The late November wind was light and the air was crisp. As soon as he woke up, he could smell the leaves from his open window. It wouldn't be long before snow arrived in Transylvania, but even snow wouldn't slow down their hotel, at least not this year.

Rays of sunlight still shone through his curtains. For a vampire, getting up before sunset was the equivalent of waking up around three in the morning. But Dracula didn't mind, he had had a good day's rest, and was in a pleasant mood.

Making his way downstairs, deciding to stretch his wings and take one of the staircases rather than the elevator, he could hear the sounds of a full hotel lobby. The knights had opened up the hotel that morning, but there were still guests arriving. Nearly every room was reserved, for that night and the next year!

Peering over his lobby, he could see plenty of monsters and humans alike, either trying to get checked in or talking with a friend in the lobby. His staff was hard at work, and there didn't seem to be any problems, which pleased the vampire. Unfortunately, Dracula's friends and Johnny's family wouldn't be able to make it to the grand reveal, but they had already made sure to have reservations for next year and Mavis' Birthday, so he didn't mind. However, there were still two special guests that he was looking forward to seeing.

Transforming back into his normal form, Dracula moved through the crowd, wanting to find a suit of armor just to make sure everything was going great and to get a report on anything he missed while he was asleep. As he walked, he received plenty of waves and 'Hello's'.

"Hey!" shouted one person, instantly getting Dracula's attention. It was a slightly short man with black hair and had a bit of a belly. He looked so familiar, but he couldn't quite remember...

"Don't you remember me, fellow Dracula?" the man asked in an obviously fake Transylvanian accent, "Bleh bleh-bleh!"

Oh yeah, that's where. "Yes, hello, nice to see you again," Dracula replied, forcing a smile. Satisfied, the man walked away and as soon as he was out of earshot, Dracula slumped over and sighed. "How can I never be able to live something down when I never did it in the first place?" he asked no one in particular.

Well, at least he didn't have to hear it all the time. Standing back up, he spotted a knight in the far corner of the room, keeping a watchful eye on the room. "Status report please," Dracula said.

"Yes Sir. More than half the rooms have been filled," the head knight told him, "Lunch and Dinner went over successfully and there have been no issues or emergencies."

"Excellent," Dracula grinned. For once, just what he wanted to hear. "Oh, and this came for you, Sir," the armor said, producing an envelope. Dracula raised an eyebrow. "Sent by owl and arrived this afternoon."

The vampire didn't need anymore information, he knew exactly who it was from. He thanked the knight, allowing him to leave, and then read his letter.


By the time Dunstan reaches you, the hotel will be open. I should let you know that the council is planning a few surprise visits. I can't tell you who's coming or when, but I thought I should at least let you know.

As for Mavis' letter, tell her thank you and that I wouldn't mind having her visit me. It isn't much, but perhaps we could do a bit of hunting nearby, and I have a few books she may enjoy reading. But tell her I do not need a cell phone. I'm perfectly fine with pen and paper, thank you.

To Mavis: Looking forward to your reply, and I hope you and Jonathan enjoyed your trip. To Vlad: Good luck on the re-opening, just don't get too cocky.

- Eve

Dracula smirked. Mavis and Eve had been exchanging letters lately. They had only sent a few so far, so it was a bit slow, but they were getting there. Mavis was getting to know Eve better, and Eve had a bit of company other than the council and Dunstan. Their relationship wasn't the strongest or the deepest, but they were both willing to try to get there.

As for him and Eve, their relationship was pretty much like it was back when Eve was around. Not quite getting along (at least, not all the time), but not hating each other either. Frankly, that was just fine with Drac. To him, it was just nice to have her not hating him and trying to re-connect with Mavis.

Speaking of Mavis... "Hey! Dad!" Slipping the letter into his shirt pocket, he turned and smiled.

"There you two are!" he greeted as Mavis and Johnny went up to him, still carrying their suitcases and bags, "I was hoping you would get here soon. You didn't get burned, did you?"

"We're fine, Dad," Mavis said, rolling her eyes slightly, "There were plenty of shadows and I had my parasol."

The two young vampires were dressed in new clothes that Drac had never seen before. Johnny was wearing a new long sleeved shirt with a dragon design on it while Mavis was wearing a purple silk shirt with a collar and gold designs on it, plus a new hairclip, which had several small jewels on it. "How are things here?" Johnny asked.

"Busy but good," Dracula replied, "and how was your trip?"

"Great!" they replied in unison.

"There were plenty of cool sights and pretty landmarks," Mavis told her father, "and we even met a couple dragons."

"-Who, will probably be coming here next time they wanna take a vacation!" Johnny added.

"Well, why don't you take your things up to your rooms and you can tell me more about it," Dracula told them, "Oh, and Mavy, your friends said that they'll meet you at the pool later."

"Alright/Okay." Grabbing their luggage, Dracula watched as they moved through the crowd and quickly went up the stairs. It was nice to see that they were still enjoying their trips.

'Maybe it's high time I go on one,' the vampire mused as he walked over to the front desk to help out the zombies. After all, they had invited him to go on several, and with the danger of humans slowly going away, maybe he would join them sometime. 'When we're not so busy, of course.'

As soon as they reached the second floor and saw an open window, the two looked at each other, grinning. "Race ya," Johnny said.

"You're on." With that, they jumped out the window. Mavis transformed into a bat and flew up high while Johnny began running on the side of the castle since he still didn't have his bat powers yet. As they passed Mavis' room, they tossed their bags on the small balcony and increased their speed.

Even with Johnny's new speed though, Mavis still reached the roof first. "Yes!" she said as soon as she transformed back.

"Just wait until I get my bat powers," Johnny said, trying to sound mad, "then I'm gonna kick your butt!"

"Yeah, sure, keep telling yourself that." That two laughed and then sat down next to each other, looking over the fantastic view of the scenery surrounding the castle. The sun was nearly down now, so there was plenty of cover.

"Tokyo Tower was pretty amazing," Mavis said, "but I don't think anything will ever beat this view."

"Totally," Johnny agreed. A sharp wind blew past them, but they were both resistant to the cold, so they weren't bothered.

"So, when are we gonna tell him?" Johnny asked, "You know Drac will wanna throw a big party or something when he does."

"Soon," Mavis replied, "Probably tonight or tomorrow. But really, we have plenty of time to tell him - and everyone else, we are going to be here for a while." She gave a content sigh. "But right now, I just want to enjoy this."

"Yeah, same here." Johnny placed his hand over hers, careful not to accidentally bump the diamond ring on finger, and the two leaned on each other. After a long plane ride, it wasn't long before they fell asleep. They would've probably spent the rest of the night on the roof, if not for an explosion waking them up.

"What was that?" Johnny asked. Looking up at the sky, they saw two bursts of color and light, followed by two more explosions. They could also hear cheers coming from the pool area in the hotel.

Mavis smiled. "Dad," she said, having a good idea who probably set it up.

"You know, this place really is awesome," Johnny commented.

"Yeah, it is," Mavis agreed. Wide awake, they both took this chance to enjoy the show, although they had a feeling this wouldn't be the last time there would be fireworks at the hotel.

As a grand finale, a bunch of fireflies flew high up and spelled out the words "Welcome to Hotel Transylvania" and got out of the way just before a dozen fireworks shot up and lit up the nighttime sky.

A warm welcome indeed, and a great start to a long and happy life for both the hotel, and the family who lived inside it.

The End.

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