Hey readers. Just another idea that had been on my mind for a while. Again tell me what you think. Keep it going, or cut it off?

My name is Christian Grey. To you I'm known as the Christian Grey Multi billionaire, but I have a secret identity. I am a secret agent. My fame and company is a cover job, hiding my real life. I work for a black Op's company that's gone rouge. It's so secretive it isn't even real. It's called Radiate. Since my fucked up life as a child and bad turn in life when I was a teen I was recruited at the age of nine teen. I was trained, and am now a highly professional; I'm head of the Radiate building however our real boss has me in charge because he is never to be seen. We don't see him but he see's us, Raymond knows everything. He had his eyes and ears here the only communication we have our our calls to get me on a new mission; however I'm not even sure he exists. The number one rule here is doing fall in love. That the motto I abide by. Loved ones are a liability, a liability that can not only hurt you but them. It is a weakness, and weak spot, one that I certainly don't have. Fortunately for me I don't love. I am not the love kind of man. I fuck and move on to the next. I am a dominate, I don't do love or girlfriends I do submissive. It's all I know, it's what I am, and it's kept me alive. I am the top agent here in Radiate; I don't need anything saying otherwise. No one knows of that though except those engaged in the sex at that time. It's another secret side of me. I don't get too close, I don't let them touch me, I fuck them to get some relief, punish them, and that's all there used for. My current sub is Janet, a sexy brunette, who fulfills my needs. She knows her place and she knows where she stands in this arrangement, by far the best submissive I've ever had. I'm 24 and very wealthy, my life couldn't be better.

As I enter my office in GEI I immediately get a call. I check my phone and see it's not from that phone but my special phone for calls from Radiate; we have these because our calls can't be traced or overheard at all. Jenkins made sure of that, the technology man and friend of radiate. Quickly I answer going into the bathroom in my office to ensure safety to answer the call. "Grey?" I snap with my business like tone. A familiar voice pops up and I know its Rodgers. "Hello there's my favorite agent. I've got a next mission for you. "

"Now listen the target is a man named Jose Rodriguez. He was reported to have taken pictures on sight from our last operation Blue seals, the pictures were of Radiate headquarters covering up the damage of the mission. He also has caught audio of us talking of Radiate and immediately alerted it to the CIA. You know what will happened it the information on us gets leaked. We are unknown to the world with exceptions of a few government black op agencies, and I would like to keep it that way, or else world war three will come about." This has never happened, this fucking guy must have been really lucky to have fucking caught video of a unknown agency.

"Now listen Christian, this has never happened before, so when you're done with the mission, which I'm counting on it being a success we need to do everything in our power to ensure this type of things done come about again. Ever." I get what he means. If who we are let alone what we've done ever gets out to the public the nation will never recover from the massive war that will come about.

"Of course Raymond. I'll get on that, with confirmation that everyone on sight who've witnessed out missions in any way is terminated immediately." I say in a cool tone.

"The target is located where you are actually Washington Seattle. He Is on his third year of college and is seen a lot with two woman by the names of Katherine Kavanage and Anastasia Steele. You'll need to track him down and terminate him immediately by tonight. You have 24 hours until he is to be meeting with the CIA to handover the evidence. You'll need to make his death look like an accident, I'm counting on this becoming a success but if it becomes necessary I'll need you to go to whatever means to get him down. Back up will come and fix up the scene and hopefully we won't get caught on tape this time. I'm sending all the info you need now."

With that Ray hangs up and I hang up right along after him. Fuck I hope this gets done quickly. All I want right now is to go home and have some time in the playroom with Janet. I need to whip the shit out of her to let out the fucking shit load of bricks on my back. Not only am I a assassin, but I do also have a hell of a big cover to maintain ad that's a fucking billionaire company. A company made on my own, through my own sweat and blood. I can hear my email ping and I know it's the info on the target. Quickly I head to my desk and check it out before I have to attend this fucking meeting. Heading back to my desk and opening up my email I scroll down Jose's Info.

He seems like a good guy, fit, Puerto Rican, why he had to get involved in this shit beats me but what's done is done. I get a look of his photography work, and the college he is attending. I also get a look at his apartment; I guess that's where I'll be going tonight. Scrolling down I see another bio on a woman name Katherine kavanagh. Blonde haired good looking woman 20 years old and very curvaceous. She's into journaling and is on the schools news paper. Scrolling down again I find another bio. My heart skips a beat at the sight of the picture on my screen. A beautiful Brunette, glistening blue eyes, long lashes, plump lips, beautiful body. I can feel the erection already fighting against my snug pants. What the fuck is going on, I'm hard on a picture?

My mind is boggled with thoughts as I scroll through her bio. Anastasia Steele. My oh my is she beautiful. She's fucking gorgeous; I've never seen anyone like her. How the fuck is she getting me aroused by a picture? My mind is continued with images of her in every position possible, fuck I want her. Maybe tonight I can do a detour, perhaps a visit to Ms. Steele?