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Fionna stretched and looked out into the vast green pastures outside her tree housed home. It was a gloomy day and she couldn't tell how long she had slept in but she figured around noon or so. She had spent the previous night fighting why wolves and saving a small play housed kingdom from their rampage. She was sore; her back ached from the attack she received in her battle with those pesky scavengers.

She hissed a little at the pain but decided to ignore it for now. She had work to do around the tree fort, and she wasn't going to slack off just because of a little injury. Her first objective was to patch up a corroded piece of plank on the roof. She opened her dresser drawer and that held all of her tools and gadgets and set off with her hammer and nails.

"Good mornin sugar." It was Cake who spooked Fionna from her day dreaming. "Oh, hey Cake, sleep well?" The frizzed cat nodded as she flipped a pancake unto the air. "Yeah, had a strange dream though, it was about Mono, talk about a fine piece of tail." She sighed and Fionna rolled her eyes. "Oh brother." Cake glared and pointed her spatula at the young adventuress. "You just wait and see puddin. One day you'll get the fur tactic dreams and know exactly where I'm commin from." Fionna chuckled and patted the older cat on the head. "Right, when candy people fly Cake." Cake huffed and continued making breakfast.

"Where are you goin with that hammer anyways?" Cake was now setting the table while Fionna looked for a plank to patch the roof with. "Oh, just going to mend something's today, if I don't I'll get poo brain and totes forget." Cake nodded and sat the stack of delicious blueberry pancakes on the table. "Wanna eat sugar? Gotta keep your strength up." Fionna dropped the hammer and sack of nails on the floor and joined Cake.

"You know, I think it's gonna rain." Fionna stuffed her mouth with a large forkful of pancake. "Really?" She said over the mound of food that was trying to chew. "I can feel in it the air. Look at my tail!" Fionna glanced down at the now frizzed and poofed tail. "Yeah, I'll go and head on up then, don't wanna get caught in a knife storm." Cake slowly chewed on her food and nodded. "Can't have my baby all cut up before the big ball this evenin!" Fionna rolled her eyes and fortunately Cake didn't notice.

Balls. They were the one thing Fionna dreaded, other than the ocean of course. She couldn't dance nor walk in heels or even wear a dress without becoming the most awkward person in the room. She had her first experience with them seven years ago as a thirteen year old that was flatter than a board and as short as a tree stump. Prince Gumball had invited her, as a token of his appreciation, for when she had saved him for the first time from the despicable Ice Queen.

Back then she was naive and too wishful in her thinking. Her, being that young and saving a much older Prince, whom she had a crush on since that fateful rescue, and then realizing that, at the age of sixteen, he had found a bride to be, and married Princess Lollypop from the sugar kingdom. Fionna sneered. What did he see in that sugar coated sleez anyways? She was thinner than a pole and her eyes were large and way too big for her completely round head. She always wore the same dress at all times, at least, whenever Fionna saw her that is, and Fionna never really saw her all that much. Her fingers were thinner then sheets of paper and her smile was haunting and left her feeling uneasy, but she was a princess, and the rules in the book of Aaa clearly stated that royalty had to be married to royalty by law of the candy kingdom.

It broke her heart as she sat in the middle row among all of the candy people as they said their vows in front of them and exchanged rings at the altar. She could still feel her heart guts being tugged at the seams as she remembered their intimate kiss that lasted longer than she expected and the way it made her feel like a pile of sludge at the bottom of her blue flats.

"What are you doing up here?" It was Marshall Lee. He hovered above her head as she attempted to align the board over the small hole. "Just fixing up some stuff around the treedome." He nodded and watched her, interested at her technique. "Um, Fi, no offence or anything, but it'd probably be easier if you nailed one side down first before trying to hold it up. You'll smash your fingers if you don't." Fionna grunted as Marshall sat down beside her.

"You okay?" She stilled for a moment and placed the nail in the corner and hammered it down before looking over at him. "Yeah, why?" He shrugged and looked up at the darkening sky. "Well, it's going to pour down knives at any moment and you're taking your sweet ass time hammering that board." She huffed and turned back to her objective. "I've been over at the apple tree now for ten minutes and caught sight of you. You've been up here for like twenty minutes, you didn't even move half the time. You got poo brain or something?"

Fionna growled, frustrated at his constant questions. "No, I don't have poo brain or anything I'm just thinking is all, is that okay?" He inched back a little, surprised at her sudden outburst. "Whoa, chill Fi, I was just worried is all. If you say nothing's wrong, I believe you." He smiled and her anger evaporated into thin air. She felt tired again, more so than when she had woken up. "Wanna go back to my place and watch a movie or something? I've got colored TV." He seemed so easy going, like he didn't have a care in the world but Fionna knew better. Being alive for a thousand or so years, he had to have had some persistent problems that she wasn't aware of.

"Sure, just let me nail the rest of this board down and I'll join you." He began to float a few inches above the ground and stuck his tongue out at her like a child. "I'll pop inside and warn Cake that you'll be busy for the rest of the afternoon." Fionna waved her hand and sighed as the vampire king disappeared through her window.

Marshall Lee was a mystery to her. He always showed up unexpectedly and said things that confused her. He would apologize when he made a reference about the old world but she found it interesting to hear him talk about it. Pre-mushroom war era fascinated her. Without thinking she clutched the sliver pendent around her neck, the shape of an oval and engraved with her name. This was the only thing she had of her parents. The last physical evidence that she was actually born to a human and not a cat like Cake.

"Finished yet?" She jumped and almost fell from the roof but Marshall had caught her. "Jeez Fionna, relax, it's just me. Why are you so tensed up anyway?" She closed her eyes and then looked up at the young man who was still holding her in his arms. "I've just been thinking a lot lately, I need to stop doing it so often." He smirked and picked her up. This was nothing unusual. He normally carried her to his lair in one of Aaa's finest caves.

She felt the wind rush past her, taking the air right out of her lungs. She gulped and he slowed down. He wasn't used to having a human in his arms and often forgot they needed to breathe. "Sorry, Fi, my bad." She gasped and loosened the rabbit hat around her head. "It's fine Marshall, just take it easy with the whole flying at the speed of light thing." She smiled and he couldn't help but chuckle in response. "Will do; now hold on tight, we're going to do that thing you like." Her smile widened as he quickly dropped from the sky. He knew she loved this, the thrill of falling and knowing that she would land safely.

Her arms tightened around his neck as he braced for impact with the ground. He always stopped an inch or two before actually hitting the forest floor but she still had the instinct to hold on for dear life. He smirked and stole a quick sniff of her hair. The smell of almonds and honey filled his nostrils, he greedily sniffed again. He loved her scent, it was intoxicating the way it filled his senses and caused total overload of his mind.

They crashed towards the forest floor, Fionna atop the vampire king as he moaned from pain. "Damn, sorry, lost in thought." Her laughter broke out and become infectious as he began to laugh as well. "That's why I held on so tight, I had a feeling you'd forget." He raised a thin black eyebrow and she rolled her eyes. "I know you sniff my hair when we drop." His eyes grew wide and she smirked at how she caught him red handed. "I use extra vanilla and honey in my shampoo you know." He seemed lost for words, his mouth hung open, trying to form words so he could defend himself.

"I've never seen you so quiet Marshy." Her eyes peered at him before sauntering in towards the cave entrance. She was teasing him, and it drove him mad. "I was not sniffing you Fionna!" He yelled, his words obviously falling on deaf ears for there was no reply.

She had never entered his cave alone. It was dark and damp and smelled of well water. She hated the darkness and all that could loom in its shadows. "Boo!" She screamed and lost her balance, her body plummeting towards the jagged rocks below. "Whoa, hold on." He swooped down and caught her, the darkness making it impossible to see. "Marshall I will kick your buns!" He heard her hiss which only caused him to grin in reply, though she couldn't see it, it was dark after all.

"I saved your life, you should be thanking me." He felt her squirm in his grasp and then heard her mumbles. "What was that Fi?" He leaned a little closer and smiled as she said it once more. "You're such a globing butt munch." He laughed at her use of colorful words. She was innocent, something that was very hard to find in a land of Aaa, with all its monsters and demons.

"Tell me, Fionna." He started off, his voice only a whisper but she could hear it loud and clear. "Why are you scared of the dark?" He couldn't see her face but he didn't need to, to know she was uncomfortable. "When I was little, before Cake's parents ever found me, right after the mushroom war, I was left alone, in the darkness." He saw the small flicker of light coming from his humble home. "I was left there with no one and I was so vulnerable and exposed." He could feel her shiver as though she were reliving the past.

"I was so scared and frightened I guess it's why I hate being alone in it so much." He felt his arms embrace her a little tighter and her arms wrap around his neck. He would be lying if he said he didn't love holding her in his arms. It seemed so natural, like that was where she was supposed to be, but he would never say that out loud. Not the vampire king, feared creature of the night and immortal god of the nightosphere.

"Marshall?" Her voice snapped him out of his thoughts. They had floated a little off course and she could see the quaint little humble abode below them. "Oh yeah, thoughts again, annoying aren't they?" He could see her smile now and they landed safely on the mossy rock that stood as a base for his oddly placed red paneled home.

"So what did Cake say when you told her that I'd be staying over at your place for a while?" He smirked and closed his eyes, his hand opening the door for her. "Oh I didn't say anything to her." Fionna growled and swiveled quickly on her petite feet. "You didn't say anything at all? Now she'll be worried sick!" Marshall grinned cheekily. "I'm just teasing bunny, I left her a note on the table, where she'd see it." He felt her glare soften. "Fine, but you should have just told her, I don't like it when she worries about me and junk."

"Wait, bunny?" She glared again, this time a little harder. "What, it's cute and it fits you rather well." He saw the blush creep into her cheeks, the way her eyes bulged a little and how her stance became less defensive and more slack. "Really?" He smirked and shook his head. "Don't over think it Fi; it was just a compliment, nothing more." She felt her heart slow as she realized he was probably right. There was no way a vampire king would find her to be more than a friend, let alone a love interest.

"Yeah, sorry not used to it I guess. Sorry dude." She playfully punched his shoulder and he laughed, ruffing up her rabbit hat. "Why don't you take that thing off, you look better without it?" She blinked and reached up to touch the warn out cream colored fabric. She had worn this since she was first discovered by Cakes parents. It was a reminder that she was wanted here, and this was a gift from this new world that she cherished. Though, she knew that it was getting older now and the hat was just a constant reminder of her youth. She wasn't a little girl anymore and for the first step into this adult role she slipped the bunny eared hat off her head.

Marshall held a breath as her golden blonde hair cascaded down her back. The blush crept back into her peachy cheeks. He hadn't seen her hair since last year when the candy kingdom held a formal ball at Gumballs palace. She wore an amazingly crafted blue ball gown that hugged her feminine curves in all the right places. It was the first time he noticed Fionna as a woman and not just as an adventurer.

"Does it look terrible? I haven't really cut it since last year so it's kind of long and stringy." She ran her petite fingers through the thick strands of hair. "It's beautiful Fi." The blush intensified and she could have sworn her cheeks were on fire. "Thanks, hey so what movie should we watch?" She disregarded the stiff sofa and decided to curl up with one of Marshall's pillows while on the floor. "Hey, uh would you wanna just sit in my lap, I mean, I can hover and it's probably way more comfortable than the hard floor." She didn't speak for a moment, the blush still evident on her face. "It was just a suggestion." He shrugged and floated a foot away from her.

Without warning she had crawled into his lap and looked up at the gray skinned vampire. "Thanks, it is a little more comfortable. No offence but your furniture sucks." He wanted to say his bed was much cozier but stopped himself. She wouldn't want a guy like him. She loved Gumball, the goody two shoes who loved to read and research and be proper and gentlemanly. Not Him. He was opinionated and arrogant and sometimes very rude, though usually not on purpose. Why would she want to date a guy like him?

"So, what about demon slayer? I heard there's a pretty gory scene with a few goblins that battle banshees." He looked down to gage her reaction and saw that her eyes were half lidded and a yawn was escaping through her rosy lips. "That sounds good, the gorier the better." There was a hint of tiredness in her whisper as she rested her head on his shoulder. "Alright, demon slayer it is." He smirked as he grabbed for the remote only to have her grumble at the shift in her position.

"Stop moving you're taking away the comfy!" She mumbled and he had to suppress a chuckle that threatened to burst from his chest. "Alright, alright, calm yourself Fi, I won't move anymore. " He ran his fingers through her hair. The softness of the wavy locks surprised him and he couldn't stop stroking as she drifted off to sleep.

The movie was ending and she was tucked, protectively, underneath his arm. His hand had stopped his assault on her hair a little while ago but occasionally he would tuck a stray piece of her honey blonde hair behind her ear. He smiled when she would pat his hand away and then wiggle around for another comfy spot.

The static of the television signaled that the movie had ended and that it needed to either be turned off, or rewound. He sighed and listened to the white noise as it filled the air. His eyes felt heavy and he closed them for only a moment and found that he couldn't open them again. He rationed that a nap wouldn't do any harm and glided, blindly, towards his room, Fionna still snuggled into his warmth.

He hovered above the bed and deposited Fionna on the silk sheets before yawning and slowly sinking down to join her. She had started to whimper and aimlessly reach out for comfort and warmth. He had to chuckle lowly at this. He scooped her back up into his arms and kissed her forehead, her body steadying and then finally relaxing in his arms.

Numerous poundings on the door woke him from his blissful slumber. Who would be banging his door at this time of night? He glanced over at his alarm clock and stretched, noticing Fionna still wrapped up in the silken sheets, he smiled to himself and then heard the persistent knock again. If they didn't cut it out they'd wake her, and then there would be bloodshed. He was a vampire after all.

With a little momentum he floated down his wooden ladder and peeked through the peep hole. All he saw was an odd shade of pink. He rolled his eyes and hissed. It had to be that asshole. He opened the door just as Gumball was about to knock again, his fist raised a little over his reddish pink hair. "What do you want, Gum-wad?" Gumball sneered and brushed off some invisible dust from his red vest. "Is Fionna with you, vampire?" His words were heated and he could taste the malice in his voice.

"What if she is? What's it to you?" Marshall hissed, his eyes becoming red with anger. Was Gumball jealous of him? He smirked inwardly and then crossed his arms, his eyes becoming blackish blue. "Listen you blood sucking creep, if you touch one hair on her head..." Marshall interjected his smirk now visible. "Oh, I've touched many, in fact last night I touched them all."

Gumball growled and stomped his leather booted foot. "What do you mean touched them all?" Marshall was starting to enjoy this little enticing game with the candy king. "Why would you care King candy-fag? You're married; don't you have babies to produce with your stick wife or something?" He tried to say this with anger but it came out as a taunting laugh. "Why you!" Gumball lunged at Marshall, in which he easily side stepped, making Gumball fall into the house.

Marshall could hear the candy king stumble and then crash onto the hard wood floor. The noise would surely wake Fionna if he didn't quiet the conversation down. "Listen, Fi is asleep, if you don't calm your ass down so help me by the lords of the nightosphere I will rip your throat out and throw it at you." Gumball stood with a little discomfort. He rubbed his shoulder and hissed. "You slept with her?" His voice was a seething whisper but at least he was trying to contain his anger for her sake.

"Depends. I technically slept with her, yes, but not in the way you bed with your wife!" Marshall put emphasis on the word 'wife' and picked Gumball up by the collar of his red shirt. The candy prince had changed quite a bit during his married years. His hair was no longer bright neon pink and his clothing was not anything vibrant or bold. Instead his hair had changed, with age, Marshall supposed, to a reddish brown and his skin took on more of a peachiness to it. It was strange to see him look so human yet still have the hairdo of cotton candy.

"Why don't I pass on a message to Fionna when she wakes up?" He dropped the Gumball king outside his door and waited for his reply. "I wanted to tell her she's needed at the Lollypop kingdom. My wife told me that there are rumors of a beastly why wolves that is terrorizing the outskirts of the village. Pass that on won't you. Also..." He stared hard at Marshall as the vampire king looked bored and yet somehow frustrated. "Also, tell her I'd like to see her after she completes her investigation at the castle." Marshall slammed the door in Gumball's face and sighed.

"What a globing idiot he is." Marshall rubbed his face and floated up through the hole in the ceiling that connected the top floor to the bottom. "Who was that?" He heard her soft voice and knew she had just woken up. "It was Gum-wad; he said he has an investigation for you, if you're up for it." Gumball never mentioned that she had a choice but Marshall thought it only fair that she could decline if she really wanted to.

"What kind of investigation is it?" She was sitting up now and the sun was starting to rise, he could see the peaks of light in the sky through his open window. "He wants you to go to the lollypop kingdom and talk to the people there about some why wolves." Marshall floated over towards the window and lowered the curtains and yawned. He had slept rather well last night, in fact it was probably the best slumber he had in ages, but it was short lived when a certain red headed freak decided to bang down his door.

"Oh, lollypop kingdom?" Her voice was stronger and louder now, signaling the tiredness had already left her. "Yeah, it's about an hour by foot headed east. I've been there once for their cherry festival." Marshall hovered above the bed and then lowered himself next to her. "Did you want to go?" She shrugged and stretched her arms above her head, much like he had done just a few moments prior. "I guess so. I'll call Cake and see if she wants to adventure with me today." Marshall nodded and closed his eyes, his hands placed behind his head and he listened to Fionna's conversation with the feline.

"You don't have to come Cake, I was just asking." There was some muffled voice on the other line and then silence. "Well, it's alright, you go hang out with Monochromicorn and I'll just see what's the haps in Lollypop kingdom." More muffled voices and Marshall cracked open one eye to stare at the young woman who held the small radio like device in her hands. "I'll be sure to call as soon as I get home, you go and enjoy your time, I'll see you soon." There was a click and then a sigh.

"Looks like I'm headed there alone. No biggy." She shrugged and looked over at the silent young man. "Mind if I freshen up in your bathroom?" He smirked and opened both eyes to answer. "I wouldn't mind at all, as long as you leave the door open." He winked and the blush came back tenfold.

The bathroom was an extension right off of the bedroom. It was small but was suitable for basic needs. She looked at herself through the slightly cracked mirror. Her hair was a mess. She looked around the room and found a small black comb that looked as though it had never been used. 'Don't think he'll mind.' She thought to herself and began taming the long strands of golden hair. She splashed cold water on her face and looked over at the standing shower. There was no tub, which annoyed her.

She had taken a shower last night and so she justified with herself that she didn't really need one today. "Fi, it's raining out." She groaned and opened the door to look at him. "What?" He pointed to the window and grimaced. "Raining knives." She tossed her hands in the air, frustrated at the constant rain storm that kept popping up everywhere.

"If Gumball asked me to go, it has to be important." She mumbled mostly to herself but Marshall Lee, with his impeccable hearing, caught every word. "You can't jeopardize your life just to go looking for something that might not even be true. That's insane Fi." He leaned up on his elbows and then looked back at the covered window. "If you're going to go, because I know how stubborn you are, at least let me come with you." She thought it over for a moment and sighed. Her back was starting to ache again and she really wasn't in the mood to argue with her the hard headed friend.

She never gave an answer but her body language said it all. She uncrossed her arms and rolled her eyes then smiled and tapped her foot. "Well? Are you ready then?" He smirked and grabbed his bladed bass guitar. "Sure, let me grab the metal umbrella, give me a sec." He floated over towards his closet and began tossing out random clothes and metal objects. "Ah, here it is." She looked up from the messy piles on the floor and stared at the shimmering item in his hand. "Mom gave it to me for my eighteenth birthday. Pretty rad isn't it?" She tilted her head to the side and furrowed her eyebrows. "Uh, what is it exactly?" He started laughing and floated over, his bass strapped to his back and the metal umbrella held tightly in his hand. "Come on, I'll show you."

He picked her up and carried her over his shoulder while she mumbled and through a small fit. "Really Marshall, I can walk you know, I'm not some human toy you can pick up anytime you want!" She was seething now, and he found it adorable at how her small fists would try to detach herself from him. "Chill bunny, we're almost outside." With as much reluctance as was humanly possible, she stilled and huffed out a large breath.

He opened the door and floated over towards the caves entrance. "Good thing my bedroom window can see the outside or else I'd never know what the weather was like once I got out here." She nodded in agreement. Even though his home was pretty much in the back of the monstrous cave, safe from the full effect of the sun, he could still see a small sliver of the outside from his bedroom window. He used it mostly to check to see how shaded the day would be and today, it was full shade, due to yet another knife storm.

They approached the mouth of the cavern and she turned around a little to see the shiny pieces of blades falling from the ominous clouds that hung over head. "See, someone would have to be pretty stupid to go out in this." He chuckled when she punched her fist in the air. "Those stupid people are us Marshy! Let's do this!" He laughed harder and ruffled her neatly combed hair. "Hey!" She shouted but it sounded more like a whisper to him due to the incessant falling of the metal blades.

He held the metal umbrella, which was folded up, just as a normal umbrella was, and pressed a shiny black button on the side. It sprung to life, the edges sharp and pointy. It could easily fit three average sized people underneath its protected metal petals. "Ready?" She smiled and nodded with enthusiasm. There first step out was a bit frightening to her but she soon realized that the metal umbrella was well crafted as he hardly shook or moved when the falling sharp knives rained down upon it.

"This thing is great!" He grinned and began floating off towards the lollypop kingdom. It was hard to hear over the clanking of the knives but he tried his best to speak loudly to her. "It'll take about thirty minutes if I float there so hold on tight okay?" She squinted her eyes a little to try to understand him. She watched his gray lips move and the only thing she could make out was float okay. She nodded and relaxed a little under his arm.

He took off at a speed she didn't think he was going to go. She gripped onto his shirt but the initial take off caught her off balance. She fell, and his eyes widened at the sensation of her weight on his body disappearing. "Fi!" He yelled when she fell a few feet towards the ground. She landed with a small 'oof!'And curled up on the chilly grass. She clenched her eyes shut and heard a knife shoot right passed her ear and onto the round beside her. She opened her eyes and quickly stood, pulling out her...wait, weapons! She didn't bring any! Quickly she spun around and saw Marshall coming at full speed towards her, his arm reaching out as another knife landed only a few inches in front of her. "Marshall!" She screamed and felt a stinging sensation on her leg. She was hit. She fell to the ground just as Marshall grabbed her arm and hoisted her up under his umbrella. "Fi! Are you okay?" He looked down at the small blood trail on her left leg. It was a small gash but he could already smell the blood as it caked to her skin.

"Marshall I'm okay, just fly to the Lollypop kingdom and I'll patch myself up then." He growled at her easiness to dismiss her wound. "You need medical attention Fionna." She hated when he used her full name. He had only used it twice before, both times when he was angry with her. "There's medical supplies at the kingdom I don't have anything with me." He sighed and closed his eyes, his hand gripping the metal handle bar of the umbrella tightly. It wasn't long before they made it to the lollypop kingdom. "Is this it?" He closed the umbrella, the knife storm thankfully moving south.

The kingdom was dark and deserted looking. He looked down at Fionna and folded the umbrella until it was pocket sized and placed it in the back pocket of his dark washed jeans. He picked her up, bridal style and carried her, on foot, into the barren kingdom.

"You know, I've never met the lollypop princess." Fionna looked up at Marshall as he spoke. "I came here once a year for maybe the past twelve years and had not once seen her." His footsteps were slow but large. "This place looks like it's been deserted for years though." He nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it's so strange." He glanced down at her leg and noticed the blood was now dried and darkened. He sat her down on a dusty stone bench and ripped a piece of his plaid shirt, the sleeve to be exact, and bandaged her slightly swollen leg. "You didn't have to do that dude." She mumbled, her eyes shifting anywhere but his face.

"If it gets infected, we'll have to abort our mission. You wouldn't want that, would you?" He tied the sleeve tightly around her leg, as to make sure it wouldn't slip off. "No, I wouldn't. Thanks." She smiled and her whole face lit up. He chuckled and shook his head. "Anytime bunny, but lets try to keep the injury toll down today, if you don't mind." She nodded and stood. "Okay, so I guess we should start investigating." They walked together, her limping slightly, and, although he offered many times, she refused to have him carry her anymore. "I'm a big girl now, not a baby." He rolled his eyes at her remark and continued searching through the small huts and brick homes.

"There's no one here." Marshall deadpanned after an hour of vigorous investigation. "It's so weird. This couldn't have happened in one day. This took time. Why would princess Lollypop send us here now? Surely she would have known sooner." Fionna had a bad feeling about this place. "Yeah, seems like one of her subjects would have mentioned this way before it got this bad, unless..." He trailed off looking over at Fionna who was wide eyed and staring straight ahead. "Marshall, I think I know what happened to all of the towns people." Marshall looked up and was at loss for words.

There, standing before them was a massive web containing hundreds of small woven bundles. "Maybe they didn't have time to write to her." Marshall squinted at the varied sizes of silken shells. "They wrapped the people in small cocoons' for what? To eat them?" Fionna gulped and took a step back. She hated spiders. And this definitely screamed spiders. They were disgusting little eight legged freaks that creped her glob out. "Whatever made this web isn't small." Marshall whispered, lost in his own thoughts on the situation. "Isn't small?" She shuddered and slowly inched behind Marshall Lee. "Fi, are you scared of spiders?" There was no hint of a smirk or a smile on his face. "No." Her voice trembled a tiny bit and he could sense the uneasiness in her tone. "It's alright, you've got me. I am the king of darkness after all." He smiled as she felt a tad better, not enough to stop her Goosebumps, but enough to slow her heart down from its fast paced beating.

"Should we try to free them?" Marshall shook his head and looked up at the winding web that stretched over the castle. "Not until we kill the maker of the web." He picked her up and headed towards the drawl bridge. It was open but the sticky white webbing blocked the way. He threw Fionna gently over his shoulder and held her against him with one hand, while the other fished out the umbrella in his back pocket. "Here we go." He pushed the button and it sprung to life. "Watch this." He smirked as he watched him place the metal umbrella in front of him, the top facing the webbing. With a quick double click to the button it began to spin, at first it was slow and then it picked up speed.

He pressed the spinning petals near the web and it cut through as though it were air. "Pretty neat huh?" He asked once they made it through, the umbrella folded back into his pocket as though nothing had happened. "Yeah, neat little gadget." Fionna glanced around the massive castle hallway. There were small webs in the corners and some leading up the staircase. "If we split up, we'll cover more ground." Fionna said softly, the castle was quiet and dark but she could manage. "I don't think that's a good idea." In all honesty, it probably was. They would cover more ground and if she were to find something, she wouldn't be stupid enough to attack it alone, especially without any weapons. He just couldn't stand the thought of losing sight of her or having her possibly get hurt.

"Marshall, you have great senses, you can just sniff me out when you find something and as for me, I'll just yell for you, you have awesome hearing." He seemed uneasy about all of this but she was persistent and wouldn't let up any other way. "Fine, but if you find anything, and I mean anything Fi, don't you touch it, or look at it too long or anything, got it?" She nodded and smiled at him through the hazy shadowed castle light. "I won't Marshy." She leaned up and for a brief moment he was anxious. Was she going to do what he thought she was? He closed his eyes as her arms circled around his neck for a hug. "Be safe, okay?" She whispered in his ear and he opened one tightly clenched eye and then the other. "Yeah, you too."

He watched her ascend the stone steps that spiraled upwards and then she was out of sight. He could still hear her soft padded footsteps and it eased him a little but he knew that soon those footsteps would be too far away to hear. He sighed and ran his fingers through his black slightly spiky hair. He thought she was going to kiss him. How stupid could be be? 'Wishful thinking Marshall.' He said to himself as he floated off into one of the many rooms down the great hall.

He looked around, always keeping his hearing tuned to his surroundings. If she screamed or ran he would hear it, at least he had hoped so. He peered into one of the more large rooms. There were bowls of rotting fruit and what appeared to be dough left to rise but now contained mold and other odd substances. He held his breath and walked further in. This palace had to have been overrun weeks ago. Why would Gumball come to Fionna now about it? Surely his queen, Lollypop, would have mentioned it sooner. He recalled her coming her for a trip of some sort not too long ago. The only reason he knew was because Fionna sulked over it a few days back. That was the day Gumball invited her over for tea and snacks. What an ass. He only hung out with her when his wife was away. Total sleez ball.

If that were true though, and she had come here, then she would have seen this and known for sure that something was going on. Why send Fionna to investigate by herself? He noticed something shiny and very out of place. He moved closer and placed his feet on the ground. "Is that a disc?" He tilted his head, rather confused. He had not seen these things since before the great mushroom war. "Interesting." He picked up the rather new looking compact disc. "I'll keep this for now." He said to himself and floated back towards the double doors.

Fionna could smell something acidic and it burned her throat upon breathing. She tried to hold her breath but it only caused her to cough whenever she needed air. She pushed through a door and was surprised to find the main chamber. The bed was large and round and the windows surrounding brought it ample light, if it wasn't so dark out that is. Her footsteps echoed in the large bedroom, making her mindful her of footing. "Gotta be quiet, right." She mumbled to herself, determined to have the element of surprise if needed, against an enemy.

Her fingertips ran along the wall, feeling the cold wallpaper as it started to peel from its binding. "How long has it been since this place was an actual kingdom." She said softly, her eyes finding something very out of place. In the middle of the bed was a music box. It was a strange octagon shape and it looked old and dirty. She came closer, reaching for the small trinket.

Marshall sighed. He had checked every single room in the great hall and only found the compact disc that was now resting in his other back pocket. 'I'll go find Fionna and see if she's found anything useful.' He thought and proceeded to float up the steps. It was then he heard it. It was faint at first, but it became louder as he approached the top of the steps. It was a music box. The melody was familiar but he couldn't place his finger on it. He listened carefully, trying to find the exact location.

Fionna smiled softly as she listened to the sweet melody coming from the dusty old box. There was a beautiful ornate sliver key in the middle of the box and she wondered what it unlocked. As she reached for the key the door behind her locked. She turned and realized no one was there. The box stopped playing and the room became quiet once more, but something was different, something was off. She turned back to the box and found, that in its place was an orb. "What on earth..."It was then the pain shot through her and consumed her body. She screamed and could barely hear the door trying to be broken down.

Marshall noticed the music stop and then a painful cry of pain from none other than Fionna. He looked over to the right and could hear the screams locked deep within the room. He jiggled the handle and it wouldn't budge at all. He cursed to himself and tried harder, finally taking his bladed guitar and swinging it at the large wooden door. It busted but left a wall of webbing in its place. "Fionna can you hear me!" He screamed, the sound of her painful cries setting is anger ablaze.

She could hear him but it was muffled. She dropped the orb and it glowed red and rolled underneath the bed. "Marshall!" She screamed and fell to the floor, her body spasming in the aftershock of the shocking pain. She panted and felt beads of sweat drip from her forehead and onto the dusty wooden floor. 'What was that thing?' She questioned herself and made an attempt to stand but all together failed, her leg gave out and she fell, harder, back onto the floor.

Marshall cursed louder and used the umbrella, as quickly as possible, to cut through the webbing. It was thick and it took nearly double the time to break into the room. He could see her as the webbing started to thin. She was on the ground and trembling hard. "Fionna!" He rushed over to her side and threw down umbrella. "Fi! Speak to me!" She coughed and opened her eyes, her body shaking a little less. "Marshall." Her voice was a whisper and he held her tightly against him. "What happened?" He ran his hand through her hair and kissed her forehead as she cringed in the aftermath of the pain.

"There was a music box, and then it was a glass ball." He furrowed his eyebrows, obviously confused. "A glass ball?" She nodded and sat up a little. "It rolled underneath the bed." He let her go and peered under the skirting around the large round bed. He couldn't see anything. It was dark and even with his vampire sight he couldn't make out anything. "We're getting out of here." He looked over at Fionna when he said this. There were small burns on her hands and he sighed. "You're wounded, and for what? Gumball?" He had just about enough of the married prince and now king of Aaa. "These people need us Marshall." Her voice was soft and he could tell she was tired. "We're no good to them if we're battered and bruised." He didn't mean to sound so harsh and she flinched at his tone. "I know, but we're all they have right now. What if we come back and it's too late?"

He sighed and grabbed Fionna, clutching her protectively in his arms. "I can't lose you Fi." His voice was completely different than before. It wasn't angry or irritated; it was fearful and almost scared. "I'm not going anywhere Marshall." She was confused beyond a doubt and was even more so oblivious to his words. "I mean, I can't have you taken away from me, as in.."He growled, trying to find the right words was difficult. He didn't want to confess his feelings but glob it she wouldn't consider his side if he didn't. 'Damned if I do, and damned if I don't.' He thought about the outcomes of doing either. If he told her, she would know his feelings towards her and she might be more inclined to listen to him, considering he had her best interest at heart. And if he didn't tell her, the exact opposite would happen. She wouldn't know of his intentions and why he wanted her to listen to him so badly and take his advice. She was stubborn but she had to listen to reason at some point and if it came from someone who truely loved her, then maybe it would help get the point across.

He sighed and closed his eyes and in the shadowy darkness of the royal bedroom, he confessed his feelings. "Fionna..." he started off and she could have sworn she saw a twinge of pink on his cheeks, but maybe it was just the lighting. He only said her name when he was angry or frustrated. He didn't seem either of those and this baffled her. "Fi, I really like you, more than friends, more than adventure buddies more then, more than..." He threw his hands up, at a loss of words. Her eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. 'He likes me?' She thought to herself and slowly a smile crept on her face.

"Ugh, Fi it's so hard to say it's like I know, I know what I want to say but it's trapped in here!" He pointed to his head, his teeth barred as his frustration grew. "It's okay." He stopped seething and looked down at the blonde adventuress who was now crawling towards him. "It's okay because I like you too." He was shocked. He blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't dreaming and sure enough it was reality. She reached out her hand and touched his cold cheek and giggled. "I knew you were blushing." He paled and then started to laugh.

The room shook and Marshall, now serious, grabbed Fionna and held her tightly against his chest. "Whatever happens, I'll protect you." His voice was soothing and she believed in him whole heartedly. "I know." She whispered in his ear and then everything went dark.