Jamie was running hard. They had rolled up on a robbery in progress and the perp ran. Jamie had run after the guy and Renzulli checked on the victims before joining the pursuit. Jamie was almost on him when they guy spun and fired two shots from a gun Jamie didn't know he had.

Jamie felt the pain ripping through his chest and abdomen but knew he couldn't let the guy get away if he had a gun. Jamie leaped and tackled the guy and with what little strength he had managed to handcuff him. Just as Jamie slumped down against the wall of the nearest building he saw Renzulli running up.


Renzulli had almost caught up to Jamie and the perp when he heard the gunshots. He slowed and rounded the corner in time to see Jamie handcuffing the guy. He sighed with relief thinking that the kid was ok. Then he saw his rookie slump against the wall and the two dark spots slowly spreading on his uniform.

Renzulli had never run so fast in his life and was at the kid's side in seconds. He checked to make sure the shooter was secure then handcuffed him to a nearby pipe.

As Renzulli kneeled over his fallen rookie partner he used one hand to put pressure on the chest wound while he called it in with his other. "10-13, Officer down, I need a bus at 189 Lexington and an additional unit to take a suspect." Renzulli turned to Jamie and used his other hand to put pressure on the other wound.

"Come on kid, don't die on me. Stay awake ok, if you don't your brother is gonna murder me. Come on kid, you gotta live to brag about how you took a guy down while shot full of holes. That was amazing kid." Renzulli mumbles as he watches Jamie's eyes droop lower and his breathing slow.


Danny and Jackie were a block away when they heard the call go out over the radio. "That's a block away you want to take it?" Jackie asked grabbing the radio. Danny nodded and listened as Jackie called in to say they were taking the call.

Danny rounded the corner and saw the three figures and parked. As he was walking up Jackie suddenly stopped him. Danny gave her a curious look.

"Danny, you don't want to go over there." Jackie said trying to stay calm, "I'll take care of it."

Danny was wondering what was going on when he saw the officer that was kneeling over another turn his head. It was Renzulli that must mean the officer down was…"Jamie"

Jackie looked at him sympathetically and nodded. Without a thought he ran to his little brother's side. Renzulli looked up at him and smiled grimly. Danny kneeled down and blanched when he saw the amount of blood seeping out of his baby brother's body. He ran a hand though Jamie's hair and was surprised when his eyes snapped open. "Hey Jamie. Keep those eyes open now you hear me?" Danny said softly continuing the motion with his hand as he positioned himself to use his other hand to assist Renzulli.

Jamie nodded then groaned when Danny applied more pressure. "Dann…" Jamie tried to talk but coughed instead. Danny watched in horror as blood came out of Jamie's mouth. He raised his head to look at Renzulli and they both knew the bullet had hit a lung.

Before Danny had the chance to say anything, the ambulance arrived. Danny stood and froze, watching as the paramedics asked Renzulli questions and loaded his brother in the back of the ambulance. He stood there and watched as the ambulance drove off.

When he finally snapped back to reality he turned to Renzulli and pointed at the man handcuffed to a pipe nearby. "Is that the guy who shot Jamie? Is it?" Danny asked and watched as Renzulli nodded. Danny took a breath then said, "Thank you for catching him Renzulli."

Renzulli shook his head and said, "I didn't catch the bastard, in fact if I had, I probably would have shot the guy." When he saw Danny's confused face he explained, "Your brother got him. That kid is one fine cop, even with two bullet holes in him he took this guy down and cuffed him by himself. It was an amazing thing to see."

Danny looked over at Jackie and saw on her face the same shock he felt.

"You know, I'll go ahead and take the guy. Since you are here you can go to the hospital after Jamie. I'll come by after I book the guy." Renzulli said comfortingly.

As he walked off, Danny realized that he didn't catch what hospital they were taking him to. Then he felt a hand on his arm and turned to see Jackie. "Don't worry Danny; I know where they are taking him. Let me drive ok."

Danny nodded and climbed in the car. As they were driving Danny pulled out his phone and took a deep breath as he dialed the familiar number and listened to the ringing.


Frank was alone in his office when his phone rang. "Hello."

"Dad, um it's, it's Jamie. They are taking him to the hospital now. I'm on my way there with Jackie."

"Danny, what happened? Calm down, ok. What hospital." Frank asked, almost terrified of the answer to the first question.

"He got shot Dad. I don't know what hospital. I couldn't… I just… Jackie knows."

Frank listened as Jackie told him what happened and what Hospital to go to. He was grabbing his jacket and was about to leave when Baker came in. "Sir, I'm not sure how to tell you this but I've gotten several calls saying Officer Renzulli walked into the precinct with a suspect for booking and he was covered in blood. Sir, he says its Jamie sir."

Frank nods and replies, "I just got a call from Danny. I know what happened. Just get me to see my son."

As he climbs in the car, Frank knows it's his turn to make some calls. He knows Danny will have already called Linda so he needs to tell Erin and Henry. When Henry picks up the phone he is glad to hear that Erin is there as well. "Dad, I need you to sit down and put the phone on speaker so Erin can hear." Frank says calmly.

"Francis, what's wrong? Did something happen? Are the boys ok?" Henry asks, worried.

"Dad calm down ok. Erin, are you there?" Frank replies.

"Yeah Dad. What's going on?" Erin asks shakily. She knows what a call like this could mean, what it meant the last time.

"I got a call from Danny earlier, Jamie is in the hospital." Frank pauses as he hears Erin gasp. "He said Jamie was shot, twice. I don't know anything else; I'm still on my way to the hospital. I'll meet you there and let you know if I hear any news." With that Frank hangs up as they pull up to the hospital.