It was a sunny Sunday morning in Los Angeles. The clock had just struck nine in the morning but still no one was awake in the seville house, but then a small chipmunk wearing red pajamas started to wake up.

His hair was a mess and he was squinting round the room to see if anyone was up, but soon he realized that he was the first. So he decided to do what he normally did when he was the first to awake. He looked at a chipette in pink pajamas. Brittany. She looked like a daisy when she slowly snored away. She looked so relaxed. So beautiful. Alvin loved Brittany with all his heart but he knew she would never feel the same.

Suddenly he heard someone start wake up. He looked down the bunk bed at his older brother Simon twisting and turning ,obviously trying to get back to sleep, but eventually he huffed and shot open his eyes. The first thing he saw was Alvin staring down at him with big hazel eyes, Simon got up in his blue pajamas and climbed up to Alvins bed. At first they both started staring at the other end of the room, at the chipettes. Alvin went back to quietly watching Brittany but then he saw something in the corner of his eye, it was Simon and he was staring at someone. Alvin followed Simon's gaze and saw he was staring a Jeanette. 'You like her don't you?' Alvin asked biting back the grin. Simon went as red as a tomato but still denied it 'Of course not! I mean yeah I like her as a friend and a science partner but not in that way!' but his face said it all. Everyone knew Jeanette liked Simon and Simon liked Jeanette but they also knew that they were both to shy to tell the other. Anyone who saw them would know that they were made for each other, but if someone would say that they would both go red and say that it wasn't true.

About ten minutes after Simon had woke up they went to the kitchen and saw Dave was awake and making breakfast, which was cereal and orange juice, when Simon and Alvin went in the kitchen they were surprised 'We didn't hear you wake up.' Alvin said, 'I've been up for about half an hour reading the newspaper and eating breakfast, glad to have some company now.' Dave replied ' are the others up yet' ' I am' Eleanor yawned 'Theo and Jeanette said they would be a minute.' But as she said it, two bodies emerged from the door with scruffy hair and sleepy eyes yawning as they walked over to the table. With out a word they sat and ate their breakfast laid out for them. Then Dave asked Simon 'Can you go and wake up Britt please I've got to tell you all som-' 'I'll do it!' Alvin exclaimed. 'okay' Dave replied.

Alvin strolled in the room and jumped on Brittany's bed then said in a calm voice 'Britt gotta wake up now.' and tapped her sholder but she didn't budge Alvin did it again but still she didn't move so Alvin grabbed Brittany's pillow and started whacking her with it. Brittany woke up and screamed 'ALVIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING!' So Alvin stopped and said ' you didn't wake up so I-' 'I know what you did, I think I was there!' Brittany exclaimed. ' Sorry grumpy, I can see your not a morning person. Anyway Dave needs to tell all us something so come now.' Brittany breathed in and put her finger up as though she was about to argue but she thought she should just let it go and secretly she was curious about what Dave was going to tell them.

Alvin grabbed Brittany's hand and led her out to the kitchen, he then let go because he saw everyone was staring at them. They sat down next to each other and listened to Dave carefully. 'Okay.. you are now all here so I would like to announce that I have booked us all tickets to go on a... CRUISE.' Everyone cheered but then they all went quiet when Simon asked 'When?' They were all hoping it was not that long to wait. ' We will leave Tuesday morning so yes you will miss school on Tuesday. And after the cruise we will go to the international music awards!' Dave answered. That day they all talked about nothing but the cruise. What they hopped to do, the people they hopped to meet and for Alvin the trouble he hopped to get into!

That night they all played monopoly together then went to bed. Most of them dreamed about the cruise but one chipmunk in pink pajamas made sure everyone was asleep when she sat up and stared at her crush and before she went to sleep she whispered 'Night, Alvin.'