Sorry it is short. Dont worry it will soon be like your preciouse story fifty shades, not exactly but along the lines. Comment please.. Until next time...

I'm in a new place now, Miami, Florida. As I finish up settling in my new apartment I blast Shakira Waka Waka. I start being silly little me and doing my weird impersonations of African dancing. I'm startled by a ring at the door, and I fall over my couch hitting the floor with a loud thud. I flip my hair out of my face, and head to the door. I wish I had some friends, anywhere. Friends were always too dangerous for me to have; I was just get close to leave because with each new place I went Michael will be getting closer and closer. Money was never a problem however; with my talents it was easier than anything to get a hold of money. I open the door and see a woman who suddenly looks wide eyed when she see's me. Of course that's the look I get from everyone when they see me, it really isn't new to me.

"Yes can I help you?" She tries to look unaffected by my looks as she closes her mouths and stands up straight. Umm, yeah it really wasn't working though, like hello I just saw you gawking like you saw a god.

"Hey. Um we heard you were new to town, and wanted to let you know about this Halloween party tonight. Everyone is invited, so we just though you could come and get to know some people."

It might seem odd that someone with my abilities likes parties but I really do like them. They are a time to actually act my age and be normal, not worry about a beautiful god who wants to hunt me down. I'm not goanna let the fact that I'm running away from supposed danger keep me from having fun. Plus who doesn't love Halloween it is fun.

"You can count on me being there." I say as I plaster a big smile on my face. As she gives me the address and leaves I close the door and check my phone. Really I don't know why I have one since I have no one to text or anyone to call. I'm all on my own; I had to leave my family for their own protection. I miss them like hell though. I think back to my old life my old boyfriend. Before I found out about everything. Love isn't real for someone like me; people just get all caught up in my beauty. My touch is addicting to them, my eyes a trap, my body their own wonderland. I'm simply irresistible, it really suck that I don't have someone to share it with, someone who can relate to my problems. Being alone hurts, I'm a young girl I shouldn't be going through this.

Yellow by Coldplay blasts through my radio, causing me to go through one of my depressed moments. I head to the bath and let it run while I pour bubbles in it. I take out my caress lavender body wash, and place it in the tub while I get in. I relax to the song and sooth my acing body. The water helps relief some of my horniness. I haven't had sex in forever and it is not a good feeling.

I wash my body leaving me squeaky clean, and smell divine. I get out satisfied wrapping myself in a towel. I guess the only plans I have are for tonight, the Halloween party. I remember seeing a Halloween store close by; hopefully I can find something there.

After an hour of searching I decided on going with the typically sexual vampire. I was really getting annoyed with the lack of good costumes, so I decided on Marilyn Monroe. Putting on my white dress, blonde wig, and red lips I headed out feeling good. As I got I front of the mansion it was defiantly big and scary. These people can really go all out.

I head in and of course all eyes are on me. I head straight to the champagne. With a few attempts of boys trying to get my number, I'm officially annoyed. It's just god dam looks. Something catches my eyes thought as I see a white not card next to my glass. As I turn t over my heart stops beating all together. My breathing hitches, I'm panting, my eyes are wide.

I told you I will find you, you look beautiful. They weren't lying when they told me about your looks.

Searching around frantically I search to see anything that can give him away. How did he find me so soon? Why wasn't there a trail, how didn't I know? Michael is here, and now I've lost. He found me, and I am in danger.