his lover.

"U-Usagi-san," Misaki whimpered as warm lips latched onto his neck, sucking and kissing the creamy skin tenderly. There was no sign of lust in the man's actions, only adoration and pure love. The teen shivered when the cold air hit the wet spot, then looked into Akihiko's eyes. He planted a shy kiss on the author's nose, earning a pleased smile from his partner.

"You're so cute," the silver haired man said in a hoarse voice.

"I'm a man, so don't call me cute!" Misaki whisper-yelled, not trying to ruin the mood entirely. His heart skipped a beat when the novelist held his hand and kissed the knuckles. The boy's face was covered by a lovely maroon color. Everything, from the environment to Akihiko's tenderness, touched him deeply. It made him feel special, as though he were the most precious person in the world. 'Dear God, I love him,' was the only thing on the teen's mind. The romantic mood had a strong influence on him. Everything that always seemed so sinful, so wrong, had turned into something wonderful and magical.

"I love you," the novelist spoke. He had noticed that his lover reacted differently, not fighting him or raising his voice.

Slowly but surely, Misaki leaned forward and took the man's right ear in his mouth. He started to nibble, earning a low chuckle from Akihiko.

'So adorable,' the author thought as a soft muscle poked the inside of his ear, licking over the cartilage. He nuzzled his face into the crook of the teen's neck, showering it with light kisses. Misaki gently bit down, savoring the gentleness of the man's touch, and then pulled back. Still, deep down he couldn't help but feel a little guilty. Akihiko expressed his love so openly and frequently, while he himself had too much trouble just with saying those three words. He loved the man more than anyone, yet he couldn't show him the love he deserved.

"Misaki, what's wrong?" The novelist had noticed the worried look on his lover's face. He tried to read the boy's eyes, but Misaki averted his gaze.

'I can't leave him in the dark like that,' the teen said to himself. He wanted to find a way to convey his love for Akihiko. 'Even if I could say 'I love you' more easily, it still wouldn't be enough. How can I show him?' He bit his lower lip when an idea came to mind.

Meanwhile, the author was starting to feel more and more nervous as the teen didn't answer his question. He let out a sigh of relief when Misaki finally looked at him, those doe green eyes filled with countless emotions. The man studied them, taken by surprise when he found the words that the boy couldn't say.

'Please make love to me.'

Enthralled by his sweet lover, Akihiko smiled gently and lifted him up. Misaki wrapped his arms around the author's strong neck and his legs around the waist, allowing his beloved one to carry him to their bedroom. Step by step, the man walked up the stairs, small rose candles illuminating the path. He took in the sweet smell of the scented light sources while the teen kissed his neck lovingly.

Once they had arrived at their destination, Akihiko slowly laid his lover down onto the bed. Much to the boy's astonishment, the novelist lay down beside him, caressing Misaki's rosy cheek with the back of his large hand.

"Tell me what you want," the author said and kissed the plump soft lips that belonged to his lover.

Misaki's face grew even redder. "W-what? Why do you want me to say something like that?" He shifted nervously, not sure how to react. After all, what he really longed for was too embarrassing for him to pronounce.

"All I want is to please you." The teen felt his heart melt. "Misaki, I love you and I want you to be happy."

'How can I not be happy already?' the boy wondered. Akihiko always spoiled him, giving him whatever he desired. 'I guess… this is the right time to repay that favor.' His hands started roaming around the man's muscular chest, that was covered by a light blue button-up shirt. At the same time, slender fingers crawled underneath his own shirt, softly brushing against the sensitive skin. The teen let out a barely audible moan, the cold digits burning on him. Much to Akihiko's surprise, his younger lover started unbuttoning his shirt with trembling hands. Even though Misaki wasn't forced into anything, it was still hard for him to make a move. After all, he'd never done something daring, except that one time that he'd tried to seduce the novelist.

Suddenly, the boy's t-shirt was pushed up, his tanned torso exposed. Emerald orbs watched as Akihiko captured one of the pink nipples between his lips and sucked on the hardening bud. His mouth was hot, arousing the sensitive victim trapped within.

"Ahn…" Misaki tried to focus on undoing the buttons, but had trouble concentrating as the author's tongue ran over his chest. When he had finally managed to complete his task, he carefully pushed the fabric off the man's broad shoulders.

Akihiko smirked, proud of his generally shy lover. "Misaki…" he whispered, moving back up to lock lips with the teen. Their tongues danced, passionately fondling each other while the man dropped his shirt onto the carpeted floor. As soon as the author had pulled back, Misaki got rid of the grey piece of cloth he was wearing. He looked into the lavender eyes and blushed a little. Akihiko just smiled and planted a light kiss on the boy's collarbone, causing the fragile body to shiver.

"I love you so much," the novelist spoke in a loving voice, his hands traveling down to find Misaki's zipper.

"I-I love you t-too…" The teen lifted his hips as Akihiko tried to take off his jeans. He moaned when a large cold hand crept over his boxers, even the lightest touch arousing his manhood. How the man always managed to make him so sensitive was a mystery. His heart sped up a little when he saw the author take off his own pants.

"You never cease to amaze me, Misaki." In a swift movement, Akihiko grabbed hold of the boy's hardness, fondling it gently. Hesitating for a moment, a small hand found his way to the man's erection and started rubbing the head. The author, who was once again surprised by his lover's boldness, let out a low groan of contentment. A moan escaped from Misaki's lips when Akihiko picked up the pace, licking one of the teen's hardened buds at the same time. "Ha- ah!" The member in his hand twitched every time he made a sound of pleasure. The silver haired man loved hearing the boy's sweet voice.

"You like this, huh?" Akihiko said chuckling, earning a quick nod from the chocolate beauty.

Misaki kept pumping the man's arousal, determined to make him cum. 'I want to let him feel how much I love him,' he thought. "Usagi-san," he cried, "I'm going to-" The teen gasped loudly as he came into the author's hand, surprised when he felt something wet on his own hand. He retracted his hand, examining the white substance for a second before gazing at his lover, who was panting a little. When their eyes met, both of the men read the satisfaction on each other's face.

"What do you want, my love?" The novelist caressed the teen's scarlet cheek.

Misaki's heart jumped. Akihiko's face was lined with so much love that the boy almost melted. He just wanted to be one with the person he loved. Slowly, he flipped onto his back, inviting the man to crawl on top of him. Accepting the invitation wholeheartedly, Akihiko raised himself up and hovered over the teen. His mouth landed on the collarbone and he started leaving a trail of kisses, moving up to the boy's neck, where he sucked on a sensitive patch of skin. Meanwhile, the author took off his and his lover's remaining clothes.

"Mmm…" Misaki sighed blissfully, enjoying every second of the man's skillful treatment. Lips found his warm left cheek, placing a soft kiss on it before trailing to his mouth and kissing his velvety lips tenderly. The boy felt his blood flow south as the many sensations were stimulating him.

Massaging the other's lips with his own, Akihiko hummed happily when he heard more sounds of pleasure being elicited from Misaki. He gently pressed his hard member against the younger one's entrance, flicking his tongue around his lover's softer pink muscle. Pulling back once more, he stared into the teen's doe green eyes, only to find the boy yearning for him. Slowly and softly, the man began pushing himself in, smiling as his beloved Misaki emitted a pleased moan.

"Haa… Usagi-san…" Loving the feeling of Akihiko inside him, Misaki unconsciously bucked his hips. The novelist smiled at him again, then looked at the boy's erection. The slim cock was leaking pre-cum, creating a small puddle of love juice on the tanned belly. 'So cute,' he thought, moving gently in and out of his lover's tightness.

"Ah~" 'It feels so good,' Misaki said to himself as the hardness inside him brushed against his prostate. The author's movements were slow and sweet, only making the teen more sensitive.

"Mmm, you're adorable," Akihiko groaned, his hands running down the back of the boy's silky legs. Misaki quivered, surrendering himself to the man's touches. The cold fingertips caressed him lightly before moving to his waist, holding his manhood and stroking it lovingly.

From the corner of his tear filled eyes, Misaki saw the flickering of a small flame. In the candlelight everything looked much more beautiful, including the already incredibly handsome author.

"I'm so close," the boy whimpered, looking into a pair of beautiful amethyst orbs. He stretched out his arms and pulled Akihiko into an embrace, kissing down his neck. The warmth from their bodies merged together, a slow rhythm rocking them as the author thrust gently, hitting the teen's sweet spot over and over. Bringing himself and his lover closer to the peak, Akihiko placed his lips over Misaki's to taste the boy's sweetness.

"Ngh," the teen moaned into the man's mouth as he reached his climax, the white ecstasy covering their stomachs. After a few more thrusts, the author released his love, filling his lover with his semen. He then wrapped his arms around the small body and held Misaki tight, while slender fingers tangled in his silvery hair. A sweet smile, one that Akihiko had never seen after making love, crept over his lover's face. The two stared deeply into each other's eyes, uttering words of affection in unison:

"I love you."

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