Suckish little oneshot idea that came to me after watching a fanmade video about Klaine and 'The Scientist'... An Idea that came into my head that seemed better than revising for a History GCSE Exam -.-

At 9pm on a Sunday, Blaine entered his own room back in Ohio, dragging his suitcase behind him.

At 9:15pm His iPhone made a noise indicating he had an e-mail.

At 9:20pm he actually bothered to read it.


After you left, I put a camera in Kurt's 'room' (Don't ask why) and waited an hour or so before I went to talk to him… about you… With this email is the footage, unedited. I figure you might want to see what happened in the wake of what you had done. (Yes, he did eventually tell me).

Rachel x

At 9:30pm Blaine finally gathered the courage to open the attachment and watch the video.

Kurt's bed came into view and a figure quickly crossed the camera's lens and threw themself down onto the covers, sobbing loudly.

Blaine knew those sobs…

Rachel's voice drifted through his speakers, low and soothing. "Kurt?"
The figure on the bed shifted up slightly and replied with a croaky "Yeah?"

Kurt had been crying… and no wonder really…

Rachel moved into view and sat on the edge of the bed facing Kurt.
"Is there anything I can do?"
Rachel reached out a hand and placed it on Kurt's upper right arm,
"Unless you can grant wishes, I highly doubt it Rachel…"
Kurt turned from Rachel, facing the window again.
Kurt shifted again,refacing Rachel and the camera, bringing his face into sharper relief on the screen. Tear tracks stood out against his pale cheeks, shimmering in the low light. He brought a hand up and rubbed at his nose, sniffing loudly.

"I Wish… I wish that I was still a senior. I wish that I was still at McKinley, that I had never met Chandler, that we had never heard about NYADA… That Blaine still loved me…"
Kurt's lower lip wobbled for a moment before he burst into tears again, launching himself at Rachel, who wrapped her arms around him and squeezed gently

The screen faded and turned to black, leaving Blaine looking at a reflection of himself, wide eyed and crying.

What had he done?

"You don't think that I've been lonely!? You don't think that I've had temptations? But I didn't act on it because I knew what it meant. It meant something... horrible and awful!"

So there's one crappy oneshot down -.- other chapters to things are being written I PROMISE. I am doing my GCSE's... so forgive the writers block and the time taken to actually post something decent...

AK x