Title: This is Emily, my... my... Emily

Characters: Nolan, Emily

Pairing: Nolan/Emily

Rated: K

Genre: Romance

Warning: Het, Spoiler 2x03


- Number words: 214

This is Emily, my... my... Emily

«This is Emily, my...» Nolan stopped, unsure about what to say.

He knew exactly what was Emily for him, what he felt it had become obvious also for him.

Rather, he couldn't understand how could put so long time to realize that... yes, he had fallen in love with Emily, his accomplice, a friend and man's daughter who had helped him in past to set up his NolCorp.

«My... Emily» concluded with a confused babble.

He knew what was her for him, but he wouldn't be able to say what was him for her. In that moment, in a way, they lived together, but there was nothing else.

They weren't accomplices, she had never called in the way, at most Nolan was that who helped her occasionally.

They weren't friends, she told in black and white a short time before that she didn't trust anyone.

They wouldn't neither have been nothing more, as Nolan dubted she would have never looked him that way.

He couldn't say it was exactly what he desired, but at least she was all right and was happy that he was all right too.

Her joyful and sincere smiles, even if rare, caused at him a heart attack and made him happy more than whatever else.

And if the things in the future wouldn't ever changed, he would have been happy anyhow.