Authors Note - Hey guys. Apologies for how long it's been since I last updated. I'm very sick, with something chronic, and I had surgery in March. Kind of puts things on hold. I haven't been in the mood to write. But I had this partially done so I thought I'd finish this chapter. Hope ya'll like it, and hopefully not to long to wait for the next chapter!

Sebastian practically attacked Kurt as soon as they were inside the apartment. Kissing him, hands all over, roaming and grabbing. Like he was an addict in need of a fix and Kurt was his drug. Kurt had to wrench his mouth away to catch his breath, gasping as Sebastian attacked his neck next. Sucking on skin, rubbing up against him with his entire body, making a soft sound against Kurt's learn neck. "Ah! God, what the hell's gotten into you, Sebastian?" Kurt stumbled backwards, falling against the wall with a heavy thud. "Sebastian."

"Not enough. . ." Sebastian growled out, sounding hazy as he nipped along Kurt's jawline.

"Jesus. . ." Kurt's fingers found Sebastian's ass and gripped it hard. It was crazy how fast he was turned on by this. He should hate this rough treatment, that's what he told himself, but it was just making heat run through him to be so man handled. And the words started flowing out of his mouth without even thinking. "Mmmh. . . You gonna fuck me"

Sebastian grabbed at the hem of Kurt's pants, tugging, starting to undo them. "Uh huh . ." Kurt felt Sebastian shudder, that perky backside of his pressing into Kurt's palms. Apparently just a curse or two was enough to make Sebastian melt. "Been thinking about it all night."

Kurt's head fell back but his hands moved down to Sebastian's pants, undoing his belt. "Really?" he panted. "All night?"

"All. Night." Sebastian repeated, pushing his hands under Kurt's sweater, then pulled it up, dragging his fingernails along skin.

Kurt shivered but got Sebastian's pants undone. He was still a little confused but lust was over riding that. He leaned forward and sucked on Sebastian's bottom lip, worrying it between his teeth as he shoved the boy's pants down. He only broke the their mouths apart as Sebastian yanked his top off over his head in a quick motion, then reignited the kiss. Sebastian kicking his own pants off and out of the way. Then they were moving. Backing further into the apartment. Kurt gasped as Sebastian hit the couch. Then he grinned and shoved the taller man onto his back, watching him bounce once before settling. Kurt climbed onto him and renewed the kiss, sliding fingers into thick hair. Pulling it. Pleased with the sharp moan it earned out of Sebastian Smythe.

Kurt sat back to deal with his own pants after another couple minutes of making out. He ended up having to stand up to shimmy out of the ultra-tight jeans so they were nude together. And he noticed Sebastian coming up for him, so he pounced again, pressing Sebastian into the couch. Flat on his back. Even more pleased with the look of surprise.

". . . Hi." Sebastian said, looking up at him.

Kurt smirked. "Hi." He leaned down and kissed him, sliding his hand down Sebastian's abs, touching at the lines on his stomach. He passed right by his cock and slipped his hand between Sebastian's legs, fingertips brushing his entrance. And it pulled a nice response, Sebastian's hips twitched, but made no move to stop him, just gasped.

"Whatcha doing?" Sebastian asked, voice playful. Grinning.

Kurt looked up at him, eyes twinkling. "I thought you wanted to have sex?" he said innocently. "Don't you?"

"I think that's a given." Sebastian glanced down, his dick. Hard, standing, flushed at the head. Then he looked back up, eyebrows raised.

"Okay then." And Kurt resumed the stroking of his fingers against Sebastian's sensitive skin. Reveling in the shudder it pulled. Watching Sebastian's eyelids flutter and his head tip back. Of course, Sebastian couldn't be good and just lay there though and accept it. No, no.

Not Sebastian Smythe.

He steadied his gaze at Kurt, smirk coming back after a few seconds of trailing his hands against Kurt's body. Before suddenly striking Kurt's ass with his palm, the slap echoing in the otherwise quiet apartment. Kurt's eyes closed, squeezing tight, and he grit his teeth. He took a long breath, trying to keep a handle on things. He knew exactly what Sebastian was doing. After the sting passed he opened his eyes, smirk gone, glaring down at Sebastian who sunk down, eyebrows lifted. Kurt stood and walked back over to where their clothes sat. He pulled out Sebastian's belt, glancing to the couch where he saw Sebastian peering over the back. Though as soon as he knew he was spotted, Sebastian ducked back down. It gave Kurt a thrill. Yes. Be afraid. Belt in hand, Kurt came back to him. Crawling up onto Sebastian, he grabbed the boy's wrists and pressed them to the arm of the couch over his head. He wrapped the belt around them then secured it to the heavy lamp behind them, ensuring Sebastian couldn't get away. And no more damned slaps.

Sebastian was bound.

Kurt quirked an eyebrow as a shadow passed over Sebastian's eyes. Vulnerability. Before, he might have taken that as a sign to stop. But Sebastian had pushed Kurt's boundaries; he could handle getting his own pushed in return. Besides, there probably wasn't anything Sebastian didn't like. There were no vocal signs to stop. Sebastian wasn't taunting him either, Kurt noticed. He took that as a sign of submission.

Very. Very hot.

He grabbed the lube that always seemed to sit on the coffee table and slicked up his fingers, pressing them to Sebastian's hole again. Sebastian didn't fight him, legs even falling apart when Kurt's wet fingers pressed up against him. He did tug on his restraints after a few seconds though and then. . .

"You still mad at me for what I did at the club?" Sebastian asked. "Gonna teach me a lesson, Kurtsie?"

There was the talking.

Kurt looked at him. "No," he said mildly. "You wouldn't learn anyway." He went back to work, though he wasn't going to be stretching him for long. He assumed Sebastian could handle it.

Sebastian's hips were moving slightly, against Kurt's fingers. "Why not?" He sounded almost. . . Disappointed? Was that begging in his voice? "I can learn. Just gotta try me."

"Can you?" Kurt slid his fingers out and reached for a condom. "I don't know. Maybe. You have to convince me you can learn."

"I'm trying to. . ."

Kurt wondered at Sebastian's tone but ignored it. He rolled the condom on and grabbed Sebastian's hips, lining up. Without a word he pressed inside, going slowly but steadily. And ohhhh, Lord. It had been so long since he'd topped someone. He'd almost forgotten how good it felt. Sebastian was tight and hot and. . . Just amazing. He was honestly having trouble not just slamming into him.

Kurt braced a hand on the arm of the couch, behind Sebastian's head. His other hand tangled in Sebastian's hair as he began to thrust in earnest, tongue tangling with the other boy's as he leaned over Sebastian and kissed him. It was strange how blank his mind was when he was with Sebastian. How he simply fell into the sex. The pleasure. Giving and getting. He should still be furious with him, what had happened that night, but all he wanted to do was make him come.

Sebastian made a noise akin to a whine in his throat, into his mouth. Kurt ate it up. Sebastian was open under him, taking every thrust. He tried to lift his hips further and wrap his long legs around Kurt's body, pressing a heel just above Kurt's ass. An encouragement. Kurt could feel Sebastian's cock against his stomach and he angled his hips to make sure it was trapped between their bodies and getting friction. He bit down on Sebastian's lower lip, nibbling, worrying it between his teeth.

"Ahhnn. . Kurt-" Sebastian gasped away from the kiss, head falling back, mouth hanging open. Lips red and wet.

Kurt's mouth quirked. "Use your words, Sebastian," he snarked, though his voice was breathy, his hips picking up speed.

Sebastian's lips twitched, pulling upward. "Fuck. Me." He growled, then gasped again, arching back. Trying to keep up with Kurt's pace with his own hips. "Harder."

"Good boy," Kurt managed before he gripped the arm of the couch with both hands and used it for leverage. His thrusts made the couch shake, shoving Sebastian against it. The two of them were just a sweaty, loud mess. Nothing like what Kurt's old 'love making' use to be like. Sure, that could get intense, steamy, but this? This was downright dirty. He had Sebastian tied to a lamp with a belt for God's sake.

"S-shit! I'm gonna come- Gonna. . ." Sebastian rolled his hips, cock rubbing hard against Kurt's stomach, but he didn't come yet. He just made a loud, frustrated noise, tossing his head.

"Need some help?" Kurt chuckled, though he was panting. He lifted himself up, braced on the arm of the couch, and got his free hand down between them. His fingers just barely managed to curl around Sebastian's cock and started stroking as quick as he could. Messy.

Somehow he didn't think Sebastian cared.

Not if the image Kurt had in front of him was anything to go by. Sebastian turning his head to bite his own bicep. Face flushed, all the way down his neck to his chest, eyes squeezed shut. Then suddenly thick bursts of come shooting up onto Sebastian's belly.

"Oh my God-" Kurt put both hands on the couch and let his head fall forward, hips slamming into Sebastian as he came. Then held, shuddering heavily, breath catching in his throat. He hadn't come that hard in a while and that? With what Sebastian had put him through lately? That was saying something. He lowered himself onto Sebastian, panting and trembling.

"Shit. . ." Sebastian gasped, grinning slightly, weakly, then bit his lip, turning his head some, nudging against Kurt. His legs slipped from Kurt, one thunking from the couch to the floor.

Kurt half-smiled then raised his head, propping it on his hand. "Y-Yep," he said, cheeks still flushed. "Are you gonna stop being a bitch now?"

Sebastian lifted his eyes, expression blank at first, before he downright smirked at him. "I dunno. Are you?"

Kurt rolled his eyes. "I guess that's a no." He smiled at him. "You should buy me a pizza or something after all that stupidity at the club."

"Oh, now you want me to buy you dinner too?" Sebastian joked. Then gave a dramatic sigh. "Fiiine. . But you're gonna have to. . You know. Free me." He said, glancing up to his bound arms.

"Oh. Right. If I must." Kurt reached over and undid the belt buckle, pulling it free of the lamp. He sat up, tossing it aside, and pulled off the condom, throwing it in the small trash can by the coffee table. Only to quite suddenly find himself shoved down on the couch, Sebastian on top of him. Who was smirking like a cat. Kurt could just imagine a lashing tail. Kurt huffed, annoyed. But mostly by his own body's reaction. And the way he found it sort of. . . Charming. "I said pizza," he sniffed. "No more shenanigans until I've eaten."

"Shenanigans." Sebastian repeated, giving him a look. Then dipped his head down, giving him a kiss. Brief, their lips smacking when he pulled up. "What do you want on your pizza then?" He asked, getting up to get his pants, fishing out his phone.

Kurt was silent for a moment, thrown by the kiss. But then he shook himself and replied, "Get a spinach feta pizza, the kind with white sauce."

". . . Really?" Sebastian cocked an eyebrow, but then shook his head. "Okay. You're apparently the boss of me tonight."

"Yes. I am." Kurt stood and headed into Sebastian's room to find something to wear. He'd never been a fan of running around naked. He grabbed one of Sebastian older button down shirts and put that on, not bothering to add underwear. Luckily it was long on him, since Sebastian was so tall. It made him smile, looking at himself briefly in the mirror Sebastian had in the corner. Only to start in realization Sebastian had a long mirror in his room. How had he just noticed this? He approved. Kurt smiled to himself, then turned to go back out, heading to the kitchen to find something to drink.

"Make yourself right at home." He heard Sebastian say behind him.

"I will." Kurt smirked at him then sat down and propped his feet on the coffee table, grabbing the remote. He turned on the tv, flipping through the channels.

Kurt found some random reality show and let it stay there. He wasn't really watching. He was busy wondering why he'd forgiven Sebastian so quickly. Why he was allowing the man to sit next to him, naked, with his arm around him like they were some couple. Watching television. It was a little worrisome. He'd never been one to forgive too quickly, unless. . . Unless it was a boy he had a crush on. Which was stupid, he was far too old for crushes.

Kurt leaned unconsciously into the touch, feeling Sebastian play with his hair at the base of his skull. The more he thought about it, the more he realized it didn't matter. He enjoyed Sebastian's company, both in bed and out. Now that they were out of high school, there was no rivalry, both in choir or for some other boys affections, Sebastian was a fun guy. He'd accepted he was never going to see Blaine again. He was having fun. So he shouldn't worry about it, right? Right.

After a little bit, there was a knock on the door. And, once again, Sebastian got up completely naked to answer the door and accept the delivery. Kurt heard a few words being exchanged before Sebastian came back, putting the pizza on the counter top. "Think she was straight this time. She wanted to touch my stomach."

Kurt rolled his eyes and stood to get some pizza. "I'm sure you needed the ego boost," he said sarcastically. He grabbed a slice and took a bite, hopping delicately onto the counter and crossing his legs.

"What do ya know. It's actually pretty good." Sebastian said after taking a bite.

"You should learn to trust me," Kurt quipped before taking another bite.

"Maybe," Sebastian said, returning to eat. Though as soon as he was done with the slice he got closer to Kurt. Putting a hand on his leg, skimming it upward, under the shirt. Kurt eyed his hand but finished his slice of pizza and leaned over, grabbing another. He took a bite and quirked an eyebrow at Sebastian, as if asking what he was doing. Sebastian smirked at him, slipping his hand up further, against Kurt's thigh. "You look kinda. . . Sexy." He said. "Walking around like this."

"You realized we can't constantly have sex, right?" Kurt said around a mouthful of pizza, lifting his hand to cover his mouth Swallowing, he continued, "I can't. And I wouldn't want to."

"Why not?" Sebastian left his hand right where it was. "Why wouldn't you want to constantly feel amazing?"

"After awhile, it wouldn't feel amazing," Kurt pointed out. "It would be raw skin and sore muscles. Besides, if we're going to be friends, actual friends, not just people who have sex with each other, than we have to do things besides - well, besides, having sex with each other."

"We just ate pizza." Sebastian said, patting Kurt's thigh a few times. "And. You're the one assuming I want to have sex right now. I'm touching you and said you look sexy. Am I not allowed to pay you a compliment, Kitten?"

"Of course you are," Kurt said. "But I doubt that was the only thing on your mind. You don't seem the type to compliment for no reason. Oh, and eating pizza together doesn't count."

Sebastian raised an eyebrow. "It doesn't? Alright then Kurtsie. What does count then, if eating dinner together doesn't."

Kurt chewed thoughtfully for a moment. "Well.. . . Hanging out together. Watching a movie or going to a museum or shopping or visiting Central Park. Stuff like that."

Sebastian stared at him for a long moment. ". . .Sounds like dating." He said, bluntly. "Sex plus those things." Then he shrugged. "But okay."

Kurt was taken aback by that statement. "Those are things I do with Rachel or Mercedes or Finn." Or Blaine, sure, but he wasn't going to admit that. "I mean, what do you do with your friends?"

Sebastian's mouth opened. Then closed. "Club hopping." He said casually as he could. "And you know. . General. Fucking around."

"Well, we tried club-hopping," Kurt said, tone sour. "And I'm never doing that with you again. We've already done the. . .Other. Part. Are you really saying you never do anything together?" No wonder Sebastian was clinging so tightly to him. "Maybe you can come with me and Rachel tomorrow. It's Sunday so most of the museums are free. We were planning on checking out the exhibit on Victorian Fashions. It'll be fun."

Sebastian made a bit of a face. ". . Fine." He ended up saying, giving a slow nod. "If you promise to go out drinking with me again sometime, I'll go with you tomorrow. And I promise I won't be an asshole."

Kurt eyed him. "You won't be an asshole even if some hot guy hits on me?"

Sebastian suddenly looked uncomfortable at that question and glanced away. Kurt wasn't sure what to make of it. He didn't get a chance to ask, because Sebastian spoke. "I would give an honest effort."

Kurt considered it. "Fine. Deal." He picked up Sebastian's hand and shook it. "I want to stay here tonight, though. No way I'm walking home this late."

"I think there's some extra room in my bed."

"Good." Kurt hopped off the counter and turned to rinse his greasy hands in the sink. Then with a smile at Sebastian, he headed into the bedroom. A few minutes later, he found a very naked body spooning up to him. An arm wrapping around his chest. Once again, Kurt had to just brush it off. Don't think too hard on it. Clearly Sebastian wasn't. Kurt made a soft "mm" sounded and snuggled back against him. He closed his eyes and almost immediately dropped off to sleep.

Kurt woke up sometime around eight. The sun had some through the window and poking him in the eyes. He groaned a little but rolled over, trying to get out of Sebastian's grip to go get ready for the day.

Easier said than done.

Sebastian curled his arm tighter around Kurt as soon as he tried to get up and he rolled forward. Effectively trapping Kurt's body between himself and the bed. Except Kurt could see him smirking. Bastard was awake. "Get off me, Smythe," Kurt whined. "I need coffee. And a shower."

Sebastian said nothing, just continued to grin, then tilted his head to the side and bit at Kurt's neck. Teeth pulling at Kurt's skin.

Kurt yelped in surprise and shoved at Sebastian, laughing. "Get off me you brute!"

Sebastian snickered and nipped at him again, lighter this time. "Not a morning person, are you?"

"No," Kurt said and turned to catch Sebastian's mouth with his own. He wasn't sure why; he still needed coffee and a shower, and possibly food. But it seemed like the right thing to so at the time. But Sebastian didn't fight it. He said nothing. He just kissed back. A hand going into Kurt's hair. Kurt's hands curled slightly, resting on Sebastian's sides. The kiss was slow, almost lazy. And it wasn't going anywhere. Sebastian didn't even try to push for more. They were just kissing to be kissing. Which was strange. But Kurt didn't want to stop.

Finally, Kurt pulled back. He rested his forehead against Sebastian's. "I'm gonna. . . Go get that coffee," he said softly.

"Mmmkay." Sebastian stared back at him, hand moving out of Kurt's hair so his palm traced down over Kurt's cheek. Okay. Time to get up. Though he couldn't resist pressing a final kiss to Sebastian's mouth as he pulled away, slipping out of bed.

Kurt got a quick shower, then headed into the kitchen, determinedly not thinking about the warmth in his chest. He started coffee and even set about making french toast, once he'd found the eggs and bread. After he got that going, he finally heard Sebastian emerging.

"Making me breakfast?"

"Making us breakfast," Kurt said as he heaped french toast onto a plate. He turned off the burner then sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on top. Kurt eyed Sebastian, smiling. H e was wearing faded jeans, with an older, soft blue shirt, with a low neckline. Low for a guys shirt anyway, so plenty of his neck was exposed. Sebastian's hair on the other hand just looked wild. "Got any whipped cream?"

"I'd be ashamed of myself if I didn't." Sebastian said playfully, glancing to the plate of food. He got the whipped cream out, pulling the top of the can off and. . Well, he reached over and dabbed a tiny dollop onto Kurt's nose.

Kurt gave a mock glare and swiped the cream off with his finger. Then he smeared it on Sebastian's cheek, skipping away with a laugh to grab his coffee.

"Hey-?" Sebastian grinned, wiping his face with his hand. Then just licked the cream from his fingers, happily. "Careful Kurt. I'm the one who's armed here."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Do it and I'll never cook for you again."

Sebastian glanced down to the can in his hands like he was considering it, only to tip his own head back and spray some right into his mouth. Like a child.

"God, you five year old." Kurt shook his head. He loaded up a second plate and snatched the can from Sebastian so no more went to waste. He put a generous amount of whipped cream on both stacks of french toast, then grabbed his plate and went to sit down.

"What?" Sebastian asked, though it came out more muffled, mouth full when he tried to talk. Then he swallowed. "You're the one who has sex with me. What's that say about you?" He joked, sitting down to dig into breakfast.

"That I'm an idiot."

"A sexy idiot."

"Eat your breakfast, Sebastian."