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Heading into my bed room I fall to my knees. Hearing it was unbearable, and telling Christian its goanna kill him. MY fifty shades who has been through more than enough can add another shade on after this. I don't know what to do, how to say it, how will he react. I take off my dress and lie on the bed staring at the ceiling at quiet tears fall from my face onto my hair. My mind is fogged, I'm not concerned about me, I just need him to accept this. I need him to. That call to Dr. Green's office was unexpected, and coming out of her office changed me. There's so many things I wanted to do, places I wanted to see, and with this I know my life will change. I know Christian will be even more over protective. As I hear the door open and close I know it is Christian. I know it is time. I glance at the clock at it is eight PM. I've been lying here all day for five hours thinking. I've been paralyzed by my shock of news and now it's time to face Christian. Slowly I get up and walk down the stairs. Heading into the great room I see Christian taking off his jacket while talking on the phone.

"Yes. Seven on my desk tomorrow." His eyes' are glued on me as he talks, and he has a big smile plastered on his face. I'm so torn that I'm goanna be the one to take it off of him.

"Okay, I need to go now. I have something in front of me that I need to get to." I see the sex gleam in his eyes, and I know after my announcement he won't have that gleam anymore. He hangs up and strides to me. He sucks lightly at my lower lip before biting it and holding my waist firm in place. "Hello Baby. I have a surprise." He lets go and holds me at arm's length but suddenly he changes his reaction when he see's tears falling down my face.

"Ana wh… what happened are you okay?" He eyes me warily as I just ignore his question and sit on the couch tears still fall from my face. This has to be the most silent cry I ever did. My heart is pounding and dreading the moment when I will have to tell him.

"Christian. I love you so much. I, I just need to tell you something really bad, and I want you to know no matter what happens I love you so so much. I need you to be okay and accept this." He frowns and kneels in front of me.

"Baby what's wrong your scaring me now?" I inhale deeply and hold his neck as I pull him to me and kiss him lightly. Pulling away I rest my head on his forehead.

"This is goanna change everything. But I need you to be strong baby okay for me. I need you to be okay with this, I need it. Christian I need it. I need you to know that you are the only man I've ever loved, that I will always love you no matter what, I need you to know how happy you make me, and how love I feel, and how I feel with you. You're the best thing that ever happen to me."

He pulls his fore head from mines and places each of his hands on either sides of my face. "Babe hurry up and tell me, this isn't funny. What's wrong Ana? I know you love me and I know you know I love you now tell me baby what happened?" I close my eyes and lean in his touch, I don't know if he will think that after what I tell him. With my eyes closed and my hand on his forearms while his hands are still places on my face I whisper, "Promise?"

I can see him intake a sharp breath and his face filled with worry. "Baby I promise."

Inhaling deeply I gather all my strength left to tell him the one thing that will change our lives drastically.

"Christian… I have cancer."