They didn't need an alarm clock to wake up because they were up an hour before they needed to be! When they got up they all chatted excitedly.

'O my god, I can't believe this is actually happening. We are going on a cruise!' Brittany squeaked for the hundredth time, doing a happy dance.

'We know Brit, you don't need to keep saying it.' Eleanor huffed while rolling her eyes.

'Its not my fault I'm more exited than some people.' Brittany replied glaring at Eleanor.

'I can't wait! But you don't hear me yakking about it every second!' Eleanor said angrily.

As that argument was going on, on the other side of the room, the boys were talking.

'Imagine what we are going to do boys, we could take control of the ship, make announcements on the speaker, surf down the water slide. Its going to be wild!' Alvin squealed

'No Alvin, we will have fun, but it seems when we do your idea of 'fun' we all get in trouble.' Said Simon

'Yes Simons right. You are not going to ruin this for all of us.' Theodore warned

'Of coarse I'm right. Now pack your stuff.' Simon replied

'You to don't know me at all, do you? Your 'threats' are not going to stop me. If you want to play board games or what ever you call 'fun' the whole trip, FINE! But don't stop me doing the things that I want to do.' Alvin exclaimed

'Your idea of 'fun' involves ruining our whole vacation and if I have to I will tape you up a wall in our room to stop that from happening!' Simon argued.

'Well then you can spend the time trying to catch me! Because this is vacation and you are supposed to have proper fun on vacation!'

Before they knew it, the whole room was filled with the noise of arguing. And eventually Dave came crashing.

'What is going on?' He said surprisingly calmly.

They all explained their arguments at the same time and Dave pretended he knew what they were saying.

He nodded his head and said they will sort it out on the ship, he also said it was time to get ready.

They were all ready quickly and before they knew it they were in the car. Dave showed them the tickets, put them in his pocket and started driving away into the distance. For that time they all forgot their arguments and were all just exited about the amazing trip ahead.

Little did they know the trip ahead was actually an adventure full of excitement, an adventure they will never forget.


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