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Chapter 1: Raditz Arrives! Gohan is Kidnapped! Saiyan heritage revealed!

It was a rather peaceful day. The sky was coated with a beautiful blue, and the atmosphere was filled with white, puffy clouds. The sun wasn't anywhere in sight, and for some that was a relief; for the sun's heat this past week was on the verge of bordering unbearable, and to get a day of no sun and simply a cool, not-too-windy day instead, left very little complaints among the inhabitants of Earth.

Unfortunately, this rather peaceful day wouldn't turn out that way for everyone...

A well-built man stepped out of a round, white space pod that just crashed into the grounds of Earth, approximately a minute ago. He was tall and contained the most unusual long, black spiky hair that one would certainly label as abnormal. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be the only thing deemed as abnormal, for the length of this particular man's hair was certainly extraordinary - the man's long hair concluded at his knees, probably even longer than that if such a thing was possible.

His face was clouded with confidence and a strong air of determination seemed to cling to him as he scanned the area - which happened to be a plain grassy field, similar in appearance to a clearing - with a peculiar device attached to his face, seemingly searching something in particular. A strange looking appendage could be spotted as well - which one would best identify as an tail - and was firmly wrapped around the owner's waist. As for his attire, it consisted of some type of armor that appeared to be consisted of two colors known as brown and black.

The man's eyes finally fixated on a direction as his scouter locked on a few power levels not too far away.

"Pathetic," he muttered as he proceeded to take off in the direction of what his scouter deemed was closest only to be interrupted by a voice.

"Hey! Who are you?! " A short, plump man with glasses and a pitchfork in his hand, called out suddenly, a lever-action rifle in his possession. The short, plump man had black hair, and a pair of blue overalls on with what appeared to be a plaid yellow shirt containing black horizontal and vertical lines.

The farmer had been minding his own business when he noticed something descending from the sky and into his field at incredible speeds, and he had immediately got into his truck to go check it out. However, what he found when he arrived on site, he was not prepared for; for he had found himself staring down at a rather large crater with a weird looking pod of some sort, and moments later, he saw a strange looking man emerge from the pod.

Raditz raised an eyebrow, simply smirking at the farmer in silence as he lifted an hand to press a button the device attached to his face.

"Hey! I asked you a question!" The farmer insisted, not quite sure what the person in front of him was doing.

"Tch. A power level of 5? Is this worthless planet drenched with weaklings?"

The farmer shot him a confused looked, unsure of what he was talking about, but quickly dismissed it. Deeming it best to be safe than sorry, the farmer positioned his gun and fired a shot only to see his target seemingly catch and crush the bullet with his bare hands.

The overall-wearing man didn't know what hit him when Raditz suddenly phased in front of him, and unleash a ki blast into his stomach, ceasing the farmer's existence in the blink of an eye.

Raditz peered down at the motionless man for a moment, a smirk on his features before proceeding to return to what he was sent here to here to do in the first place. Not wasting another second, he clicked a button on his scouter with his left hand and waited as it tracked down the power level his scouter detected earlier, before taking off in that direction.

(Scene Change)

"Hi, everyone!"Goku greeted cheerily as he, along with a young boy, entered the Kame house, home of the turtle hermit himself.

Goku had planned for his son to meet a few of his friends today, and decided to head over to Kame house; he hadn't seen any of his friends in a while. Luckily, Chi-Chi, whom was against him introducing their son to his friends at first, had finally relented at a little of pleading, and he couldn't be happier.

Master Roshi and Bulma looked up from what they were doing, surprised to hear an all-too-familiar voice after such a long time. Master Roshi was first to speak. "Why, hello, Goku. "

"Hey, Master Roshi." Goku responded, before shortly questioning afterwards, "where's Krillin? " The black-haired Saiyan's onyx eyes were already searching for his life-long best friend.

"He took a trip to the bathroom, he'll be out in a minute. " The turtle hermit supplied.

Goku nodded. "Ohh."

"Hey, Goku," Bulma called out suddenly, causing Goku's attention to now be fixated on her, "who's the kid?" the blue-haired woman inquired curiously. She hadn't noticed the kid at first since he was seemingly lost in Goku's shadow, but now that she had noticed him, she was beyond curious as to who he was.

Goku looked down before smiling, as if suddenly remembering that Gohan was with him. "Oh! This is my son, Gohan."

"Wow, time sure has went by fast. " Master Roshi stated, observing the young boy now that it has been called to his attention.

"Yeah," agreed Bulma, "You can sure say that again. I noticed that he has a dragon ball on his hat, too. "

"Yep." Goku answered. "He sure does."

Bulma squatted down in front of Gohan once she reached him." Hey, kid, my name's Bulma. How old are you?"

Gohan shyly peeked from behind his dad's pants leg before timidly raising up four fingers," I'm four."

Bulma smiled lightly. "And just what do you want to be when you get older, kid?"

"I want to be a scholar. " Gohan declared proudly.

Bulma looked at Gohan stunned, not quite sure of what to say, "A scholar?," she repeated. Yep. That was definitely Chi-Chi's doing, but she supposed she couldn't blame the black-haired woman. Her husband, after all, wasn't exactly the...brightest around.

Gohan merely nodded, "Yes ma'am. "

(Scene Change )

"If you don't know where Kakarot is, then you're wasting my time." Raditz stated irritably, his arms crossed over his broad chest as he stared at the Namekian in front of him with a look of disinterest and mild irritation. It turned out that the power level he detected wasn't who he was looking for, but the Namekian was being rather difficult and far from cooperative.

Piccolo scoffed, "If it's a fight you're after with Goku, then fine, but don't dismiss me as if I were insignificant."

Raditz laughed, as if Piccolo had told him the most funniest thing in the universe. This fool was telling him, of all people, what to do? And who the hell was this Goku? He could have sworn he stated Kakarott, but that wasn't important at the moment. "Or what?" He challenged. "What will you do? Your power level is nothing compared to mine."

Piccolo growled before firing a blast at Raditz. How dare he talk to him like that?

Raditz smirked once the debris and smoke from Piccolo's attack cleared, "It seems that it's my turn now. "

Piccolo gasped in shock, before recovering quickly and then sliding into his fighting stance. His eyes were wide, and if one looked closely enough one would be able to see small, beads of sweat forming.

Just as Raditz was about to attack, his scouter beeped indicating that the second and last strongest power level this planet contained, wasn't that far away. He smirked before taking off to the air, "You got lucky."

Piccolo scoffed, but said nothing. Instead, he exhaled the breath he didn't know he was holding in and watched as Raditz took off, somewhat relieved.


"This should be him. After all, this is the only strongest power level his scouter picked up besides that Namekian," he said aloud to no one in particular.

With that said, Raditz picked up his speed, following the directions, his scouter provided him.

He scoffed as he flew over several people, "Kakarot should have already wiped these weaklings out. It's looks like he didn't follow through with his mission after all."

He then clicked his scouter again, "I should be there in about 20 more miles."


Raditz floated above the small, spacious island before quickly checking his scouter and confirming that this was indeed where the power level was located. He then descended on the island, capturing the attention of an old man, a bald-headed midget, a woman with blue hair, and finally Kakarot, the latter appearing to be preparing to depart.

"Who are you? And why are you here? " Someone called out to him, but he paid them no heed.

Raditz saw a short, bald-headed man approach him out the corner of his eyes, but Raditz simply ignored him, deeming him insignificant, his attention focused solely on his younger brother, " Kakarot! Explain yourself! Why are these pathetic weaklings still alive? "

Goku looked at Raditz in confusion. "What? My name's Goku, not Kakarot! And what do you mean pathetic weaklings? I hope you're not talking about the people of Earth! "

Raditz looked at Goku in disgust. What the hell? "Kakarot, stop this foolishness at once! You're mission was to eliminate everyone, why haven't you carried out your mission?! "

"For the last time, my name is Goku! And I would never harm the people of earth! My job is to protect them, not kill them! I don't know where you came from, but I think you better leave before I make you! "

Raditz looked at Goku in shock, "Stop acting like a Moron! Did you fall on your head? And where is your tail?! You're a Saiyan for goodness sake! "

"Huh? Oh, I cut it off. Why does it matter? And I'm not a Saiyan or whatever that is, I'm an Earthling. "

He chuckled bitterly, "Are you insane?! I'm certain you fell on your damn head now! "

Goku started to speak again, but Master Roshi spoke up first, "Actually, Goku, you're grandfather, Gohan, did mention he found you in a weird space pod years back and took you in his care. So, technically, you're not human. Your grandfather mentioned that you were quite a handful until you fell and had an accident on your head one day. He said he was surprised you even survived, but from then on you were the kindest, gentlest kid he ever known. "

"Well, that doesn't matter." Raditz cut in. "I suppose it's not too late to carry out your mission. You are my younger brother and a Saiyan, after all, and our race is on the verge of extinction, so perhaps it can be overlooked. We Saiyans clean off planets to sell for profit, and even though you didn't clean off this planet, you can make up for it with other ones. Join me and get away from these weaklings."

Krillin approached closer, seemingly having enough of this whole exchange. Just who did this guy think he was, claiming to be Goku's brother? "Hey! I believe he's already said you should leave. Perhaps you need to be escorted."

"Krillin! Don't!" Goku shouted.

Krillin ignored Goku's plea, still approaching Raditz. Raditz smirked before revealing his tail and smacking Krillin with it, sending him flying backwards without much effort.

Goku growled as he subtly tried to push Gohan towards Bulma, but unfortunately for him, his son didn't seem to want to move. Luckily, Bulma had caught on, and began assisting him. "I think you better leave. Whether I'm a Saiyan or not, I refuse to harm innocent people. "

Raditz rolled his eyes, trying to refrain from losing his patience, but his brother was making it complicated. "Think about this - "

Goku cut him off, " - I have; my answer is final."

"Fine." Raditz stated unfolding his arms. He had enough of this, and he didn't have time to fool around. "Then I'll have to take matters into my own hands."

"Fine." Goku spat back.

He raised an eyebrow, finally noticing a small boy behind his brother's leg. It didn't the long-haired Saiyan to put two and two together. "Kakarot, is that kid yours?"

Goku pushed Gohan further towards Bulma. "No." He denied. "Now leave."

Raditz smirked as an idea suddenly came to mind, proceeding to walk towards his younger brother, his tail lashing back and forth behind him. "You can't fool me, it seems as if I have a nephew. "

"Stay back, or you'll regret it! " Goku yelled out, prepared to launch at Raditz at any moment now if he showed any indicators of harming his son or friends.

Raditz kept walking and Goku charged at him, "Stay away!"

Raditz said nothing in response, instead he delivered a painful knee to the Kakarot's stomach, before snatching up his nephew, causing him to cry out in protest as an result. "Slaughter a 100 people by tomorrow and maybe then I can give you back your son."

Goku groaned in pain as he watched Raditz take off with his only son.

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