I'm sorry i basically abandon this story. I'm VERY caught up in my storie Misunderstood Mistakes. Plus since i posted this story it didnt really get popular so i figured you guys didnt like it. But i've gotten messages telling me to continue with this storie so ive obliged. Keep in mind that I'm thirteen in ninth grade and I'm very busy. Not to mention i have a life and go out to parties, so there might be day were i go MIA. Dont worry i just get lazy. I hope you like this chapter. Until next time...

I lurk outside of the woman known as Kate's apartment. I've followed My targets boring ass all day, and I haven't seen Ms. Steel at all. I followed him to some classes. One was Marketing 101. Everything they taught in that class was bullshit. I should now, since I am a business tycoon. I followed him to his dorm where he spends half of the day at, then to some frat house, and now here.

It's been thirty minutes since he entered that apartment. Suddenly a car goes through the drive through and out comes a beautiful brunette. There she is, Anastasia Steele. God she is even more beautiful in person. I calm my thoughts; I don't think getting a boner on the job is a good thing.

My Bluetooth beeps and I press the button to connect the call.

"Is the target dead?"


"Is the target located?"


"Okay change of plans. It turns out Mr. Rodriguez isn't the target we are looking for, it's his friend Ms. Anastasia Steele."

FUCK FUCK FUCK! Is he fucking kidding me?

"We need you to locate the information we need, and put the target down."

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. This is your fucking job Christian, you don't even know her, and she is just another pretty face. I close my eyes and try to make myself believe it.

"Copy that."

I end the call and can see Anastasia leave her friends and head off into a room. It's now or never Christian, just get it over with. She just a target that's all, get it over with so you can resume your place at the top.

I sneak my way over to a window, and look in it. I see the beautiful Ms. Steele enter the bathroom and take that as a sign to go in. I head in the window, and start to search through her belongings while I hear the shower running.

I check through the drawers, under her bead, her closet, purses, nothing. It's not here. Although I did find some sexy lingerie. Naughty Ms. Steele. I'm interrupted by a kick to the groin and punch to the face. I open my eyes and see the sexy Anastasia is the one attacking me. I try to hit but she quickly blocks it.

What the fuck? I hit her in her stomach and grab her, but her elbows make contact to my face causing me to stumble back. Her left foot comes up but I block it with my arm then her right and I catch her foot and make her fall on the floor. I pick her up by her arms and keep her held up against the wall.

"Feisty little thing are we Ms. Steele. Now I'd be lying if is said I ever saw an ordinary girl who can beat up a man. Who are you working for?"

I try with all my fucking will power not to kiss her right here. Her blue eyes are fucking hypnotizing, plus this little towel around her body, isn't helping much.

"Yea like I'll tell you. But great effort. Bravo. Really but I should be asking you the same thing?" She scoffs.

"I can tell you, but then I'll have to kill you."

"Touché." She smirks and I can't help but smirk. God she's gt a fucking smart mouth.

"Now things don't need to get messy here. You know what I want, now where is the tape?"

"Yea like I'd tell you. God can't they send someone better to me other than a want to be James bond." I bite my lip and frown. I might just resort to my other trusty methods, like spanking whipping caning.

"I'll give you one more chance."

She smirks and wraps her legs around me pulling my body tighter into hers. She arches her back and stares into my eyes, her lips inches from minds. GREY! Get it together it's a fucking distraction. And a good one at that.

I quickly tighten my hold on her arms and pry her from me smashing her against the wall again.

"Nice try princess. Now are we goanna do this the easy way or the hard way."

She suddenly knees me in the balls, and grabs hold of my neck. Fuck she is strong for a girl.

"I guess it's the hard way." I murmur in her hold.

I grab hold of her arms that are around my neck choking me, and flip her forward creating a loud thud sound. I hold her on the floor with her stomach pressed to the ground and hold her arms behind her back.

"You Ms. Steele have trouble listening I can see."

"Yea I guess I do, I guess you'll just have to deal with It now wont you?"

I smirk. She really is a handful. I'm surprised her fucking towel didn't fall off. But it was probably for the best I don't think anything would have stopped me at that point.

"ANA?" A voice yells in the hall.

Fuck someone's coming. I can abort now, and maybe I can see her again. T's not like it's here anyway, and my agency tries to prevent unnecessary killing, it just calls for more cover up stories.

"I guess we will just have to resume this later wont we Anastasia."

"I guess we will."

With on last glance, I leave out the window and head to the getaway van. I call my boss and tell him the news. He seems a little annoyed and didn't see this coming. But he has me put on this assignment; I will be seeing more of now.