Hello everyone, I hope you like this chapter. It centers more so around Marshalls past. I think I depicted to you what I was thinking on how the mushroom war started and I will go a little further into detail about it in later chapters. There is only two songs in the chapter. Also I suggest listening to all songs with headphones. It just makes it a little more special.


*Gravity – Vienna Teng

**Mad World- Gary Jules

***Muse- Tommy Tallarico

Demons Past

Marshall walked over to the tired young woman. "You probably need some more rest." He stopped in front of her, a smile on his face. "I've been lying around for the past few days apparently. I don't want to lie anymore!" She sounded irritated but Marshall shrugged it off. He figured she was frustrated and exhausted and chalked up her anger to that. "Fine. Want me to help you then?" She looked up at the tall vampire and nodded, his hands reaching out for her to grab. "Just take my hands and I'll pull you up." She did as he instructed.

Her legs felt like jelly as they wobbled and tried to regain balance. "It feels strange, trying to walk again." He smiled and kissed her forehead as a sign of encouragement. "Yes, and you're doing rather well, for a human that is." He smirked at her glare. She kept her silence as she awkwardly placed one foot in front of the other.

"I'm going to pull away now, alright?" He didn't wait for her answer before slipping his hands away from hers. "Marshall!" She wobbled harder and in a matter of seconds she was falling towards the hard wooden ground. She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for her butt to smack against the ground. "Gotcha." He swooped behind her and felt her back press against his chest. With a small grunt he stood her upright and kissed her cheek from behind.

"Why would you do that? You scared the pa-toot out of me!" Marshall laughed and shook his head. "You know I wouldn't let you fall bunny. Really, I'm kind of insulted that you'd think that." He faked a frown and then smiled once more quickly after.

* A smile crept slowly on her lips as she thought about his answer. "You wouldn't let me fall?" He made sure she was stable standing before floating in front of her, a serious expression written on his face. "Never." She took a few shaky steps towards him, catching him off guard. He quickly moved closer and wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. "Come on bunny, let's get back into bed."

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he began to hover and carry her, bridal style, towards the bed. "Marshall, do you love me?" He stopped flying and lost his balance for a moment but quickly regained composure. "Well, let me think..." She bit her bottom lip, anxious to hear his answer. "You're the only girl I would ever risk my life for..." She bit harder, her bottom lip quivering as he continued. "And you're the only girl ever in my entire existence on this planet that I allow over to my home." She was starting to fidget, her fingers tapping against her leg. "I would say, to your answer, yes, I love you very much." He said it so calmly and so freely that it made her heart melt. "How about you Ms. Bunny ears?" He looked down at the small woman curled up against his chest.

"Do I have to drawl it out like yours?" She said this jokingly but he nodded his head. "But of course." She paled and thought over her answer. 'Was he being serious or was he just messing with her again?' She thought it over for a few moments. He had dropped both of them on the soft pillowy bed and awaited her answer.

"You're the only guy that's ever actually paid attention to me." He looked down at her, taking notice of her quiet voice. He leaned in a little to hear better. "And, you're the only guy that's ever gone out of their way to protect me. You cherish me, and...I love you for that, plus, you're gorgeous." He blinked a few times and then laughed.

She blushed and looked away as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "Fi, that was wonderful, couldn't have said that better myself. Especially the last part." He teased and winked at her, making her blush heighten ten-fold.

"Alright princess, let's get you tucked in." He hovered up a little to tug the blankets back down and around her and then proceeded to pat the sides in, making her snug and comfy. "Are you going to stay?" He leaned in and kissed her pink lips. "Of course I am, can't have you rolling out of bed again." She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. She didn't remember that happening.

"You did that last night, after I changed your bandages, you rolled right off the bed. When I turned back around, you were on the floor, mumbling." Marshall deadpanned as her face showed signs of her regaining some sort of memory of it. She had done something like that a few years back, after having a horrific nightmare. Cake was with her back then, but now, having her own room, it felt a little lonely at times.

"Need anything before drifting off to dreamland?" Marshall whispered in her ear, it sent shivers down her spine and her arms produced tiny Goosebumps. "Well, could you tell me a story?" She looked so innocent under the safety of her green wooly blanket, her eyes wide and alert. "Sure, what about? And I must warn you, I'm really bad at the happy rainacorn and fairy stories. They usually turn into gory messes." He winced recalling the time he told a story to some candy children while he waited on Fionna to come out from the castle.

He was doing a fairly decent job until he had the rainacorn wounded in battle with the goblin king and then the faeries eaten by ravenous why wolves. He gulped. "Hey, are you okay?" Fionna tilted her head as Marshall shook his. "Yeah, just thinking about the last story I told." She laughed at this. She remembered it as well. She had just walked out of Gumballs palace when four screaming marshmallow children and two hard shelled candies, starting running towards her. All were screaming.

As Marshall shuddered at the memories of the candy mothers beating him with their purses, he could hear her laughter. He turned to look at her and saw her bent over, holding her sides. "Marshall that was a great day!" He smirked. "Yeah, maybe for you! I was the one getting smacked around!" She laughed harder, recalling how one of the mothers was brave enough to start the purse smacking.

"In her defense, you did scare her child. I'm sure that kid had some nightmares." She wiped her eyes.

Those children are used to sweetness and nice thing Marsh, not terrifying goblins and demons!" Her laugher died down and she looked over at her vampire who had his eyes closed and smiled contently.

"Alright, alright, enough Marshall bashing for one night." He wrapped one arm around her torso and gently pulled her close. "Now it's time to sleep." He yawned and Fionna could see the sun trying to peek its way through the black sky. "The sun." Marshall yawned and quickly got up, tossing a thick dark blanket over the window. "There, sleep." He crashed back into the bed once more and resumed his protective position near Fionna. "But I'm not tired, and you promised a story." He couldn't recall actually promising her, but he did not want to start an argument with her.

With a sigh and her cheek resting on his chest, he began his story. "Once a upon a time..." "No!" She screamed which caused him to jump. "What? What's wrong?" She looked up at the tired vampire and whispered. "I want a real story." He wanted to laugh at her childless but he was too tired to do so. "Okay, once upon a time..." Again she screamed and this time he was ready. "Fi, how else am I supposed to start a story?" She was quiet for a moment; the only light was that of the dimmed candles.

"Tell me about when you were little." He glanced down at her, unable to see her face. "When I was little?" He could feel her nod. "Yeah, before the mushroom war." He thought back. The mushroom was a big turning point in his life. He remembered it like it were yesterday. "Are you sure? It doesn't have a happy ending." She nodded again and he began to tell his tale of how it was that a young boy became the vampire king.

**Marshall ran into his home where his mother was diligently cooking dinner. "What's wrong sweetie?" He ran over to the television and watched the screen flicker on. The sound was cutting in and out, along with the picture but it didn't take much for him to realize what was going on.

"Mom come here! Hurry!" He heard his mother stop what she was doing and appear behind him. "What is it dumpling?" He was ten years old when the first atomic bomb landed in Washington D.C. His mother froze, unable to comprehend what was going on. She could hear some snip bits of the news as it showed a frightened young woman anchor and her scared associates.

"Mom, why is this happening?" She stared wide eyed as the camera showed the destruction of the presidential state. "Sweetheart, go in mommy's room and grab mommy's black box in her nightstand okay?" Marshall was confused but did as he was told; he was a mothers boy after all.

She felt the earth shake as another bomb hit closer to home. "Mom!" She regained her balance and ran into the bedroom to find Marshall on the floor, the black box opened on the floor. "What is it?" She walked in further and noticed his frightened face. "Honey, I wasn't going to..." He didn't believe her. She was the type of person who always opted for the easy way out.

They could both hear the news caster yelling for help. Quickly they came back into the living room and watched, in horror as yet another large damaging bomb struck Utah, closer to their home state in Arizona. He watched his mother walk back into the bedroom and come back with the sliver pistol. "Your father would have wanted us to have this, to keep safe." She reassured him but she knew there was another reason for having it.

"Let me call Jenny down the road, I think she has a storm cellar." She reached for the phone but quickly fell as yet another earthquake shook the ground, this time harder and longer. "We need to get out of here mom!" Marshall grabbed her hand, trying to help her up. "Okay, come on." She stood with some difficulty and walked with her son, hand in hand towards the front door. "Whatever happens out there know that I love you Marshall." He squeezed her hand and as the door opened, he could see the destruction and devastation of the only world he had even known.

Some houses were completely gone, vanished in the aftermath of the earthquakes while others stood seemingly unharmed. There were screams and it hurt his ears, he wanted to cover them but if he did, he'd have to let go of her hand. He didn't want to let go.

*** "Come on sweetie." She started walking, faster and faster until they were both running. What on heavens earth had happened? There was a moment where he thought he heard something, inhuman, but thought against it. He was just scared and confused; his mind was playing tricks on him.

"Let's try to find Jenny and Tom, okay?" She didn't look down at her son, nor did wait for him to reply. "It'll be okay, mommy says it's going to be okay." She started talking to herself and Marshall could tell she was starting to lose it. "Mom, it's okay, everything will work out. It'll all go back to normal." He was naive and foolish to think that the world could survive nuclear warfare.

That's when everything changed. In the middle of their street, while the families and neighbors ran around frantically, there it stood. Both mother and son stopped and watched the dark figure approach them. "Mom?" He hadn't realized how small and weak his voice sounded as it came out. "It's okay, mommy will protect you."

Marshall hid behind his mother's body, his hand leaving hers. The cloaked figure approached them. "You have a child." It spoke and Marshall's mother gripped onto her son from behind, shielding him in vain. She knew she couldn't take on this creature but she was a mother and she had to try her best to protect her young.

"Yes. I am a mother." Marshall noticed the strength and pride in her voice. "Do you love your son?" It spoke again, its voice eerie and loud. "Yes, I love him with all my heart." The creature laughed, it was then Marshall noticed it wasn't standing but hovering.

"Would you give your soul to protect your son?" She gulped and nodded her head. "Well then, there is no need for more questions." He moved quickly, his teeth sinking into her neck, piercing the skin as blood trickled down her skin. "Mom!" Marshall pushed the entity away, its face covered by the blackened cloak. "Mom?" She twitched a little, her eyes cold and lifeless.

"What did you do?" Marshall was only ten but he knew that this wasn't right, this wasn't how the world worked. "I saved her life, and she will save yours too." With that it turned away, its black cloak trailing behind him. "You have a destiny, and its centuries away." He could hear his deep throaty voice as he disappeared into the chaos of the world around him. Marshall turned back to his mother with had stopped twitching and saw that her skin was now so pale like death. He reached for her hand and then withdrew as soon as his hand touched her. She was so cold but her chest still rose with breath.

After a few moments everyone from the neighborhood had disappeared, leaving the street deserted. He took a seat next to his ailing mother and started to cry. She was the only person in the world that he had. What was he going to do?

Just then her eyes opened and she took a deep breath as though it were her first in a long time. "Marshall?" She turned to look at the young boy who was wiping his snotty nose with his sleeve. "Mom your eyes..." He trailed off as he watched her pupils grow larger, making them seem black and cold.

"We need to get out of here Marshall, I know what's happening now. I'll explain later." It was as though she were on a mission as she grabbed her son and carried him as she began to fly. He looked up at his mother as they began to fly higher. He could see the trees become smaller and the screams became quieter as they flew.

He was at a loss for words. What had happened to his mother? Why was she able to fly? From their high position nearing the clouds he could see all of the destruction. There were craters where states used to be, fires burning everywhere as black smoke rose higher and higher.

She looked down at the small boy in her arms. He was trembling and she worried if he were going to catch a cold. She descended onto what looked to be a green pasture full of wild grasses and soft colored flowers. "Marshall, listen to me. The world is changing." He could hear crashes and screams but they were softer now. "I saw something after I was bitten. I could see a new world filled with magic and happiness. A world with no politics or famished people. Marshall, I saw a new beginning. We can be free of everything, everything Marshall!" She smiled, her pearly white teeth glistening in the fog.

"I can live forever! You could too and together we can start our own society free from government and poverty!" She gushed and Marshall was starting to wonder if this was the same own who made him breakfast this morning, or took him to school. "Mom, what exactly is going on? I don't understand." She sighed and bent down on her knees, looking at the child eye to eye. "The world where we used to live, it's gone. All gone, and we have to survive."

Years past and Marshall grew. His mother had harnessed the powers of the vampiric race and learned all of its secrets. She avoided the beaming sun and spent most of her time trying to recruit humans who had survived. Marshall didn't realize at first but the human race was becoming almost extinct. Every day he'd walk in the sun and look for fragments of his past. Sometimes he'd find an old radio, the batteries eroded. He'd try to fix the broken pieces of his past but they were almost next to unfixable.

He had questioned his mother on why people, like himself, were dying away. "Monochromacorn, at least that's what I call them. They're eating people left and right. Apparently they think they're delicious." She laughed and he grimaced. Monochromicorns? He had asked her about it and she would just simply say they were magical dark horses that flew at night and fed on humans to sustain their pallet.

"Some of them where these odd animal hats. I guess they think that the Monochromacorn won't think they're human but their scent is pretty compelling." He remembered her saying this on the last day they spoke. "You're almost twenty one now Marshall." She combed her gray fingers through her dark hair. "I have a surprise for you."

He had hoped for transportation, or at least a way to get around this land, so that he could explore all that had happened. As she brought him to her lair, which was just a house inside a large cave, she smiled sweetly and shut the door. "I never want to lose you Marshall." Her tone was serious and he could tell something wasn't right. There was tension in the air, and he could feel the sparks as she talked. "I wanted to ask you, do you want to live forever?"

He turned his back to her but she caught his shoulder. "Marshall, you won't live nearly as long as you want to. Trust me." He balled his fists. Every year she asked this question and every year he gave the same answer. "I need more time to just be me." She would abide by his wishes but this time, she fought back.

"You're getting older look at you!" She brought up the mirror to his face. He, indeed was older, his skin was tanned and his eyes consisted of a color close to the ocean with a hint of green. His hair had grown darker and came to just about his shoulders. There was stubble on his chin and cheeks, which itched him at times. He couldn't recognize himself anymore. The small child was gone and in his place stood a man.

"I won't just stand aside and watch you die!" She bite him. Her sharp fangs digging into his soft flesh. He cried out, dropping to his knees as the venom ran through his blood, killing and embalming all of his organs.

He felt his heart stop, the blood freezing in his system. 'So this is what if feels like to die.' He thought as the whole room spun and then he crashed into darkness.

a thousand year grudge was the result of his mother's decision to turn him into something he never wanted to be. His mother was ruler of all the creatures she had turned and created, and he, their prince. He hated thinking that he was some royal being that should be feared but in a new world filled with strange beasts and flesh eating monochromacorn, he knew it was probably for the best.

Not one creature messed with the vampiric beings. Most either fled or bowed when they crossed their paths in the forests and caves. "It's a show of respect." His mother would boast as they would walk through a terrified village.

He watched, through his thousand year old eyes, the change in the land. The candy kingdom being built and magical little pieces of candy come to life from the use of the spell book. It was strange but what was he to do about it?