Vegeta merely smirked. "Finish Frieza and it's all over."

That tone, Goku thought to himself, shifting his eyes over to Vegeta. It was obvious that he didn't think he stood a chance against Frieza. In fact, Vegeta seemed quite amused with the situation; for it wasn't all that hard to depict. Silently, he studied him for a few moments before his gaze seemingly grew even more serious - if such a thing was possible. "You don't think I can do it, do you?"

"Kakarot," Raditz cut in before Vegeta could respond, continuing when his younger brother diverted his attention onto him. "On the way here, I do recall enlightening you on nearly everything I know about Frieza. Don't tell me you've forgotten already?"

If his brother did indeed forget everything he relayed to him that quickly, then Kakarot was an even bigger fool than he thought. Not only that, but Raditz would be sure not to waste his time in relaying something similar to that nature to him again.

"No," Goku assured, nodding. "I didn't forget."

Which, truthfully, he didn't forget. How could one forget about the rumor about Frieza being one of the many, most powerful being in the universe? Or how Frieza had the capability of transforming not once, but several times. Not only did Frieza have seventy-nine planets in the palm of his hand (and then some), according to Raditz, but there was also a rumor that he had a power-level over one million. Of course, that was just the tip of the iceberg and Goku was certain that there were plenty more of things he had yet to know. Although, initially, everything he heard so far (from both King Kai and Raditz) seemed a little hard to believe at first - which, he honestly couldn't be blamed for. Nonetheless, he was aware that it had to be, to an extent, true; for King Kai had warned him to stay away from Frieza.

And, usually, if someone warned one to avoid someone at all costs, then it was most likely a pretty serious matter and that alone should speak volumes.

"Good. I'd hate to have to repeat myself."

"Though," Goku began, a brow furrowed slightly as he quickly ran over his thoughts. "King Kai did tell me to avoid Frieza at all costs, but - "

" - Good advice." Vegeta interrupted in an tone that clearly stated that he was being sarcastic, arms folded across his chest. Clearly, King Kai wasn't thinking. Did he seriously think that avoiding Frieza would actually work? Just exactly how would it be possible to avoid someone when they were after the very thing you needed, the very thing you were after for your own use? Not only that, but, unless Kakarot and his posse decided to attempt to find the dragon balls with an completely suppressed ki, then it wouldn't take long for Frieza to locate them.

Ignoring Vegeta's interruption, Goku continued, picking up where he left off, "If we can get our hands on the dragon balls first, then we could wish back our friends from Earth back. If anything, we'd have more of a chance, right?"

Raditz shot Goku an annoyed look. Not only was he unbelievably naive, almost foolish enough to allow Burter and Recoome to live, but he was proving to be even more moronic. Thinking that his friends from Earth would seriously stand a chance or be able to aid against Frieza. It was almost as if he hadn't been listening to him at all. Frieza just wasn't some average opponent - he wasn't average period. Frieza was a tyrant and wouldn't be taken down like Vegeta had been taken down back on Earth. He thought he made that perfectly clear, but apparently, he hadn't.

"I remember those guys," Vegeta began in a mocking voice, a smirk on his features. "You're out of your mind if you think wishing a couple of your weakling friends back will help you win against Frieza. Besides, if a wish is going to be made, then it needs to be my wish for immortality. We'd win for sure. Freiza - "

" - As if I'd let that happen." Raditz interrupted. "I personally could care less about what's wished, but I won't allow neither you or Frieza to wish for immortality."

Vegeta scoffed. "I don't remember talking to you, traitor."

Raditz narrowed his eyes. He didn't have to take this. Not from Vegeta, he didn't. Prior to Earth, he would have never dared to complain or even hint that something was wrong in the slightest, but things were different now and he was going to allow it to show. "Traitor? Then what are you? Because if you don't know, then I'd be more than delighted to fill you in."

Vegeta scowled. "And just what is that suppose to mean? If it's word games you want to play, then I'll be just as delighted, if not more, than you."

"Uh, guys," Krillin cut in nervously, eyes darting between the two raven-haired Saiyans cautiously. To both he and Gohan, it looked as if things were about to get physical at any moment now. Not only that, but he had the feeling that Vegeta and Raditz didn't exactly... like each other. Although, he supposed he should have caught onto that a little earlier - okay, a lot earlier - but hey, he had things on his mind just as much as anybody else. "I don't think now is the time for this."

"Krillin's right." Goku backed up with a nod, "besides, if we're going to be working together, then we might as well get along, right?"

Before anything more could be said, two power levels off in the distance could be sensed. Vegeta's eyes widened in realization, and with a quick glance at everyone else's features, he quickly deduced that they sensed it as well. Good, Vegeta thought to himself, he was beginning to get the hang of sensing ki's - or better yet, he was improving tremendously.

"One's huge!" Krillin exclaimed with wide eyes. He sensed one of the ki's to be that Jeice guy, the one Goku let go, so did that mean that he went to retrieve his captain? It couldn't exactly be ruled out and it was the only thing he could come up with at the moment. However, what Jeice did wasn't exactly unexpected. Moreover, why else would Jeice return if he didn't have someone who could possibly turn things in his favor?

"They're heading right for us, too!" Gohan exclaimed, eyes just as wide as Krillin's.

Vegeta harrumped. "Believe it (1). Jeice, the one your foolish father let go, retrieved Captain Ginyu. Well, Kakarot," The Prince continued, diverting his attention onto Goku, "looks like your decision came back around to bite you."

Goku said nothing in response and Vegeta had it in mind to further mock the spiky-haired Saiyan, but immediately tossed that thought aside upon realizing something, his eyes widening once more. Wait a minute, if Ginyu was currently on the way here, no longer guarding the dragon balls, and he couldn't sense Frieza at the location where the ship was then didn't that mean...

"Kakarot!" Vegeta suddenly called out, whipping his head around to face him. "Help me find Frieza!"

"Got it!"

And with that Goku set to locating Frieza, his black eyes scanning over his surroundings as he did so. Due to the fact that there weren't exactly power levels on Namek nearly immense in power as Frieza's, it wouldn't take him long to pinpoint the tyrant's exact location.

"I hardly think it's important to be worrying about Frieza," Krillin began with an raised eyebrow, continuing when he became the center of attention, "when we have other matters to tend to at the moment. I mean, that Ginyu's guy power level is unbelievable!"

"Think about it," Raditz began, arms folded across his chest. "If the dragon balls are at Frieza's ship and he isn't there for whatever reason it may be and if Ginyu, who was guarding the dragon balls, is on the way here, then basically put; there's no one guarding the dragon balls. It's the perfect opportunity to snatch the dragon balls out of Frieza's hands before he returns."

"There's a huge power level over in that direction." Goku, presumably finished, stated out-loud, pointing to said direction.

"Oh, no!" Gohan exclaimed, noting out of the corner of his eyes that Krillin reached the same conclusion as him moments later. "That's where the Grand Elder is! If Frieza's over there, then that means he figured out that he needs a password for the dragon balls!"

"This isn't good!" Krillin exclaimed, panicking. "If Freiza kills the Grand Elder, then the dragon balls will turn to stone!"

"What?!" Vegeta barked. "You've got to be kidding me! You mean to tell me that if that old geezer dies, then the dragon balls are useless?!"

"What part of 'turn to stone' don't you understand?" Raditz bit out, watching with satisfaction as Vegeta's eyes snapped on to his, sneering at him. Fighting the urge to smirk, Raditz shifted his attention onto to Krillin and his nephew, "I'm guessing it's safe to assume that Frieza isn't aware of that last part?"

"No, unfortunately," Krillin began with a defeated frown, "he isn't."

"Not only that, but Guru would rather die then give up the password! Especially after Frieza is more than responsible for killing most of the Namekians!"

"Fools!" Vegeta insulted angrily. "You didn't think to tell me that earlier?"

Krillin shot Vegeta a pointed look. "You're still our enemy now just as much as you were before Goku arrived. What makes you think we would have given you any information on the dragon balls?"

"Shouldn't you have figured that out, Vegeta?"

Vegeta whirled his head around to face Raditz, gritting his teeth angrily. "Why you - I've had just about enough of you!"

"Cut it out, you two! We have company!" Goku announced, his eyes fixated on the two figures descending some distance before them; one was Jeice, the one he let go, and the other was one he hadn't met yet, an purple-skinned alien with black horns resting atop his head, though Goku had the feeling that that would change soon enough. Not only that, but it wasn't exactly hard for Goku to deduce that the one with horns was the Captain, and a quick feel of his ki confirmed that this guy had quite the power resting on his hands.

Ginyu, completely stoic, took in the one Jeice had enlightened him about. He certainly didn't look like much and he couldn't believe that one measly Saiyan gave his squad a run for their money. He and his Squad had encountered many Saiyans in their time, and not one had even the slightest chance of overpowering them. Admittingly, he was curious as to what made this Saiyan so different than the others, but there were other matters more significant than his curiosity. This Saiyan had made a fool out of his squad and no one makes a fool out of the Ginyu Force; he would pay dearly with his life.

"...Goku." Krillin muttered lowly from beside his friend, "If you have a plan, then now would be the best time to let us in on it."

"Krillin, Gohan." Goku addressed seriously, his eyes never leaving Ginyu's red ones. "You two locate the dragon radar and try to get your hands on the dragon balls." He instructed, noting from afar that Ginyu was reading his power level - it was audible (courtesy of the beeping) and he could see numbers rapidly increasing across the scouter. Of course, he had his ki suppressed but would he be able to figure that out? Ceasing his thoughts, Goku shifted his eyes onto Krillin and Gohan only to see that they had yet to move.

"Alright, guys, you two go on ahead. Leave this to me."

Gohan looked taken aback. "But what about you? You expect us to leave you here all by yourself?"

"I'm fine. If anything, Raditz and Vegeta will be here. If I'm not mistaken - " Goku turned his head towards his older brother - "you mentioned something about saving Jeice for you, right?"

"Yeah," Raditz answered with a nod, smirking, "that's right."

Goku nodded once. "Then it's settled! You two, go now!"


And with that, Krillin and Gohan left to do as Goku instructed, leaving him to deal with the last two Ginyu members.

"Well," Goku began, sliding into his fighting stance, "looks as if it's just us now."

Raditz mirrored Goku, sliding into a fighting stance of his own as he kept his eyes trained on Jeice. Vegeta, however, had other matters on his agenda, none of which included fighting at the moment. He sparred a glance in the direction Gohan and Krillin took off towards, his face betraying nothing. He couldn't allow those brats to get their grubby hands on the dragon balls before him. This was probably the only chance he was going to get in order to have the dragon balls in his possession once more, his only chance for immortality. While Kakarot and Raditz busied themselves with fighting the remaining members of the Ginyu Force, he'd busy himself with seeing that his wish got granted. With Frieza distracted and away from the ship, he couldn't fail.

Ceasing his thoughts, a smirking Vegeta suddenly powered up and leapt upwards, taking note of the fact that both Goku and Raditz were regarding him with that of a shocked expression. Idiots, Vegeta thought to himself. "Enjoy the fight you two!" Vegeta called out to them, guffawing before vanishing from sight.

"Vegeta, you dirty dog you!" Goku called after him, but he was long-gone. He couldn't believe he actually trusted him! What was even more worse was the fact that he fell for it!

"Kakarot!" Raditz suddenly barked.

Goku turned around at the call of his name only to receive an elbow to the face, having been caught by surprise. Due to the sheer force of Ginyu's attack, he was sent hurling backwards, but managed to right himself accordingly just in time with a flip. Ginyu didn't skip a beat, appearing behind the Saiyan and throwing out a mean kick, which Goku was quick to dodge by ducking. Quickly, Goku shifted his weight over on a mere foot and kicked out at Ginyu. As expected, Ginyu easily evaded it, but Goku, just as quickly, followed up his previous attack with rapid punches, all of which Ginyu easily evaded, and ended his small onslaught with a hard punch. Again, Ginyu evaded it and cocked his fist back, hurling it forwards and proceeding to onslaught Goku with rapid punches of his own. However, Goku, like Ginyu, evaded them and sent out quick punches of his own, the two seemingly going toe-to-toe with one another.

To both Raditz and Jeice, it looked as if neither of the two could land a hit on one another and both watched on as Goku suddenly pulled back in order to deliver a kick to the side, only for Ginyu to grab him by the ankle and swing him towards the mountains a considerable distance away. He hurled backwards and at the last minute, flipped, touching down on the mountain side briefly before propelling himself off of it towards Ginyu with a push of the feet, moving to drop kick him. Surprisingly, Ginyu seemingly phased from sight and Goku's kick collided with nothing but air. His eyes widened in surprise, and due to the momentum he applied behind his attack, he skidded forwards, but managed to halt himself nonetheless.

Immediately, black eyes scanned the surrounding area in an attempt to locate his opponent; Goku found nothing. To his surprise, Ginyu shot out of the ground before his very feet and thinking quickly, Goku ascended in an attempt to create some distance between them. However, Ginyu ascended as well and cocked his fist back, slamming it into the side of Goku's face and sending him plummeting towards the ground. While his opponent was still on his back, Ginyu was quick to give chase and upon reaching him, attempt to stomp him. Goku's eyes widened, nevertheless, he was quick to roll out of the way and shift his weight onto a palm, kicking outwards at Ginyu and catching him in the straight in the midsection. This time, it was Ginyu that hurled backwards, skidding across the ground and Goku gave chase, determined to give his opponent no time to recover. However, just when he went to drive his foot into Ginyu upon reaching him, Ginyu managed to recover, flipping over himself. Again, Goku moved to drive his foot into him once more, the ground shattering under his attack, yet he missed.

Having recovered completely, Ginyu flew towards yet another mountainside, glancing behind him only to see that Goku was giving chase as expected. In seemingly the blink of an eye, Ginyu suddenly vanished and appeared before Goku just as abruptly, sending him hurling backwards and nearly crashing into a mass of nearby water with a hard kick. Though, due to righting himself at the last minute, Goku landed atop of the water and skidded backwards, a huge wave of water forming behind him as he did so. Powering up just slightly once he was settled, forcing the water to expel outwards with him as the epicenter, Goku charged forwards and the two seemingly went toe-to-toe once again, putting one another one the receiving end of an onslaught of punches and kicks.

Opposed to earlier though, a few minutes into their intense toe-to-toe fight, Ginyu was the one to end it with a hard punch to Goku's jaw, sending the spiky-haired warrior hurling backward yet again. As expected, Goku managed to right himself and touch down on the ground, parallel to Ginyu, whom was regarding him with a smirk. Wordlessly, Goku wiped the blood he felt trickling out of the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand, the two seemingly in an intense stare-down of some sorts.

"Way to go, boss!" Jeice cheered from the sidelines. That Saiyan was finally getting what he deserved. Jeice smirked. He was a fool to not kill him when he had the chance to do so, and now his mistake would cost him his life.

"Well, I must say," Ginyu began, chuckling in amusement. "I almost forgot what a real fight feels like. It's been a while since I've gotten this riled up."

"Hey, boss!" Jeice called out with a smirk. "Let's take this guy together and show him what happens when he messes with the Ginyu Force!"

"Think again!" Raditz exclaimed, phasing from his location and appearing before Jeice in the same fashion, slugging him in the cheek as hard as he could. "Your one and only opponent is me!"

Jeice hurled backwards from the force of the punch, releasing a pained grunt as he tumbled over himself. He had just barely managed to right himself at the last minute before Raditz suddenly appeared before him, driving his knee into his midsection. Jeice's eyes bulged upon impact, blood spluttering out of his mouth as he noticeably convulsed with an expression akin to shock. The sheer force of the knee to the stomach was enough to make him buckle, leaving him momentarily stunned, but Raditz was far from finished, following up his knee to the midsection with a hard knee to the chin. Again, Jeice spluttered out blood as he took the hit, stumbling backwards with a blank expression. It literally felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him and he still had yet to completely recover from Raditz first attack. He had only taken a mere two hits and it felt as if he had been engaged in battle for an extended period of time. Not only that, but it was almost as if Raditz was in the same league with the other Saiyan.

How were these Saiyans becoming this strong? It just wasn't adding up! He couldn't recall the time when a Saiyan was ever this much of a challenge.

Raditz, on the other hand, grabbed an trance-striken Jeice by the wrist before he could stumble out of his range and executed a hard roundhouse kick, touching back down on the ground with a swiftness Jeice was failing to comprehend and then ruthlessly, driving his elbow atop of Jeice's head as he slammed his knee into his midsection again at the same time. Jeice features contorted to an expression which was that of a pained one and the red-skinned alien deduced that he'd be a fool to think he stood a chance against Raditz, but even so, he couldn't afford to look like this when his captain wasn't too far off in distance. Not only that, but he had a feeling that Captain Ginyu would be using his special ability at any moment now. If he didn't lead Raditz away, then he could possibly interfere with his plans.

He had to lead him away.

With that thought in mind, Jeice pulled back as fast as he could, quickly putting Raditz on the receiving end of an onslaught of punches and kicks. Of course, Raditz was easily evading it, fending off his attacks with little to no effort at all with a small smirk on his features. Jeice, though, scoffed, feeling his anger rise but made sure not to let Raditz in on that small detail, "Arrogant much? It seems you and Vegeta have a lot in common."

Raditz suddenly sneered. "Don't compare me to him! Vegeta and I are nothing alike!" And as if realizing what Jeice was attempting to do, goading him, Raditz forced himself to cool down. Despite there being an more than noticeable difference in their power levels, he couldn't afford to get sloppy. "Besides, if anything," Raditz began, his smirk reappearing as he continued to easily evade Jeice's attacks, "I've been waiting for this confrontation for a while now. You, moreso the rest of the Ginyu Force, had a real knack for going out of your way to make my life hell. In return, I'm going to take my time and make you pay ten-fold."

Jeice's eyes widened, watching as Raditz suddenly cocked a fist back and slammed it into his face. Immediately, Jeice's hands fled to his face and he released a pained groan as he felt what was most likely blood glide down out of his nose.

Now's my chance!

Seizing an opportunity he knew he wasn't likely to get again, Jeice quickly kicked sand in Raditz's face and charged up a ki blast in the palm of his hand, forgoing the poses he normally preformed. Opposed to the ki blast he formed earlier against Goku, this one was much larger and with a grunt, he sent it hurling towards a cursing Raditz. "Crusher Ball!"

By the time, Raditz managed to evade the attack, ascending and flipping over it, Jeice had already took off in the other direction, hauling tail. Raditz angrily wiped the sand out of his eyes with the backs of his hands, staring in the direction Jeice took off in. Unlike his brother, he was no idiot. It was more than obvious to him that Jeice was attempting to lead him elsewhere, though for what reason he wasn't sure. Discreetly, Raditz shifted his gaze onto the ongoing battle between his brother and Ginyu, telling himself that he wasn't worried in the slightest. To him, it appeared as if everything was under control; however, he suddenly had a bad feeling. Perhaps, he was just over thinking things a little, but even he wasn't sure about the capabilities Ginyu contained. Granted, there were rumors, but it was hard to derive the truth when you knew little to nothing about whomever the rumors were centered around.


"Go ahead!" Goku shouted back, dodging a kick from Ginyu and countering with a kick of his own, which Ginyu easily evaded. "I'll be fine!"

Raditz said nothing in response. Instead, he gave chase after Jeice, whom had to be a considerable distance away by now. He supposed he could power up to his max and get to Jeice quicker, but if he could avoid wasting ki, then he would do so. After all, Frieza has yet to be confronted. And if there was any hope of standing up against Frieza, he needed to be at his utmost condition.

Ginyu, whom had been discreetly observing Jeice's fight with Raditz, smirked as he dodged an elbow to the face. Even to him, he could tell that Jeice stood no chance against Raditz. Raditz was far more powerful than Jeice and was presumably on par with the Saiyan before him. That aside, Jeice's sudden departure was going to work in his favor. If he hadn't known better, then he would have stated that Jeice deliberately led Raditz away in order for him to use his special technique without interferences.

Good work, Jeice.

He won't even know what hit him.


"While I do enjoy a little workout from time to time," Frieza began, chuckling in amusement as his red eyes remained on the Namekian before him. "I have other matters to tend to; you're just wasting my time. I hope you realize how foolish it was of you to challenge me to a fight you were bound to lose from the beginning. I hardly even broke a sweat."

Which was true.

Though, it wasn't as if there was anyone on this measly planet that stood a chance against him in the first place. He was Frieza, feared by many and not only that, but he was untouchable. The power he contained was unfathomable to many and what made matters even better (for him) was the fact that no one was aware of his true power. To be frank, he wasn't even in his true form. Everything was going according to his plan - of course, everything always went according to his plans - however, yet again, he had ran into another (small) obstacle. This time, though, he had the dragon balls and he was aware of all the necessary information required to use the dragon balls, so the obstacle that was hindering him wasn't anything he couldn't handle. In fact, he was currently handling at the moment, so to speak. It just appeared as if an certain Namek had every intention of being difficult, ultimately refusing to give him the password.

By no means was Frieza a fool, he was aware that the Namekian before him challenged him solely to protect the much older Namekian, in an attempt to lead him away from him as well, but what the Namek wasn't aware of was the fact that after he was finished with him, he was going right back to the elder Namekian. He was through playing games and he has had just about enough. Admittingly, his opponent's power greatly exceeded the other Namekians and surprisingly, he had done well not to succumb to the torture he had been putting him though, but he was beyond annoyed at this point; hence, why he was wrapping things up.

Frieza raised a mere hand, pointing a finger at Nail. "Say good-bye, Namek."

Nail, sensing that things were going to be ending for him soon, smirked. Unbeknownst to Frieza, not only had he been protecting the Grand Elder but he had been buying time in order for Dende to reach the others and give them the password. Even if he only managed to extend his father's life only for a little while, he knew for certain that he had, at least, managed to successfully stall Frieza long enough for Dende to make it. By now, Dende should be relaying the password to them and if not now, then it wouldn't matter - it would be far too late for Frieza to intervene.

Frieza, noticing the shift in Nail's demeanor, narrowed his eyes. "Is there something funny?"

Nail's smirk widened, "By now, the others have received the password from Dende. This fight was nothing more than a small delay in order for him to do so."

Frieza's eyes widened, unconsciously dropping his hand to his side. Briefly, an image appeared of him passing a much smaller Namekian on the way here and the tyrant's feature's immediately shifted to an expression of rage, recalling what it was the fallen Namekian meant. Cursing loudly, Frieza took off, leaving an utterly battered Nail to leisurely die.


"There she is! There's Bulma!" Gohan exclaimed from above, quickly descending from the green skies, followed by Krillin. Finally, they located the blue-haired woman, whom had wandered off from her original location and had been presumably heading towards the dragon balls. Obviously, they could have saved quite the bit of time if Bulma would have just remained in her original location, but Gohan supposed everything worked out just fine. After all, they couldn't sense Frieza's ki near his ship and if anything, Frieza's ki, at one point, seemed to be involved with another ki, which paled in comparison to his, but was nonetheless fairly decent.

"Finally!" Krillin exclaimed exasperated, descending alongside Gohan. "We wasted enough time searching for her! Let's take the dragon radar and go!"



Raditz, upon catching up with Jeice, scowled when the Ginyu Force member had yet to stop and merely kept flying. Deciding to take a different approach and to end this once and for all, Raditz merely phased in Jeice's line of sight, catching Jeice by surprise and sending him plummeting towards the ground with a hard kick. Jeice released a pained cry, the sound of his ribs snapping under the force of Raditz kick more than audible to him. From just that one kick, Jeice was certain that he was done for; he felt as if all movement in his body was no longer possible and a brief image of Burter being defeated by the other Saiyan with a few mere hits, flashed in his head, noting that just like Burter had been paralyzed, he was paralyzed as well. Was this his punishment for abandoning his fallen comrades?

However, whatever more thoughts Jeice might have had was ceased rather abruptly upon feeling a sudden weight pushing down on his front. The white-haired alien spluttered up blood, eyes wide as he released a pained scream. Raditz smirked in response, pushing his foot down harder on Jeice's chest, watching as Jeice screamed out once more as he desperately attempted to writhe underneath his boot; it was futile. He was completely immobile and Raditz was well aware of this.

"As much I'd like to relish in how much the tables have turned, it appears as if I have to cut this shorter than I'd like to. You should consider yourself lucky, Jeice. Kakarot has managed to save you again - albeit indirectly."

Despite his current predicament, Jeice released an strained laugh. "But can you manage... to save him? I'm sure you're aware of the fact that I was deliberately... leading you away. Do you... know why? Heck, even if I do tell you why - " Jeice paused involuntarily, convulsing lightly as he coughed up more blood - "we're about a good half an hour away from them."

Raditz sneered, pressing his foot down harder against Jeice, watching as he sunk further into the ground and screamed out again. Of course, he had been aware of Jeice's plan the entire time, to lead him away in order to provide Ginyu with some sort of opportunity, but he didnt know the exact reason - even if he could make a few guesses - nor was he aware of the opportunity Ginyu had in mind. "What do you mean?! Explain! Kakarot is far more powerful than Ginyu and you know that as much as I do!"

Jeice made a grimace of pain, but nonetheless answered with a smirk, wheezing. "It doesn't powerful...Captain Ginyu's opponent's are. No one - not even that Saiyan - stands...a chance...against his Body Switch Technique! It's...over!"

The long-haired Saiyan regarded Jeice with an unreadable look, before suddenly smirking moments later. "Aside from everything else," Raditz began hefting up a hand as he proceeded to charge up a rather large, powerful ki blast, which was pink in color, in the center of his palm,"you are right about one thing - " He watched as Jeice's eyes widened in horror, positioning the ki blast directly before Jeice's face - "Saturday Crush!" Raditz exclaimed, completely obliterating Jeice.

"It is over...but just for you."


Wordlessly, Raditz stared after the spot Jeice had been at merely moments ago, before taking off and heading towards his brother. 'Body Switch Technique' was pretty much self-explanatory and it was pretty much needless to say, that he needed to find Kakarot as fast as possible. If Ginyu managed to get his hands on Kakarot's body before he could arrive, then he'd have no choice but to kill his brother. Prior to Namek and prior to his brother sparing his life years back, he wouldn't have gave killing him a thought, but things were different now.

And he didn't want Kakarot's harpy of a wife on his back when he returned.

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