Wow it's been three months, all my fault though. So yes i have a new chapter up due to all the requests I've been recieveing on this story in particuar. Hmmmm. So let me get it... Do you like this story or no? Without further due... Lies and assasination.. Enjoy :)

Life's been a bitch lately. Luckily Rodger has decided to cut loose on Ms. Anastasia Steele for a moment…. Well seeing as how he had no choice in the matter really.

We've basically lost track on Ms. Steele, and when I say lost track I say lost. As in disappeared. Whoever she is working for, are good mother fuckers no doubt. Seeing as how she is lost – for the time being- I have to focus on other targets – for the time being- starting with Roland Simmons.

I have to say I am intrigued by the mystery that is Anastasia. But of course all the cockiness she entails, mixed with her being my enemy, and being against me, plus the hotness, I just get frustration with thinking about the heady Anastasia.

Ahhhhhh….. If only she weren't a target.

Clear thought's Christian!

I am in front of my targets house at the moment, time to do what I do best. Kill.

Well kill with delay, he isn't there in the apartment I'm just raiding the apartment to find out his were abouts, appointments, helpful information ect.

With a quick pluck and tug, I'm in the apartment.

Fuck what a mess.

The shades for the windows are half way off. The windows themselves are cracked. Used bottles, wads of tissue, bones, cans… and is that a rat?

As if being an illegal dealer isn't enough, must you be filthy as well? I don't get it its simple, just pick it up, throw it out, or clean it up. Fuck.

Moving stuff around I try to locate anything useful, lord knows it's already a difficult tasks. I go around inhaling the most cleanliness breath of air I could take.

I could get aids just from breathing the air, who knows the other diseases floating in the air. I start to rummage though old papers, moving the garbage trying to find things. With one tap of the couch, dust fills my pours and holes, leaving me clogged with dirt.


I cough blowing out as much of it as I can. I can feel my lungs withering away by the coherent smell this apartment entails; I already know I'll need a doctor's appointment after this. This place screams infection.

When my coughing stops I hear a sound off in the distance.


Slowly I walk towards the rooms checking each one, gun in it's holster (believe me I won't need it) as I raid the rooms.

The last room the bathroom.

Slowly creeping in, I can see the shower curtain half open, with the bath almost half way filled.

I move slowly, watching the water.

Will it move, is there someone there?

I just need o get close enough to open the curtain…..


One foot was not what I was expecting.

Before I can get the curtain open I am bombarded with one wet, soapy leg, trying to attack me? With my reflexes I catch hold of it quickly, gripping it tightly by the ankle.

And belive me, what a sight it was. Secretly I will my erection not to show.

Not the time or the place my friend.

Then as I study it closer I notice the birthmark on the thigh, the rose pedal nail polish…. I'd know this leg anywhere.

Then as I push the curtain open, I see her, confirming my suspicions….. Ms. Steele.

Cuffed, naked, and soapy, in a towel might I add.

"Seems we always seem to meet with you…. Indecent." I say smirking.

With a glare on her face she brings her foot down, placing it back in the water, leaving a small splash to come out of the bath.

"Tell me Anastasia do you plan these meets, there for dressing like this on purpose. I mean if you want to have sex with me all you need to do is ask."

"Funny." She says rolling her eyes.

Beautiful, and challenging. At this point my dick has gone to the point of no return.

"Now do you want to tell me why you're here naked?" I say crossing my arms and leaning on the counter.

"I am on a mission for Roland as I assume you are yourself, I was undercover. But someone I don't know who told Mr. Roland leaving him to come home to me in the bath only to cuff me. With bomb activated cuffs might I add. Now would you be a dear and un- cuff me?"

She says sarcasm dripping from her face.

"And you the ever so spy can't do it yourself?"

"No because I need some sort of pin to do that, and the pin is on the other side of the bathroom."

I avert my gaze and find the pin on the floor.

Quickly I pull the curtain off and get back into grey mode. No pair of legs, and sexy body will take me off my game. I'm Christian Grey.

"Nope. Now that where here why don't you tell me where is the tape, which by the way you took illegally without-anyone's-consent. That's a serious fine." I annunciate each word searching for any sight of her clothing.

"Oh yeah, why don't you call the police?" She says smirking.

"Maybe another day for the time being I want the tape."

"Not-Goanna-Get-It." She annunciates back smirking.


Quickly I yank the towel off of her and break the pin in her face.

"Hmmm, it's going to be tuff getting out of this one now is it." I smirk throwing the pin in the trash can.

"Aww come on." She says covering herself.

"Quit staring at my tits." She adds snapping me out of my gaze. Mighty fine tits. Fuck why id I get the hot target.

I start searching through her pants and clothing.

"You're not going to fine anything Mr. Grey. So why don't you just save yourself the time. Plus, that boner you've got going there is getting pretty serious, why don't you come in the tub, and let me help." She whispers smirking.

I try ignoring her, tuning her out if you will, but it's no fucking use. Finally I find her keys and smile dangling them in her face.

"Fine, then have fun finding a ride out of here, that being said if you even get out of here with a limb left." I say smiling.

"Haha." She says sarcastically.

Suddenly I see her eyeing the keys and look at her brow furrowed, full blow suspicious mode.

Next thing I know her leg is once again in the air kicking the keys out of my hand, and somewhere behind me. Luckily I catch her foot once again, and turn my look to her smirking.

"You and this foot. You know the lady's keep their legs closed especially before the first day. Naught naughty Ms. Steele you keep this up and people will start calling you a…."

"Don't say it." She whispers menacingly.

"S-Luuuuttttt." I drag out, as I move away from her.

"Goodbye Ms. Steele."

"Fuck you." I hear her yell as I walk out of the apartment.