The moon was rising over the horizon. The clear blue sky had faded away, revealing a dark backdrop covered with bright stars. Underneath this perfect night stood a large, grey castle, hidden from those who didn't know the way to it.

Towards the top of the castle was a balcony, leading to a pair open glass doors. Through these doors was a large, dark room. Red drapes hung along the walls and small candles were placed around the room. In the middle of the room, sitting on a small stone platform, was a large wooden coffin. But suddenly, the door on the coffin began to open, the old wood creaking as a pale hand lifted it up.

A tall dark figure slowly rose and opened it's sharp eyes, right before letting out a yawn. "I really should think about replacing this old thing," he mumbled, rubbing his slightly sore back.

*Knock knock* "Sir, it's time to-"

"I know," the vampire replied, scowling slightly, "I'm up. Just give me ten minutes and I'll be down there."

"Yes sir, Master Dracula." He heard metal footsteps retreat from the door, and he lifted his legs out of the coffin. With a flick of his wrist, the candles were lit, filling the room with light. You could now see pictures around the room. There were a few small framed ones on the mantle of him, his daughter, and (the most recent addition to their family) Jonathan. There was also the huge picture of himself and his late wife that hung on the wall.

Walking over to the bathroom, he quickly brushed his fangs, combed his hair back, took off his black pajamas and put on his normal black suit and cape. Before leaving the room, he looked up at the large picture hanging above his bed. He smiled softly as he looked at the happy couple in the picture.

"Good evening, my love," he said to his wife. With that, Dracula quickly walked out of his room and towards the closest elevator. He heard greetings of "Good evening Dracula!" from the monsters just waking up, and "Do Not Disturb" from the shrunken heads who were hanging on the doors of monsters who weren't awake yet.

One short elevator ride later, Dracula was on the first floor, which was filled with monsters and their families. Some were heading to breakfast, others were checking out or just checking in. It seemed like ever since the Jonathan incident, the story had spread like wildfire and the hotel had been more popular than ever.

"Hello everyone," he said with a pleasant smile, "I trust you all had a good day's rest?" He was met with happy replies, and smiled even bigger. Usually, if his guests were happy, he was happy. However, that didn't last too long because at that moment, he heard the ding of an elevator door opening, followed by an army of hungry and hyper wolf pups stampeding into the lobby.

"Kids, behave yourself," Wanda said, although it most likely fell on deaf ears.

"Yeah, have a morning without causing property damage for once," Wayne added before letting out a tired yawn.

"Good evening," Dracula greeted, trying to keep his cape out of reach of a growling puppy.

"How much sleep did you manage to get last night?" they heard Griffin ask as a pair of glasses floated towards them.

"About ten minutes more than usual actually," Wayne replied, "And I'm gonna need it too."

"Ah yes, the big 2nd birthday," Dracula said. Every pup in the litter, except for the three newest additions who were a year younger than the rest, was turning two years old.

"Yep, two years down, only two more years of puppyhood to go," Wayne said. He winced. "Two more long years."

"Not counting three more years for the triplets," Griffin added. Wayne growled at him.

"It's too bad the Steins and Murray couldn't make it," Wanda said. She always enjoyed talking with Eunice even if she was a bit loud, and Murray always made the kids laugh.

"Yeah well, you know how those two love going to their 'Creations of Mad Scientists' conventions," Dracula replied. Last time the couple went there, Frank got a new foot (which made Eunice happy since their doctor had given Frank two left feet), and Eunice got the latest monster haircut. It was definitely easy to keep in style when you could just attach new hair to your head rather than just cutting it or waiting for it to grow.

"Yeah, and Murray's got that 'Cruise of the Nile' thing," Griffin added.

"Well, maybe next year," Wanda said. She turned to her husband. "Come on dear, we better get the kids to breakfast before they start eating the furniture." A footstool with several bite marks in it flew across the room.

"Too late," Griffin commented.


As the witches moved in to clean up the mess, the Wolves rounded up the pups, and Dracula and Griffin accompanied the family to breakfast.

"So, how's everything going, Drac?" Wayne asked.

The vampire raised an eyebrow. "Fine," he answered, "Everything's fine, why would it not be fine?"

"Well it's just that, we're having a birthday party today," Wayne said, "and I just figured you would be feeling a little down. You know, with Mavis not being here." The young vamp had been gone over a year now, not even being able to come back on her birthday thanks to plane delays. On that day, Dracula barely left his room. He kept a strong face in front of the hotel guests, but his friends knew how hard it was on him.

"Yeah, speaking of the little Love Bats, how are they doing?" Griffin asked.

Dracula gave him a small glare. "Fine. I got another letter from them about a week or so ago. They're having a great time, which is why I am in such a good mood."

He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a tan envelope. He would get one at least once a month. Each one would contain two letters, one from Mavis and one from Jonathan, and about a dozen pictures. Of course Mavis couldn't actually appear in the pictures, but there would always be a pink suitcase or a floating parasol in the picture that let Dracula know she was there. As for the letters, they were filled with stories of trying new foods and fashion, seeing amazing sights and shows, and just having a great time. To Dracula, reading about all the fun she was having and how happy she was made all the heartache from missing her worth it.

Flipping through the pictures, he stopped at the one that was taken on their first trip, which was of course Hawaii. The backdrop was a summer sunset with palm trees swaying in the background. Johnny, who was in a tee shirt and swim trunks, had his arm around an invisible Mavis who was holding her parasol over her to protect her from any remaining sun. Even though she wasn't there, Dracula could clearly see how happy his daughter was.

Smiling, he put the picture away. "I'm not worried or upset, I'm completely calm. My little girl is out there, enjoying her life and making the most of it," Dracula said, "I know she is safe, and I know she is happy. And that, is all that matters."

His three friends smiled. "How sweet," Wanda commented.

"I'm proud of ya, Drac," Wayne said.

"Same here, buddy," Griffin added.

"Thank you." He turned to the wolfman. "So I have a few activities planned for their party, and-" He stopped mid-sentence as his sharp vampire ears caught the sound of the front desk phone ringing. "Hold that thought." In a flash, he was gone.

The three remaining monsters looked at each other. "So, is that what being calm looks like?" Griffin commented.

Reaching the front desk in record time, Dracula quickly answered the phone. "Yes, hello?"

"Hello, we would just like to make a reservation?" said a deep, male voice. Dracula's smile fell.

"Oh. Yes of course." He cleared his throat and asked professionally, "Names please?"

"A Mr. Stein and a Miss Dracula." Dracula raised an eyebrow.

"Wha-?" He heard giggling in the background. "Surprise Dad!" said a new voice that Dracula recognized right away as his daughter's. "S'up Drac!" Johnny added, dropping the fake voice.

"Mavis, Jonathan?" Dracula said, his smile returning. Unfortunately, hearing the familiar names caught the other monsters' attention. Excited and curious, they swarmed the front desk, shouting out questions at Dracula and the couple on the phone.

"Mavis, how are you!" "Where are you guys!" "Are you coming back?" "Are you two still dating?"

"Everyone please quiet down!" Dracula shouted over the crowd, "I can't hear the-!" The monsters continued shouting, some even louder than before. He scowled and his eyes turned red. Finally, Dracula let out a loud roar that echoed through the whole lobby.

Now scared into silence, the monsters stared at Dracula. He gave them one final glare before smiling again, putting the phone up to his ear and asking cheerfully, "So, how's your trip? Where are you right now?"

"We're in Rome, just a few hours away from home," Mavis answered. The two were sitting in their hotel room and were getting ready to head out to get something to eat. "Speaking of home, how are things over there?"

"Oh same old, same old," Dracula replied, "Wayne and Wanda's pups are having their 2nd birthday today."

"We'll have to wish them a happy birthday tomorrow." Dracula's eyes widened.

"Wait, you really are making a reservation?" he asked.

"Yep!" Johnny answered.

"We both wanted to come visit you and everyone else," Mavis continued, "I mean, we haven't seen you guys in over a year." Of course the world was everything she thought it would be. Exciting, beautiful, fun, a huge adventure. But even adventures have small breaks in between. "Besides, I miss you."

Dracula smiled. "I miss you too, my little mouse."

"So, go ahead and reserve a room for two for the next week!" Johnny said happily.

"Absolutely," Dracula replied, "Two rooms for the next week."

"Uh, I said one room."

"I know. Okay baby, I'll see you tomorrow!"

"We'll be at the hotel around sunset. Bye dad!" "See ya Drac!" With that, the phone call ended. Feeling so happy that he could have flown three laps around the castle, Dracula turned to his guests and friends.

"They will be arriving tomorrow!" The crowd cheered, and the wolf pups howled happily, excited to see their 'cousin' again.

Moving through the crowd, Dracula found one of his knights. "Alright, I want half the knights and witches to set up the Wolves party, make sure there is plenty of food, toys, and newspapers. The rest of you, make sure this place is cleaned from top to bottom. I want everything perfect for their arrival."

"Yes sir!" The knight saluted and then ran off to find his fellow soldiers.

For the rest of the day, the vampire found himself running back and forth throughout the hotel. Part of the time he was helping host the wolves party by keeping things on schedule or even just playing fetch with the pups to give their parents a break.

Other times he was helping out at the front desk (news of Mavis and Johnny coming had spread all throughout Transylvania. Everyone wanted to come, even the Steins and Murray were cutting their plans short and stopping by), and as for the rest of his time, he was helping out the knights or the witches. He made sure there wasn't a speak of dust in sight.

By the time he was finished, the sun was already in the sky. The vampire was so tired he could barely get into his coffin. 'But, it'll all be worth it,' he thought as he closed his tired eyes.

He was going to make sure this week would be perfect.

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