Authors note: Yes, new story~ Hello Erryone. Once more, this is an RP turned into fanfic with my friend Janekrahe (On Tumblr!). She played Kurt, I played Sebastian. Someday I'll actually do a story from the point of view of the character I played lol This story is just better from Kurt's view, in our opinion.

Multiples notes here. 1. We started writing this BEFORE "Makeover" or episode 3 of Season 4 aired. So this is not the exact same timeline, so it's a touch AU in that respect but not really otherwise. 2. We DO NOT hate Klaine. We don't hate any ship. The things we say about Kurt and Blaine's relationship in this story are just for THIS story. It was to make the RP fun and interesting, and hopefully to make the fic therefore fun and interesting. 3. There still might be a sequel to our other fic "How to Get a Guy". We actually wrote it already, in RP format, but it hasn't been turned fic. I'm not making promises though. It just depends. 4. Fanfic is for fun. I'm very very sick (yes with the SAME thing I had when I was posting 'How to Get a Guy, and no my doctors still have no clue what I have) So if I get behind on chapters I'M SORRY. I'm sick + I do have other things to do. I'll try to post often as I can, but if I do slow down, hounding me is not going to get me going any quicker. But this is one of my favorite pairings of ALL TIME so I hope ya'll enjoy.

Kurt came out of the back room, carrying a wet wash cloth. His manager had told him to wipe down the empty tables as the lunch rush was about to start. He was tired and his feet hurt because, of course, he hadn't listened to Rachel and had gone with a lovely pair of loafers instead of the more sensible sneakers. At least he was getting paid today; he'd promised Rachel he'd make dinner. He had things to look forward to. Money first of all. And then, he could spend time with his roommate, forgetting all about this God forsaken job.

He headed out to the floor and started briskly wiping down tables and collecting empty coffee cups. He made his way from one end of the shop to the other, repeating the same motions. There was only one customer there right now, at least only one sitting down, a young man sitting with his back to Kurt. So Kurt tried not to disturb him. He cleaned the tables around the man first, keeping away, then eventually moved around in front of him. When he straightened and turned, he finally caught sight of the man's face.



Kurt's jaw clenched as his eyes met with none other than Sebastian Smythe's. Then those hazel green eyes flickered to Kurt's name tag, making Kurt fight the urge to try and cover it with his hand, before that stupid smirk spread over those stupid stupid lips. ". . . Well. I would say I'm surprised to see you here but. . ." He glanced around the coffee shop then back at Kurt. "I'm really not."

As if his week hadn't been bad enough.

"Aren't you supposed to be in Paris?" Kurt asked aggressively, crossing his arms.

"I went over the summer. And now I'm back to the oh so exciting states. School started a couple of weeks ago, in case you didn't know." Sebastian shrugged, and tilted his head."Aren't you supposed to be back in Middle of No Where, Ohio?"

"No," said Kurt with false patience. "I live here now. Rachel and I are sharing an apartment." Well. A room. "You didn't expect me to stay in Lima forever, did you?"

"Not if you were smart. . Going to school? Thought you didn't get in." Sebastian, oh so kindly, reminded him. Giving him a look over, eyes trailing down that uniform in a way that made Kurt want to cover himself. Like he'd just been caught nude.

Kurt's fingers clenched on the rag. "I'm trying again next fall," he said with a fake smile. "Not all of us can buy our way into places. We have to rely on talent."

Sebastian snorted, showing his horse teeth when he smirked. "Like I said. You didn't get in." There was a strange playfulness in his tone though. One that made Kurt feel suspicious. "Why don't you sit. We'll catch up. . . I'll even buy you a drink. Got a feeling a place like this doesn't let their employees have hand outs."

"I'm working, Sebastian," Kurt said tightly. "I can't just -"

He broke off as his manager poked her head out. "Hey Kurt, might as well get your break now before the lunch rush starts."

He closed his eyes for a moment, to ignore that smug look on Sebastian's face. Lovely.

"There you are. . . Go fix yourself a drink." Sebastian tugged out his wallet and some cash, passing it to Kurt. "Here. Keep the change." He said, in a teasing voice. Like Kurt needed every cent he could get.

Kurt considered not taking the money. . . But he DID have to pay for any drinks he made. He stalked off and whipped himself up a skinny mocha latte. He went and sat back down across from Sebastian, crossing his arms.

"So. . . Living with Miss Berry, are you?" Sebastian broke the silence. ". . . How's Blaine holding up back in Lima without you?"

Kurt traced the rim of his coffee cup, eyes fixed on it. He didn't want to tell him. He wanted to look up and say, perfect as always. But he had a feeling Blaine was still in contact with Sebastian. and would tell him sooner or later.

"We're not together anymore," Kurt said stiffly, then took a sip of his coffee.

"Oh." Kurt heard Sebastian say across the table, making him look up. Sebastian was looking out the window, musingly. "Maybe I should rethink going to see my parents back in Ohio next weekend. . ."

Kurt swallowed against the sharp pain this caused. "I suppose you could, though a college student pursuing a high school student is rather tacky, don't you think?"

Sebastian snickered. "Mmmh. . . Is that why you broke up with him?"

Kurt's jaw clenched again. "We. . . We mutually decided that a long-distance relationship was difficult to maintain. If he comes here next year for college, we may attempt to reconnect."

It was a lie. Sebastian didn't need to know everything.

"Mmmhmm. . ." Sebastian stared at him, then took another drink. "And you really think a cutie like Blaine will stay single that long?"

Kurt raised his eyes to Sebastian. "I did say if and may," he pointed out. "We're well aware that we might meet other people."

"Him, probably. You?" Sebastian looked Kurt up and down. ". . .Not even sure how you managed Blaine in the first place, really."

After the terrible week he'd had, the words hit Kurt hard, but he forced himself not to show. "Actually, Sebastian, I've had three different men ask for my number this week," he lied smoothly with a smile. "I turned them down."

"You sure they wanted your number? Maybe they were just trying to order." Sebastian countered, staring at him. "Careful turning people away, you'll end up getting fired."

Kurt sputtered for a split second, but quickly regained himself. He didn't want Sebastian to ever see he'd managed to cut through. "I'm not going to get fired for politely telling people I'm not allowed to give my phone number out to customers." It was true; his boss had told him that was company policy. "We're supposed to be nice, not sexually available."

"But that would make the job much more exciting, now wouldn't it?" Sebastian smirked at him, widely. "I'm glad you're so proud though. Three. . . Not too bad. I guess."

"Well, we aren't all as desperate as you," Kurt spat, eyes narrowed.

"Not desperate. But I have turned down more than three men this week. . . More than three women too," Sebastian added, with a quirk of his eyebrows.

Kurt fumed at him. He wasn't even THAT good looking. . . Idiot.

"Whatever. I'm not interested in dating right now anyway. . ." Kurt said, nose in the air.

"Neither am I." Sebastian's head tilted. "Don't gotta date to have fun. . ."

"I'm not interested in that kind of fun," Kurt sniffed and sipped his coffee, before starting to ramble a bit. "I've applied to work at several fashion magazines; I have two interviews next week. And Rachel and I have a lot of work to do on our apartment."

"Not surprised, someone like YOU has no time for fun." Sebastian watched him. "I mean. If you didn't even have time for a boyfriend in another state, how could you possibly entertain someone here?"

Kurt set his cup down hard. "That is NOT why we broke up! We're a thousand miles away from each other and we're both incredibly busy."

Sebastian put a hand up, but still looked rather amused. "Right. Too busy for a boyfriend. Or to be fun."

"I have plenty of fun," Kurt practically hissed. "But unlike you, my fun doesn't include using people or - or blinding them with rock salt slushies." He knew it was kind of a low blow but he thought it might be good to remind Sebastian exactly why nothing ever happened between him and Blaine. And it seemed to work. He felt a smug satisfaction, watching the expression on Sebastian's face fall, ever so slightly.

". . Neither does mine." Sebastian said, voice almost pouty before he looked towards the window.

Kurt sipped his coffee, feeling a little triumphant. But the silence dragged on for too long. . . He eyed Sebastian, who was just looking out the window, seemingly lost in thought. Finally, Kurt spoke again. "What exactly ARE you doing in New York? I had always assumed you'd go to school in Paris."

"So did I. C'est la vie. . ." Sebastian sighed, leaning back in his chair again. "Didn't work out that way. Stuck going to NYU, as per the wishes of my father." He said, voice clipped.

"What are you studying?" Kurt asked. "Music?"

"Business." Sebastian corrected him. "Dear daddy is trying to steer me towards Law." He added. Sounding completely flat about that.

"I can't see you as a lawyer," Kurt said with a frown, taking a drink of his coffee. Sure Sebastian liked to argue but. . No the role didn't suit him. "I figured you'd want to perform." He didn't add that Sebastian was a good performer, and SHOULD pursue it. He didn't need to boost Sebastian's ego, even if it was true.

"I do. For the time being, however, I have to go through the motions. . . Family affairs. They're great fun."

Kurt scoffed. "Oh please, like you ever do anything that isn't exactly what you want to do. Let me guess, you're scamming money from your dad by pretending you want to go into law?"

"No. I'm making it perfectly clear how this isn't what I want to do. And yet. . ." Sebastian shrugged as he trailed off. "They said I need to. . . Give it a chance."

Kurt fiddled with his coffee. "That kind of. . Well, sucks," he admitted. "My dad bought my plane ticket here. He said I wouldn't be happy unless I was here. . .In New York."

"Parents know best, right?" Sebastian said, his tone completely dry. "I'm stuck with a major I don't want, and. . . Well. You lost Blaine. Excuse me, 'mutually broke up' with Blaine. What a good start."

"Except I wanted to be here," Kurt said, ignoring that last comment. "You clearly don't." He hated himself a little for actually feeling bad for Sebastian. Talking to him like this, without Blaine sitting between them, Sebastian seemed almost human. With normal problems, with school and family, just trying to live out his life. It was so odd. . . Kurt opened his mouth to say more, but his manager called his name. "I think my break is over." He chewed his lip and stared at Sebastian for a moment. Would this be the last he saw him? Would Sebastian never come in here again? There was something different about him. Something that made Kurt think he shouldn't just let him walk out. Maybe he needed a friend. A friend, friend. Not his usual friends Kurt was sure Sebastian had plenty of those. But the way Sebastian talked, it was like he never got to actually say these things to people. Not to people who would actually listen.

"Can I get your phone number?" Kurt found himself asking before he could think anymore about it.

Sebastian looked mildly surprised. ". . . I don't know. I don't just give out my number to everyone."

Kurt bristled. "I was only-!"

"Hush." Sebastian grinned, plucking a pen from his bag, and scrawled his number across a napkin, passing it to Kurt, who accepted it.

"I guess I'll uhm. . . Text you. If I get bored enough." Kurt flashed a smile, and it wasn't completely fake this time. Then he headed back off to the counter. Students were starting to pour in and he might make some good tips. Time to focus on work, and not on Sebastian. Not on the look the former Warbler was giving him as he stood and left. Or how that look made Kurt's pulse flutter and his face start to warm up. It was work anxiety.

Nothing more.

A couple days later, Kurt sat at a table at the coffee shop. He wasn't working, he'd had a morning shift, but he needed somewhere out of the loft to sit for a while. Get some fresh air, away from the paint fumes. He was checking facebook and - seeing pictures of Blaine. Hanging out with Sam. He kept going into his contacts, to Blaine's number and almost sending a message. A quick 'I miss you' or something along those lines. . . But he stopped himself, every time. God, he hated feeling so pathetic. But he did miss him. . . So bad. And he wished more than anything Blaine would just say something to him. So that they could talk. About. . . Anything! But no. Blaine was completely aloof. Far away. Out of sight, not out of mind. . . Kurt sighed, and scrolled through his contacts until he found Sebastian's number staring back at him. Kurt gave it a look for just a few seconds then dashed off a quick message and sent it, before he could change his mind.

Kurt Hummel (4:33 PM) : Have that Law Degree yet?

Evil Chipmunk (4:34 PM) : No, not yet. But I hope to have it by the weekend!

Kurt was surprised by Sebastian's response. It actually made him smile, biting his lip.

Kurt Hummel (4:34 PM): On a scale of one to CSPAN, how bored are you right now?

Evil Chipmunk (4:34 PM) : If that's you trying to be subtle, Kurtsie, then the answer is yes. I'm free right now. ;)

Kurt rolled his eyes. Smug little. . .

Kurt Hummel (4:35 PM) : Well I have to pay you back for that coffee don't I? I'm at the coffee shop if you want one.

There was no immediate response this time. Kurt wondered as the seconds ticked by if Sebastian was weighing out his options. Go have coffee with Kurt, or go find something else to do. . . Kurt knew how Sebastian was, the guy could definitely find something to do if he wanted. But two minutes passed, and Kurt's phone buzzed in his hand.

Evil Chipmunk (4:37 PM) : Be there in ten.

Kurt was thankful he wasn't working, and that he'd changed into a much more appealing outfit. Two conversations with Sebastian in his uniform was one too many. So he ordered two coffees from the girl who had taken his place at the counter, along with a giant gingersnap cookie, and sat down to wait. Feeling a bit anxious if he was honest. Sebastian was so unpredictable. He'd always been that way. Kurt couldn't even predict that he'd be an asshole, because that even wasn't always the case. It made him curious as to who he was under that protective shell of his. . . Not that Kurt cared, not really. Sebastian was just someone to talk to. He was going a little nutty only talking to Rachel, every day. He loved her dearly, but the girl was crazy.

Barely ten minutes had passed, when he heard a voice say - "You remembered my coffee order."

Kurt took in a sharp breath, a sudden pang in his chest as his head turned, seeing not Blaine looking at him, but Sebastian. Kurt's mouth hung open slightly and he wondered if - no. There was no way Sebastian could know that. No way. "It's my job," he said, trying to sound, if not cheerful, then at least not depressed.

"You remember the order of every hot guy that comes in? That's quite the talent." Sebastian joked, as he slid into his seat. Kurt decided to let the 'hot guy' comment lie. He wasn't blind, and Sebastian wasn't stupid. Though still. Sebastian wasn't THAT hot. He was okay. If you liked that sort of thing. Kurt sipped his coffee and broke a piece off the cookie, nudging the plate in Sebastian's direction. ". . .And a cookie." Sebastian stared at it, then slowly lifted his eyes. ". . . If I didn't know better, I'd say you wanted something." He said, but plucked the cookie up, taking a bite.

Kurt had mostly just been trying to be nice, but now that he thought about it. . . It wouldn't hurt to ask Sebastian's advice, would it? Sebastian was a smug douche but he wasn't nearly as bad as he used to be. And he was in New York now, not Ohio. It wasn't as if he was going to lose Blaine to him. He had nothing to lose here. But still he said, "I can't just be nice?"

"I don't know," Sebastian said, perfectly serious. "Can you?"

"Well. . . I might have some questions," Kurt admitted. "I don't really want to talk about it here though."


". . .Well it's. . Private." Kurt said, slowly, trying to ignore the calculating stare he was being given. "I just need some help with something. Talk about something. But. Not here." He repeated.

"And where would you prefer to talk about it?" Sebastian asked, a new edge in his tone.

Kurt hesitated. He wasn't sure if he wanted to bring Sebastian back to his and Rachel's place. But Rachel was going to be gone until the dance studio closed at eleven that night. "Maybe my place? Don't get any ideas," he added quickly and firmly, because he swore a light went on in Sebastian's eyes. "I just don't want to sit at work for three hours after I've been off work."

"Sure. Lead the way." Sebastian offered, taking a big bite of the cookie before standing up. Giving Kurt a very expectant look.

Oh. Well. That was easy. A little too easy. Kurt stood and hefted his messenger bag onto his shoulder. He felt strangely nervous. "Okay well. . . Follow me. It's not far."