Very lame and cheesy poem I came up with at school. Anyway read and review, not hate~

I don't own Pandora Hearts in any way I wrote this purely out of enjoyment.

The boy in the the library.

He sat there so still.

No word, not even the slightest whisper.

He makes me curious about whom he really is.

I want to know him I want to be his friend.

What makes him tick, smile, and most of all what makes him the person he is.

He pays no mind to my friendly hello.

I am not sure if he didn't hear me or simply didn't wish to hear me.

He just shoves his head further into the large book he was in.

His long raven hair fell down his face as if he was trying to hide.

This time I yelled louder, the boy shot up and looked quite annoyed.

He was oddly intimidating to me.

I am not sure why but the atmosphere around him made me uncomfortable.

It's weird how time changed from that day.

I learned that the boy was an amazing piano player, self taught at that too.

He was an amazing friend, sadly he was an orphan.

His name was Leo.

He seemed so alone in that orphanage. I wanted to cheer him up somehow.

So I wrote him a song, purely dedicated to him.

It is called Statique.

In return he wrote me a song called Lacie.

It was the most beautiful melody I have ever heard.

It was a mixture or sadness and happiness all in one.

But the best thing of it all was the one playing it.

He was amazing, and he always will be.

I will never say this for if I do I will get a good punch in the face.

But despite that, I know he is someone I can rely on forever in my life.

My servant.

My Friend.

My Leo.

Leo: Elliot-sama that was so nice of you to write that for me~

Elliot: I didn't write it for you I wrote it for my cat he is named Leo too!

Leo: Sure you did... *Sighs*

Elliot: I did! *Flustered*