Dracula led Eve to his office. Unlike most of the rooms in the hotel, it was actually pretty small. There was just enough room for a desk, and a small loveseat to rest on if he ever had to work through the day. Most of the papers were just bills, which Dracula always kept track of and made sure were paid on time. He didn't spend too much time in here, if anything, most of the work he had to do around the hotel involved doing things outside of the small office.

"So, what are you doing here?" Dracula asked.

"You know, you still haven't said hello to me," Eve said. Dracula scowled, and the brunette vampiress smirked.

"Hello," The count said with as little enthusiasm as possible, "Now, what are you doing here?"

"If you remember my letters, I told you I wanted to know why you let a human into your hotel," Eve explained, "and if it was good enough, we would leave you alone and you can go on your merry way. So, why? Didn't you ever think of, oh I don't know, kicking him out?"

Despite being angry, Dracula let out a small chuckle. "Trust me, I've tried," he said, thinking of all his attempts to get rid of the young man. He was glad none of them worked. "But that is all in the past. Jonathan is welcome at my hotel now, and nothing will change that." He spoke with authority, with a tone that would let anyone know he was not going to back down or change his mind. But Eve barely noticed, she was just sitting bored on the couch.

"What makes you think he's safe?" Eve asked him, raising an eyebrow, "Anyone can put on a smiling face and make you think they're a nice fellow. What makes you so sure he isn't planning something right now?"

"I trust Jonathan," Dracula stated, "and I know he won't ever try to hurt the hotel or any monsters in it. I mean, honestly, when you first saw him, did you think he was that kind of human?"

Eve thought for a moment. "Yeah, I suppose he does seem like more of the idiot type. No wonder you two get along." Dracula shot her a glare, but she ignored it. "But what makes you think he won't tell others about this place. That's how our kind was first found out. One person tells another, stories are told around a fire, and pretty soon a whole country is after our heads. You may be thick enough to trust him, but what about others?"

Dracula opened his mouth to speak, but his words caught in his throat. Truth was, Jonathan was planning on telling other humans. Less than two weeks from now. People Dracula had never met and knew nothing about. Eve actually had a point. But then, the friendly faces from the Monster festival flashed in his mind.

"What makes you think other humans are dangerous?" Dracula countered, "It is the twenty-first century."

"You know as well as I do that no matter how much time passes, you can't change a human's true nature," Eve said, her eyes narrowing.

"And how exactly do you know that?" Dracula asked, "Monsters have been in hiding for centuries, we've never even communicated with the modern day human before now."

"A year ago you thought that was a good thing," Eve commented.

"Only because I didn't know," Dracula replied, "Look, I'm not saying invite all humans to come here, but I am saying that we can trust some of them. I trust Jonathan, and I don't regret it one bit, and I know Mavis has never felt happier. Even if we can't trust the others, we can trust him.

Eve sat their silently, looking at her lap. "Trust, safety, happiness. Weren't those all things you felt a hundred years ago, back in your old castle? But we all know how that ended, don't we Vlad?"

The Count felt something snap. Growling, he leaned forward, trying to hold himself back from attacking her. Eve just glared right back, not flinching at all. Dracula knew as well as she did that Eve could handle herself in any fight, even against the famous count. He also knew that any physical action against her could easily be used as blackmail, which wouldn't help his case.

Backing away, Dracula took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. "This is different," he said simply.

"Is it?" Eve asked, "We're still in a world dominated by humans. We still have to protect and hide ourselves. You may feel like you're making the right choice by allowing the human to stay here, but you are still putting your guests and your daughter at risk to meet the same deadly fate. Now, I will ask you one more time: Will you make him leave?"

Dracula stood firmly. "No." Instead of glaring at him like he expected, Eve just looked unimpressed.

"Very well," she said, standing up. Reaching into her sleeve, she pulled out a white envelope. It was blank except for a waxy seal with the logo of the Monster council on it. "This just states that 'Hotel Transylvania' is on probation for one month."

"Probation!" Dracula repeated.

"I will be living close by," Eve continued, "and keeping an eye on the hotel. If I see anything that is putting monsters at risk or is below the standards of an approved monster safehouse, I will use my power to temporarily shut it down. You will face the council, and if we agree upon it, your hotel will be shut down permanently. Understand?"

Dracula couldn't believe it. Walking past him, Eve looked over her shoulder. "You can fight this all you want, but I assure you: As long as there is a human allowed in here, I will shut you down. And just remember this: I never lose."

The count looked at her. "We shall see." The vampiress got ready to leave, but she stopped again.

"Oh, and tell your friends it's rude to eavesdrop." There were a couple noises and voices heard outside the door, and Drac mentally facepalmed. Sure enough when Eve opened the door, the four monsters and Johnny were right outside.

Dracula shot them a glare, but they were too busy watching Eve to notice. But the vampiress barely looked at them. They weren't worth her time. She looked at the human for a moment, and when she saw him take a step back, she gave a satisfied smile and walked away.

But, before she left the hall, she nearly ran into another monster. Looking down, she saw a medium sized, female vampire with short black hair and bright blue eyes. "Oh, sorry," she apologized.

Eve looked at her, and then looked down at the floor. "Pardon me," she said so quietly that only Mavis could hear. With that, she went down the nearest flight of stairs.

A bit confused, Mavis shook it off and walked towards her friends. "Hey guys," she greeted, "Um, what's going on? Who was that?"

The monsters (and Johnny) all immediately looked at Drac. "Well," Drac started to say...


"I can't believe it!" Mavis shouted.

"I know!" Dracula agreed, "It's completely ridiculous!"

The monsters were all sitting in a lounge, Wanda and Eunice included, and Dracula had just finished explaining the situation.

"Miss Nosy," Eunice commented, "Just because you're Princess of the Monster Council doesn't mean you can waltz in and shut down Our Drac's hotel! Besides, have you see the way she dresses! Next time don't do your shopping in an abandoned dress shop!"

"Kinda missing the point here, Honey," Frank said, but Eunice just ignored him.

"Well, what are we going to do?" Wanda asked.

"Yeah, I don't want this place shut down," Johnny added, "I just got here!"

"They can't shut us down," Mavis said, "I mean, we haven't done anything wrong!"

"I completely agree with you, Dead-ums," Dracula said, "but they're the council, and are in charge of the entire monster community. If they believe something is putting Monster-kind at risk, it's hard to change their mind."

"So, we just need to make sure they don't think this place is dangerous!" Griffin added.

"Yeah, but how are we gonna do that?" Murray asked.

"Yeah," added Wayne, "We already broke the biggest rule by letting a human stay here, no offense Johnny."

"It's cool," Johnny replied with a smile.

"Well, isn't it obvious guys?" Frank asked them. They all looked at him. "We do, nothing!"


"Uh, did your brain fall out again, Frankie?" Murray asked, pretty much saying what they were all thinking.

"No no, listen," Frank argued, "We all know Johnny's not dangerous, right? And we all know he would never do anything to shut down the hotel, right? So, then there's no problem! We know Johnny would never cause any trouble, Eve doesn't get her evidence, there's no case, the probation period passes, and the hotel stays open!"

Dracula thought for a moment. "That could actually work."

"And hey! Johnny and Mavis are leavin' in a week or so to visit his folks," Wayne added, "So he won't even be here half the month! There's no way the council will find a reason to shut this place down!"

"We still should play it safe," Dracula said, "Knowing Eve, should look for any and all excuse, even the smallest thing."

"Don't worry, dude," Johnny announced, "I'll lay low and won't cause any trouble!" It wouldn't be as fun as before, but that was just a small price to pay, and he was more willing to pay it. The redhead thought for a moment. "But, does this mean no more flying table races or Hotel Style Quidditch?"

Dracula shook his head and Johnny pouted a little. "But hey, ask me again in a month. After all, I've been wanting a rematch."

Johnny smirked. "No prob." After all, he had been wanting to race the Count again, and waiting another month wouldn't be too bad.

The relieved monsters began to leave the room. "Man, this'll be a piece of cake, right Drac?" Murray asked. Dracula still wasn't a hundred percent sure, but nevertheless, he gave the mummy a confident smile. In the back of the group, Johnny looked over at Mavis. She still looked a little upset about it, but before he could ask, Mavis smiled and told him she was fine.

"Like Uncle Frank said," Mavis told him, "We have nothing to worry about. I guess I'm just still a little stunned about the idea of losing this place. But I know we'll be okay." With that, she gave him a small kiss on the cheek, and Johnny smiled at her, happy to know she was okay.

Still, an idea lingered in the back of the human's mind...


The young vampire let out a yawn as she walked down the hall. The sun was low in the sky, it would be setting in about an hour, and she was still in her daygown (though, it wasn't too embarrassing, so she didn't mind wearing it outside her room if she had to). She woke up early to see if Johnny wanted to go for an early breakfast, just the two of them. They couldn't eat on a flying table above the castle, but they could still eat together.

Reaching the bottom of the flight, Mavis could see a light coming from Johnny's room in the middle of the hall. Curious, she walked towards it and peeked inside. He was hunched over something, touching his face. "Johnny?"

The redhead turned around, letting out a surprised yelp and nearly dropping his hand mirror. In his other hand was a small sponge with blue makeup on it, and it wasn't the only thing that was blue. More than half of Johnny's face and both of his arms were blue. Mavis noticed that lying on the bed was hairspray and hanging over the chair by his desk was a familiar olive green coat.

"Oh, hey May," Johnny said, giving her an innocent smile, "What's up?"

"What are you doing?" she asked, crossing her arms.

"...Trying out my Halloween costume early?" Johnny said. Mavis gave him a look. "Yeah, didn't think that would work." He sighed. "Okay, I was going to wear my Johnny-stein disguise today, and maybe the rest of the time I'm here."

"Why?" Mavis asked as she walked into the room. She moved gracefully, and even in pajamas she looked beautiful. He nearly smiled, but then he saw her face, and how hurt she looked. He quickly looked away.

"I just thought, since it's my fault that vampire lady's trying to shut this place down, I thought it would just be better if I pretended to be a monster again. I mean, I know most of the monsters here know me, but that's only like, two hundred monsters. And if I just tell the other monsters who come in here that I'm not a hu-"

"Stop." Johnny looked up. "Just stop." He looked over at Mavis, who's face was a combination of anger and sympathy. "Johhny, stop blaming yourself. This isn't your fault. And, and take off that makeup! I told you, I don't care if you're a human, I still love you! And that's all that matters! I don't care what that Eve or anyone else has to say."

While he was touched, Johnny still hated that he made her upset. "I'm sorry," he said, "I guess it was a stupid idea. I just, you know, wanted to help."

"I know," Mavis replied, giving him a small smile, "but you don't need to. We're all going to be fine." The couple sat on the bed silently. Glancing at his girlfriend, Johnny could tell that there was still something wrong.

"Something else on your mind?" he asked, giving her a small smile. She looked at him, and sighed.

"It's just so unfair," Mavis started to say, "the way they treat you, they don't even know you! And, I know you said it doesn't bother you, but it still bothers me! I still hear monsters whispering about you, insulting you and I can't even do anything about it because I'll be the one in trouble! Although I'm starting to think it'll be worth it. And now Eve and those other council members think you're a danger here, you haven't even done anything! They're treating you like a criminal and it's, it's just not right!"

Frustrated, Mavis kicked the nearest solid object, which happened to be one of the legs on the wooden desk. When she kicked it, a huge crack split through it and nearly made the entire leg collapse. "Whoa," Johnny said.

Embarrassed, Mavis apologized and turned away. "Hey, it's cool," Johnny said quickly, "Vampire strength, I get it. I'm sure I can find another desk." When he didn't see her smile, he decided to continue. "You know why I don't get upset when other monsters talk bad about me which, by the way, I hear it too." He may not have super vampire hearing but he still had ears.

Mavis silently shook her head. "It's because I still have you. They can call me every name and insult out there, but they still can't change the fact that my life is the best it's ever been."

He took her hand and continued. "I get to stay at a hotel full of monsters! I'm friends with Frankenstein, the Wolf-Man, freaking Dracula! No other human can say that! I get to travel all around Europe, having fun and living life to the fullest! And, the best part..." Johnny looked Mavis straight in the eye. "I have the best, most beautiful, coolest, awesome-est vampire for a girlfriend, who cares about me and makes me feel happy, and is someone I want to make happy. My Zing."

Mavis smiled, her eyes getting moist. "Johnny..."

"And I know that no matter how many monsters I make friends with, there are probably gonna be a dozen more who still don't like me, and that's cool. Because I still get to be with you."

"And I won't let anyone make you leave," Mavis added, squeezing his hand.

"Really?" Johnny said, "because that sounds like you're doing something, even though before you said you couldn't do anything."

Mavis let out a small giggle. "Okay, I get it." She couldn't stop the insults or other monsters from hating him, but she was fighting for his right to stay at the hotel and their love, and that was enough. "I love you."

"I love you too," Johnny replied. They both began to leave forward, and Johnny closed her eyes. But then she felt her hand on his shoulder. "Wait," she said. When he opened her eyes, there was only a faint cloud of purple dust. In a flash, she was back with a wet washrag.

She wiped the blue makeup off his face, and when she was finished, she said "There, that's my boyfriend." Johnny smiled, and they continued what they had started, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.

When it was over, Johnny remembered something. "Oh, hey, not that I mind, but why'd you come down here anyway?"

"Oh, I wanted to see if you wanted to go down to breakfast early," Mavis answered, "Just the two of us, plus we can make our own plates instead of having to order them."

"Yeah! But, is the kitchen even open yet?" Johnny asked. Mavis lifted her hand, and around it was a rope bracelet with a key attached to it. On the key was a label that read 'Kitchen'. The redhead grinned.

"One of the perks of being the owner's daughter," Mavis said simply, "Wipe the rest of that makeup off and let's go." Johnny grabbed the washrag and wiped off every inch of blue makeup before eagerly catching up to his girlfriend and racing her down the stairs.

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