Nick sat on the bed and looked up at the wolf man, he could see he was trying to control himself and it made the Grimm smirked "You don't have to hold back with me." He said as he pulled his shirt off and left it on the floor, a growl made him look up, he found the Blutbad right in front of him, his eyes red and growling with need, Nick lay back against the bed and smiled as Monroe attack his neck as he pulled the Grimm's jeans off and long with his boxer, the younger man moaned and turned his head giving the Blutbad more access to his neck, his own hand helped the older man shred his clothes off, the best good before Monroe got really pissed off at the tugging and pulling and ripped his clothes off himself as went back to sucking his neck moving.

There was the sound of the cap of a bottle opening and then a feel of two wet fingers pushed inside, Nick gasped and arched back "E...Eddie." He moaned as the fingers started stretching him and brushing against the Grimm's sweet spot making his little human cry out and moaned his hand clawing at his arms, the fingers stretched him as he added a third finger and twisted and pushed in deep, Nick whimpered and moaned until he was half crazy "Eddie please need you." he whimpered pulling his fingers free the clock maker moved in-between his legs and pushed them up high and pushed into him, the Blutbad growled and he looked down at his Grimm and smiled as he started to rock his hips gain speed his cock sliding in and out, the sounds coming from Nick was driving him crazy and he shifted into his furrier form and took Nick like it was the last thing he was going to do, he pinned the blue eye man's hand above his head with one hand as his other hand kept one of Nick's legs up, screaming Nick came without being touch, he felt Monroe on top of him and his teeth sink into his neck marking him as his once again as the Blutbad filled him up with his seed.

They laid there holding each other for what seem like forever before either one spoke a word "Wow." Nick said his body still humming as he felt his lover's still in him, if there was a knot there he couldn't feel and it wasn't really needed he was ready knocked up "M…Monroe how many kids am I going to have?" he asked

"6 is a healthy number."

"6…6 shit." He gasp, looking at his mate

"You may not have 6 you could 3, 3 is good."

"I think I can handle three."

He was a month away from having his time off, people were giving really odd looks …I'm not show so why the odd looks…he thought but it was because they have heard that he is going to take some time off for the next number of months, their cases seem to slowed down a bite and any Grimm troubles seem to be lacking he thought this as odd …maybe they are being nice… he thought as he walked out of police station and headed towards his car, Hank has been calm about the whole thing, lost in thought he didn't notices the sound of clip clopping shoes, he was about to put his keys into his car when he was grabbed and pushed to the floor, he groaned as he pulled his gun out at the person who pushed him "Oh god not another one." He moaned it was Mauvais Dentes they were a bitch to knock one out; he started talking to him in French "I don't speak French." He said but that didn't stop the Mauvais Dentesfront picking him up and throwing him over his car "Fuck!" he said as he pushed himself up and looked around.

His gun was on the other side of the parking lot, Nick touch his stomach and bite his lip hoping the his baby or babies will be okay, running over to the other side of the lot the Mauvais Dentes grabbed him again and slammed him into the support beam, Nick kicked out trying to push it off him, a shot rang out the Mauvais Dentes screamed and dropped Nick as it turned around and ran towards Renard "N…No." Nick coughed as he tied to call out, he tried to get up and felt a shooting pain through him made him sit down and gasping in pain, there was growls lots of snarls, and when Nick looked up Captain Sean Renard monster out on the large teeth, he blinked as he watched the two men fight it out, the Mauvais Dentes whimpered and looked up at Renard

"Rentrez chez vous et dire aux autres que Grimm ne doit pas être tactile!" Renard told him as he change back; he growled at the Captain and then ran off, the older man walked over to Nick who looked at him weakly holding himself

"Y…Your a…"

"Yeah long story, come on up you get let's get you sorted out before your mate has my head."

"Ahhhh your head I think he will have mine!" Nick winced as Renard ended up carrying the young man.

Before Monroe got to the hospital that dealt with Wesen and their mates, Renard a explained a few things to Nick "So your half Hexenbiest and you've known who I am along?" he asked

"Yes Nick I have, since you started here I've known who you are."

"Have you done anything to hurt me, since I leant about my Grimm job?"

"A little." He answered "Look Nick you a good man and I know you're a good Grimm the only good one out there and I respect that and I am going to offer your any protection you need." Nick nodded to him as he looked down at his hands that lay flat on his stomach

"You don't know how many I'm having do you?" he asked

"No sorry."

"Damn it, Monroe wants 6 'a good healthy number' what he says."

"It is for Blutbad."

"Don't agree with him 3 is enough." He said smiling, the older man smiled back at him.

Monroe came bursting into the room and stopped dead when he saw Renard sitting by his mate "Nick?" He said

"Monroe it's alright it my Captain, Eddie Monroe Captain Sean Renard and vice verse." He said leaning back against the bed

"Hello." Monroe said eyeing up

"Hello Eddie, well I will be off and Nick your maternity leave starts now." He said heading for the door

"Thank you." Nick said

"You're welcome." The man walked out the room closing the door behind him

"He's not human." Monroe said watching the door

"No he's not he's half Hexenbiest."

"Wow not a fun mix." He said as he turned back to Nick, "You okay?" He asked

"Been better, Doctor says that it was just the shock that made that pain, which means I got to be careful." He said looking at his worried mate

"Your Captain man right."

"What about?"

"Your are taking your Maternity leave today." He said kissing placing a kiss on his lips making them both shudder "It stinks in here."

"It's the hospital Monroe."

"No of other Wesen."

"You're getting picky Eddie."

"No I'm over protective there is a defences Nicky." He tongued

"Don't call me Nicky."