Sorry i havent paid attention to this storie in a while. I promise to fix that. Enjoy this new chapter, i know its cut short but bear with me guys. Until next time...

I wake up to an obscene amount of yelling, and smashing of things. What the hell? I glance to my side and see that Christian is yelling. I get out of bed and head down stairs. When I enter the foyer I see grace there trying to comfort Christian and the video camera on the table. There is glass everywhere, and Christian is hysterical.

"Baby what's wrong?"

He glance up and his face is red, with tears falling.

"WHATS WRONG? Why the fuck would you make a video like that Anastasia? Huh? You're not going to fucking die, I won't let it. I've talked to so much people and they told me that 99 percent of people with breast cancer in stage one DO NOT DIE. You ARE goanna be a part of that percentage. So there is no need for a video like that!"

God I forgot to put it away. Obviously he will be curious as to why the camera is all of a sudden by my bedside table when it is never there.

"Christian I know that, but there is always a possibility and we have to prepare for a different outcome…"

"NO! No preparing, there is only ONE outcome. Your living Anastasia, I don't give a fuck what I have to do, I don't want to hear you even mention that possibility. You are goanna live a long life with me."

I walk to him and stand in between his legs as he buries his face in my stomach. I rub his hair and try to relax him but he is still sniffling. His hold on me is tight, and he is kissing my stomach.

"I can't lose you baby. I can't I just can't."

I risk a look at grace who has tears rolling down her face.

"Ana he is right. We will not let you die, there's actually a big chance at you living and poor chance of you dying."

I smile and kiss the top of Christians head, and inhale his scent. I know that there's a big chance I can live, but what if we are riding on that hope of me living and I die? What happens then if we aren't prepared for it?

"Listen I know I can live. But just think what if? I know there are many people who survived it, but there are also people in stage one who didn't survive. What if I'm one of those unlucky people? We can't trust percentages; we have to prepare for both outcomes, just in case."

Grace smiles sadly and puts her hand on my shoulder, and her other hand on Christians back.

"We will get through this Ana. I will make sure you are one of the 99 percents." She turns and walks out of the house.

Christian is still sobbing in my stomach, and I feel responsible.

"Babe, come on relax. Let's go run a hot bath, and soak in there for a while."

He lifts his head from my stomach and smiles.

"I love you so much Anastasia. You are my life."

I kiss him lightly and grab his hand as we enter the bath. The water is warm, and the Christian is rubbing the body wash on my back, while I just relax. I lift my leg out of the bubbles and tease him a little bit.

I can hear him moan, and his erection grow.

"Enjoying the show Mr. Grey?"

"Oh most definitely." I smirk turn to face him and lay my head on his chest.

I can tell he really isn't in the mood for sex; he just wants to be here in the moment with me. He really is hurting which is making everything harder. And the fact that I have a big secret to tell him won't make anything better.

When I went to see Doctor Green, she didn't only inform me on my growing tumor in my breast and recommend a doctor to me. She also informed me on how the last shot failed and how I'm pregnant.

That's' why I'm so worried I won't live. She said it will be very hard to be pregnant and have cancer because the baby will interfere with the amount of dosages of medicine I will need to take. It will interfere also with the kind of medicine I will need to take. They can't be so strong because that will hinder the baby.

The worst part is if I die, there's a 99 percent chance the baby will die too. Christian will not only loose me but his child. I don't know how he is going to take this news, but I know I will have to tell him sooner or later, because at the doctor's appointment tomorrow I don't think he will be to happy to be just finding out that he is going to be a dad.