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Roses are red

Akihiko slowly opened his eyes, groaning in disappointment at the empty space next to him. Misaki had once again woken up before him, but instead of waking the author he'd just quietly made his way out of the bedroom. The candles from last night were still in the room, but they just stood there without a purpose, waiting for someone to light them again.

With a few sounds of tiredness, Akihiko managed to get out of his bed and dress himself. As soon as he opened the door, the delicious smell of Misaki's cooking greeted him, painting a gentle smile on his handsome face. He walked down the stairs with grace, and for once without Suzuki-san under his arm.

Emerald eyes darted up at the sound of footsteps, but as they met shades of lavender Misaki quickly averted his gaze.

"Sheesh, how long can you sleep on a weekday?" Misaki asked rhetorically, rolling his eyes as he filled a bowl with rice from the rice cooker. The young man glanced at the clock, noticing that it was only 8 o'clock in the morning, and softly bit his lip. Why was he being so cold to Akihiko?

"Good morning to you too," his lover replied calmly, noticing Misaki's bad mood. He growled inwardly as he realized that the boy was upset again. "Why are you so cantankerous?"

Much to Akihiko's irritation, Misaki didn't utter a word and still avoided eye contact. Instead, the brunet continued his chores and set the table. He was sure that if he tried to answer Akihiko's question, he'd say something wrong again. Even after what had happened the previous night, Misaki was still stressed. It made him feel guilty, because he knew that his lover had tried so hard to make him feel better.

"Misaki, talk to me," Akihiko ordered, feeling more and more annoyed by the brunet's evasive behavior, but Misaki still refused to say something. He was running out of patience and walked over to his younger lover, who was just about to sit down, and wrapped an arm around his slender waist. The boy struggled a little, but he couldn't break free. Akihiko cupped his face with his right hand and forced Misaki to look directly into his eyes. "Are you still worried about work?" he asked, his voice sweet and caring.

A soft red color covered Misaki's apple cheeks as he listened to the sound of Akihiko's deep voice. That man always seemed to cast a spell on him that would leave him completely breathless and captivated. He was frozen in place, only staring back into lovely orbs of amethyst as he felt the hotness of his lover's breath tickle his own heated face.

Akihiko couldn't help but smile as he studied the adorable expression that Misaki was wearing and kissed the brunet's lips gently and lovingly, applying just enough pressure to leave them both with a fluttery feeling in their chests. Faint sadness struck him when he felt a pair of small hands push against his strong chest, trying to move him backwards. Although he didn't want to let go, Akihiko decided to comply with his lover's wishes and released Misaki, breaking the feather light kiss.

"Usagi-san, I don't have time for this," Misaki finally spoke, earning a look of disappointment from the older man, "I have to go to work today and I want to take a bath before I leave." He sat down and started eating his breakfast while Akihiko slowly walked over to the other side of the table to take a seat. It was heartbreaking to see his beloved author like that, but Misaki didn't really have a choice. He tried to ignore the intense stare he received from Akihiko, but it felt like it pierced his soul.

It only took a few minutes for Misaki to finish his food and he quickly cleared his side of the table to start washing the dishes. He had to hurry or he would be late for work, and he didn't want his superiors to scold him again. The hot water started running and the brunet squeezed a bottle of dish soap, allowing the light pink liquid to escape through the small opening. He grabbed a sponge and cleaned the dishware hurriedly yet thoroughly.

"Are you almost done, Usagi-" The young man blinked in surprise as he noticed that Akihiko was no longer in the living room. 'Where did he go?' Misaki wondered as he collected the dirty dishes from the dining table. He shrugged and went back to washing the dishes and drying them off with a dishcloth.

"Misaki." The sudden sound of Akihiko's voice made Misaki jump a little. 'Why does he always scare me like that?' he thought, a little irritated by his own jumpiness. He looked up to see Akihiko standing on the stairs.

"W-what is it?"

"I've prepared a bath for you," Akihiko replied while he slowly made his descent.

Misaki's face flushed again. "T-thank you," he stuttered cutely, then walked over to the stairs. His lover followed him to the bathroom. Misaki opened the door and turned his head to look at the author. "Why are you following me?" he asked, only receiving a pointing finger in reply. He studied the bathroom and noticed the short red and white candles around the bathtub and on the sink.

Akihiko chuckled as he witnessed the sweet expressions on the younger one's face.

"Seriously, how many candles do you have?!" Misaki asked while trying to act angry, but failing miserably at this as his body betrayed him. His eyes hovered over the room until they found the oversized bathtub and the brunet noticed something floating in the water. Since it was too dark for him to see it clearly, he carefully moved closer until he was at the edge of the tub. His eyes narrowed as he tried to identify the small shapes in the colorless fluid. They were red, the color of love, and their shapes were gentle and graceful.

"These are… rose petals…" Misaki spoke softly, still gazing upon the soft-looking pieces of his favorite kind of flower. He didn't even notice that Akihiko slowly approached him and started taking off his own purple sweater, but when the sound of a zipper reached his ears, the adolescent swiftly turned around. His face became as red as the rose petals as he saw his half-naked lover, but he realized that Akihiko simply wanted to bathe with him. Small hands found their way to the rim of his green hoodie and he slowly pulled the fabric over his head.

A large cold hand softly caressed Misaki's silky back, making the brunet shiver. He emitted a soft moan when warm lips placed a tender wet kiss on his shoulder. Akihiko rarely kissed his shoulders and when he did it was a sign of pure affection and honest love. He only kissed that spot at the moment of great passion, or when a moment like that was about to come. Misaki bit his lip at that thought and started undoing his jeans, allowing them to fall down onto the fluffy black carpet.

"Do you want to check the water's temperature?" Akihiko asked while he finally managed to take his hands off of his young lover. He smiled when Misaki put a few fingers into the tub and then stripped, taking off his boxers and socks and putting them on a pile in an empty corner of the bathroom. His lavender eyes studied the young man as he took off his remaining clothes. Misaki looked as beautiful as ever, his skin flawless and mildly tanned. The only imperfections were the small marks that the author had left behind, but they did not damage the brunet's beauty in the slightest.

Misaki could feel that Akihiko was staring at him and shyly wrapped his arms around his torso, but it only made Akihiko's heart beat faster. The silver haired man lifted him up bridal style, stepped into the bath and slowly lowered Misaki into the warm water. A few rose petals gently touched Misaki's delicate skin, tickling his sensitive nerves.

"You still haven't answered my question," Akihiko stated, causing his lover to look up at him, "What's bothering you? Are you stressed because of work?"

"…Yes," Misaki replied after a long silence, "I'm sorry Usagi-san. I know that yesterday you tried really hard to make me relax, but somehow it didn't really help. I don't think that there's anything that will make me feel better at this moment." His doe green eyes wore a sad look, one that made Akihiko's heart ache. He really wanted to make Misaki's worries disappear, but the brunet was too focused on his work to feel at ease.

"It pains me to see you like this."

"I'm sorry. I really don't want to bother you with this," Misaki said, his voice laced with sadness and guilt.

Akihiko couldn't take it anymore. He didn't want to see his lover in such a depressed state and moved closer to him, caressing Misaki's cheeks with his thumbs. "It's not your fault Misaki and you're not bothering me with anything. You've never been a bother to me. If anything, I want you to cause me some more trouble instead of keeping everything to yourself." He smiled gently when a pair of innocent emerald orbs stared at him.

"Thank you, Usagi-san."

Akihiko's eyes widened as that beautiful sweet smile tainted the other's lips again. He almost felt himself blushing at the mere purity and cuteness of his lover and slowly pulled Misaki's face closer to kiss those lush pink lips. When their lips were barely brushing against one another, the novelist whispered a sweet 'I love you' before pressing his mouth onto Misaki's.

Misaki closed his eyes as the sensation of Akihiko kissing him took over him. He always wondered how his lover's lips could be so soft while the rest of his body seemed so strong, but those thoughts left his mind when a hot tongue found its way inside the brunet's cavern. Misaki's hands ran over the man's broad back, drawing a soft moan from his handsome author.

Unusually warm hands travelled down Misaki's sides and started stroking his thighs. All the while, their tongues gently played with each other, exploring familiar mouths while hands explored frames. Misaki shivered and emitted hot muffled moans and gasps as he felt himself harden. Akihiko's hands always seemed to make him more sensitive, no matter where they touched him.

"Mmnnn…" Misaki moaned softly as he arched his back, his body rubbing against Akihiko's with a delicious friction. They both gasped as their members touched and the oldest pulled back from the kiss, biting Misaki's lower lip gently before staring at that lovely face. He was just about to speak when a cell phone started ringing.

"Shit!" Misaki cursed, "I'm going to be late for work." He bent over to reach his phone, but Akihiko grabbed it before he could and simply turned the device off before throwing it back onto the carpet. "Usagi-san, give me my phone! It's probably something important."

"No it isn't," Akihiko replied coldly and looked at his lover again. He pulled the boy onto his lap and wrapped his arms around him. "Don't think about work and just enjoy the bath," he whispered into Misaki's ear in a sultry voice, earning a shiver from the young man. His mouth moved to Misaki's collarbone and kissed it, trailing all the way down until it met the warm water.

Even if he had wanted to, Misaki simply couldn't protest as his lover pleasured him so sweetly, and he could only gasp as Akihiko licked one of his already hard nipples, teasing it with the hotness of his strong tongue. A small rose petal stuck to his skin, but Misaki felt nothing of it. His hands tangled in the silver locks in front of him as a warm mouth imprisoned the other nub and sucked on it.

"Aaahhhh… Oh, Usagi…san," he panted as sweet moans escaped from his moist lips and Akihiko growled in satisfaction upon hearing his lover's cute voice. He released the reddened bud and looked at Misaki with love-filled eyes. The brunet's face was still red, but this time from arousal and pleasure rather than embarrassment.

"I love you, Misaki," Akihiko said lovingly before planting a short kiss on Misaki's lips. His hands moved down until they found two soft globes and squeezed them gently.

"Haa- I-I love you too," Misaki breathed, unable to speak properly as his body writhed and trembled in pleasure. His eyes closed again when Akihiko started massaging his small round ass and he mewled cutely, laying his head on his lover's broad shoulder.

Akihiko smiled as he saw the other's state and poked a finger at Misaki's small entrance, earning a soft gasp from the young man. His teeth grazed a soft ear before biting down very gently. He emitted a rather loud moan as Misaki's hands ran over his arms and down his back.

"Mmm… Misaki…" The brunet could only blush as Akihiko moaned his name so blissfully. His body jerked a little when his lover suddenly lifted him up and placed him onto the edge of the tub, one hand behind his back to support him while the other took hold of his hardness. Misaki watched carefully as Akihiko licked the tip of his erection and gasped at the hotness of that soft muscle. The tongue ran over his shaft, all the way down to the base, and circled around his balls for a few moments. Misaki's right hand grabbed the edge of the bathtub while the other rested on Akihiko's head.

"Ahnn," the brunet moaned as Akihiko lapped up the pre-cum around the slit. With half-closed eyes, he stared into nothingness, only feeling the sensations of that hot familiar mouth that engulfed his manhood. He didn't notice Akihiko staring at him and watching his expression very closely while he sucked the boy off. Green orbs were wet and watery from the pleasure Misaki felt, portraying his sensitivity even after years of intimacies with the novelist.

The hotness of Akihiko's mouth aroused Misaki's member and soon it was fully erected, twitching happily as soft lips and a strong tongue massaged it whole-heartedly. The hand in Akihiko's hair balled into a fist and softly tugged his shining strands of silver as he deep throated his lover. He loved the taste of Misaki's juices on his tongue; it was a most pleasurable taste that aroused his taste buds. Misaki tasted salty and sweet at the same time, his semen even saltier.

"U-Usagi-san… ahhh…"

Akihiko hummed around the younger one's erection, creating vibrations in his mouth that left Misaki moaning breathlessly. The brunet's voice was high-pitched and dreamy, which provoked Akihiko even more. He wished that he could keep Misaki home and make love to him every day. He wanted to give him so much love and pleasure that the boy wouldn't even think of leaving the condo ever again.

"Oh~ I'm going to-" Misaki moaned loudly as the mouth around his cock moved faster, sucking him harder. He had to shut his eyes as the pleasure became too much for him and his lips parted, allowing loud wanton moans and pants to break free. 'I love him - oh God, I love him,' Misaki thought as he felt himself burst, his hot seed filling Akihiko's cavern. His body went limp and the author quickly pulled Misaki back into the tub, embracing him lovingly while swallowing the delicious stickiness in his mouth.

"How do you feel?" he asked, running a hand through the soft chocolate locks. He smiled as Misaki's face lit up and soon saw the happiness in the younger one's beautiful eyes. "Did you enjoy that?" Of course he already knew the answer to that, but the way Misaki reacted was simply too adorable.

Misaki nodded shyly and placed a soft kiss on Akihiko's lips, faintly tasting his own cum. He couldn't care less about his own stupid pride and his stupid work; all he wanted was to stay with Akihiko. He hugged the author and stared at a flickering flame of a red candle. It was weird how something so simple could have such a strong influence on the both of them.

A long slender finger pushed its way past Misaki's tight walls, eliciting a soft longing moan. Akihiko chuckled as he heard his lover's pleased sounds and soon added two more fingers, that were instantly swallowed by the muscles around the younger one's entrance. There was no sign of pain as Akihiko started moving the digits in and out of Misaki's tightness. His fingers stretched the small hole, although the man didn't think his lover even needed the preparation.

"Ngh... Ah!" Misaki moaned loudly as the fingers stabbed his sweet spot and he pulled back to look into Akihiko's amethyst eyes. He could easily see the want and love that decorated his orbs and gently pulled him closer, pressing their upper bodies together. A gasp escaped him when he felt the burning heat radiating from Akihiko's strong body.

Akihiko took Misaki's bold action as an invitation and removed the digits, replacing them with his large manhood. He studied his lover's face to make sure that Misaki was okay with it and then penetrated the small body. His hands moved to the slender hips, allowing him to pull the brunet down a little, and he pressed Misaki's hot body against the side of the tub. He listened to the other's sounds of pleasure as he buried himself into the tightness.

Once he was all the way in, he started to move incredibly slow while looking at the brunet's beautiful face. The adolescent moaned breathlessly, even though Akihiko was being extremely gentle with him.

"Mmmm…" Misaki never knew that he could be so sensitive. It felt as if Akihiko was making love to him for the very first time and Misaki loved it. He looked at his beloved one through his teary emerald eyes and wrapped his arms around Akihiko's neck, pulling him even closer until their bodies were rubbing against one another. His manhood was trapped in between and fully stimulated by the frictions.

Lavender eyes gazed lovingly upon the beautiful boy in front of them. Akihiko was simply enchanted by Misaki's cuteness and his love for the brunet.

"I love you," the author whispered and groaned as the walls milked his member. He could smell the scent of roses mixed with Misaki's own scent and closed his eyes, allowing himself to fully concentrate on his surroundings.

"Aaahhhh!" Misaki's moans caused Akihiko to open his eyes again. He leaned forward and licked the younger one's neck, drawing a harmony of lovely sounds from his lover. His grip tightened as he started thrusting deeper into Misaki's brilliant tightness. Their bodies were clammy from water and sweat, keeping them together while Akihiko moved in and out of the love of his life.

Misaki's lips were glossy and parted, making the brunet look irresistible, and Akihiko captured those lips in a long loving kiss. The other could only cling on to him as the author skillfully made love with his mouth, sucking on Misaki's plump lips and dancing with his softer tongue.

The water was slowly cooling down, but both Akihiko and Misaki felt as though they were on fire, too enthralled by each other to even care about anything else.

"Mmnn," Misaki moaned into his lover's mouth as the hardness inside him filled him up completely, constantly brushing against that sweet spot that made him shiver in pure ecstasy. He broke the kiss as he started to run out of breath and gazed lovingly at Akihiko, whose eyes wore the exact same look. They didn't break eye contact as Akihiko picked up the pace and Misaki mewled as the tip of his erection dipped into his lover's belly button.

"It feels… so good," Akihiko groaned blissfully and Misaki stared at him in utter amazement. Never before had the author been so vocal during sex, but Misaki couldn't complain. If anything, it was arousing him even more, bringing him closer to the edge.

"Ha- Usagi-san!" he moaned, his own voice overpowering Akihiko's. The man replied by moving faster and sucking on a hard nipple that was begging for his attention. "Ahh!" Misaki couldn't speak as his climax took over him and his body shuddered as he came, his salty semen covering their upper bodies.

"Oh Misaki." Muscles tightened around Akihiko's crying cock and he came deep inside of Misaki, pulling him into a tight embrace as his creamy juice filled the brunet's inside. He put his hands against the side of the tub and pushed himself back to give his younger lover some more space.

For a few minutes, the two could only stare at each other, completely drowned in their love and satisfaction.

"So," Akihiko finally said, caressing Misaki's hot cheek, "Isn't it about time for you to go to your work?"

Misaki smiled at him, then laughed breathlessly. "I think I'll just skip it today."

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