It was late one night, when Nick came home after a long day at work, it had nothing to do with his Grimm work, it just seem he was chasing one baddy after another today, he is looking forward for his week off. He moved to sofa and laid there looking up at the roof and sighed, it was 00:15 "Cold pizza it is." He thought as he pushed himself up to go to the fridge and pulled out the plate of Pizza and looked at it before thinking about heating it up.

He and is long time girlfriend Juliette had broken up a few months back after she had fully recovered from her comma, she told him as much as she loved him that she didn't think they can be together while he's continues with his job as a Grimm and had asked him to leave that world behind and all his friends like Monroe and Rosalee, but Nick couldn't, this is his life he needs to do this so she left and nether one called the other. After his pizza that always tasted better the next day, he moved towards his bed room thinking about having a shower later on after sleep, pealing his jeans off and pulling his shirt off and throwing it on the floor and crawled under the covers and let his head hit the pillow, placing his mobile on bedside table putting his watch next to it as well.

He had being to drifted off when he felt someone looking at him, he turned around and looked at the man at the end of his bed "Monroe…Monroe what are you doing here?" he asked, he notices the red eyes of the Blutbad and frowned "Monroe what is going on?" he asked ask, he started to feel hot, when he heard a growl he felt his whole body shiver, the Blutbad didn't say word only growled as he moved around the bed and pulled the Grimm up by his arms and held him closely to him and growled again and looked him up and down at his semi naked form, the older man then slammed his whole body against Nicks and slamming his lips equally hard against Nick's lips. The tangy taste of blood flooded Nick's and Monroe's mouth as tongue fought for top, the cop was shock to find himself kissing the man back and playing tonsil hockey with him, a moan escapes Nick's mouth when Monroe moved his mouth to the Grimm's neck and mouth at the skin that was shown to him and when Nick moved his head to let the Blutbad have more access it sent the man in a frenzy and he bite down on the man's neck making him cry out and arched his towards the older wolf man, after the bite the rest of the night and the week was a blur.

It was filled with sex that is the most Nick could think off, Monroe having him in every which way possible and impossible, he was sure he fucked out his throat was killing him he could barely speak and when he did he sounded like a old woman who smoked 100 cigarette day, he had asked Monroe what was that all about and he just told the Grimm that he has a wonderful red back side, he never got a straight answer and he had to go back to work limping covered in bites. That was the start of his problems, apart from his co-workers asking about the bites and making jokes about it, then when a Grimm case turned up he found that other Wesen were running worst than before and Wesen he knows keep giving him funny looks. A week goes by and things haven't changed and when Rosalee turns up on his door dragging a very ticked off Monroe in with her.

"Hey guys what's going on?" he asked as he let them in, he closed the door and walked into the kitchen and pulled out three beers,

"Monroe has something he wanted to tell you." Rosalee said taking a beer, Monroe stood there looking pissed off; Nick scratched his head wondering what had gotten Blutbad boxers in a twist "Well go on." Rosalee said looking at Monroe, he growled at her and she raised an eye brow "Do you really think that is going to scare me." She growled back at him

"What's going on?" Nick asked as he sipped on his beer "Has this got to do with why you snuck in here last week and screwed me on the bed?" he asked


"Yes it is." The curly hair woman said smacking the back of Blutbad's head, Nick looked at them waiting for Rosalee to continue "You see Blutbad's go into heat about once a year and in that month or week depends how long it last for them, is known as breeding heat, it's the best time of year for making little Bultbads'."

"Okay yeah I get all that but what does it means."

"I'm getting to it, okay. Breeding heat come in it was last week and they need a mate and you were doing all the right things in his books…"

"I'm right here you know." Monroe growled really wishing they didn't have to talk about this

"… making you mate states, sooo he came here woffing his pheromones out and you two bonked until he was back to normal." Nick blinked and took another sip of his beer and sighed, trying to taking what they were saying

"Okay why couldn't you have told me this before I would have been happier to expect that, than 'you have a wonderful red back side'" he told Monroe

"Sorry it's a little hard to think before during and after." He said looking down at the floor

"So now that is all cleared up we can move on right?"

"No." Both Monroe and Rosalee said making the Grimm jump almost dropping his drink.

Confused at what was going on Nick decide it was best to let them carry on and let them have their say because it sounds like this was not going to be over not in a long shot "Why no?" he asked

"Well one your my mate now, you're stuck with me and I don't share…" he got jabbed in the ribs by the curly hair woman "…I mean why do you think it's called breeding heat?" Monroe said, for a couple of seconds Nick looked at them, and they could see from his look that he realised what they were getting at, his hand moved to his stomach and lay against his still flat stomach

"Are you saying you got me pregnant?"

"Urrrrh yeah I did." He smiled his eyes widen like it was his Christmas and birthday all in one, Nick found the light slightly weird and slight sweet that he was this excided, he shook his head trying to think

"But I am a man if you haven't forgotten?" He said catching a look at the beer in his hand and placed the beer on the counter and moved back into the living room, the other two followed him until they got into the living room and they sat on the sofa and chairs

"We can sort of impregnate male and female it don't matter which really." The Blutbad said looking a little sheepish now

"I am pregnant." He said "Really am pregnant are you sure." He asked, Rosalee got up and moved over to him and sniffed the area around him

"Yeah you are, you smell like a pregnant mate of a Bluntbad." Rosalee said to him smiling at him as she sat back down,

"Wait what smell is this why the others Wesen are giving me funny looks and keeping away from me?"

"Yeah you are mated to me now sooo they will kind of notice my smell and now that you're carrying my pup or pups they will be really careful around you because of me." He said, Nick sighed and looked at Monroe and then looked back at the beer in kitchen and frowned, turning back to Blutbad

"And you have been letting me drink beer."