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Chapter 8. Sex, Drugs and Coffee Anyone?

'That's the last of em!' Raphael said as he lifted a pile of pizza boxes the height of himself on to the kitchen table.

'Dude!' said Mikey '...that's like nearly a hundred!'

The two looked at one another and then back at the boxes.

'..Think we eat too much of that stuff?' he continued.

Raph shrugged 'That's a shit load of pizza!'

Mikey chuckled.

'Ok guys!' said Leo '...she's gonna be here any second!'

Leo had been buzzing around the lair for hours trying to get the place tidy for Tyler's arrival and he had a little help, from Mr coffee pot in the kitchen. As he'd had an early start he decided to have an espresso, or two, just to wake him up a bit more.

'God! Leo chill out!' snapped Raph 'I don't think Tyler would give a shit if this place had a little dust! She never cared about the state of the other place!'

He kept looking at Mikey just to check that he wasn't freaking out like he did the other night. Surprisingly he looked quite calm.

As Leo frantically straightened the pizza boxes Raph gave his little brother a nudge.

'You ok bro?' he said leaning back against the fridge next to Michelangelo.

'I don't know dude' he said lifting his eyebrows as he watched Leo skip round the boxes dusting them. 'But seriously...' he said turning to Raph '...what would you do?'

Raph paused, stunned by the question.

He had never had to deal with girls before let alone give advice about them to anyone. He had been around April sure and Kim and he'd have the odd flirt with girls every now and then at Casey's bar but nothing serious enough to give relationships much thought. He had often wondered about love and how it would feel to be in love with someone so much that they would allow it to consume them. He envied his little brother sometimes for being lucky enough to have experienced the feelings he'd had but was love really that amazing? Would he ever know how it felt? Finding a girl and settling down was a luxury that they all had learnt to put to the back of their minds what with them being mutants and all. The chance of having a normal relationship was somewhat of a fantasy. For a start the chances of finding a girl that found them the tiniest bit attractive was a million to one and on top of that an oddity to say the least. To find a girl that would give you the time of day without freaking out and running a mile was another. And then if you were lucky enough to have all of that, the girl that's attracted to you and loves you and doesn't get all squeamish when their next to you then there's one more thing to consider. The whole sex thing! Fair enough Donny had done his research, experiments and tests and even though he'd discovered that it was possible and safe for them to have a perfectly normal sex life just like that of a human, they would still have to have a very trusting girlfriend to do it with as they were a little larger than your average well-endowed human males. And as for children? That just wasn't a possibility. They could never have families of their own. But as for a full blown loving relationship? It was possible and Mike seemed to be the one closest to that reality. Who'd have thought it?

The whole sex thing came to light after the guys had to have that very uncomfortable and very embarrassing 'Where babies come from' chat with Splinter years ago after he found a dirty magazine under a couch cushion. Raph had 'acquired' it and a few others from Casey after his big move into April's apartment. Needless to say there was no way she would allow those things in her home so Raph offered to take them off his hands after curiosity got the better of him. They had all known about sex since being in there teens obviously they had seen stuff on TV and in movies and all sorts of stuff gets dumped into the sewers and it was something they would all discuss between themselves away from Splinter but thanks to Raphael all the guys got the special Splinter lecture making them more uncomfortable and him more unpopular than usual.

One evening, a few weeks later however Casey decided to host a guy's night at the apartment when April was out of town for work. He thought he would amuse himself by watching the guy's reactions to a hard core porn flick. Safe to say it got their attention and it was easier to talk and ask questions about this type of thing with Casey then Splinter. They came away from that night as men! Questions answered and male testosterone raging! A quite week followed as the guys spent most of their time in their rooms, alone, watching DVDs that were provided by Casey. The guys came out every now and then for food and...showers!

So, technically, the closest thing that Raph had ever had to a real relationship was with hand and Tyler. They threw banter at one another, spared together, argued like a married couple, talked, spent time together and there was even that time when she fell asleep on him. It was magical! He watched her sleep for ages. She looked so peaceful, so beautiful, so still,.. It was the perfect opportunity for him to write 'TWAT' on her forehead with permanent marker and whiskers on her cheeks like a cat! But he still tret her like one of the guys not a girlfriend but he did love her to bits. So Mikes question didn't really get an answer.

'I dunno bro' he said with a look of utter confusion 'That kinda stuff's alien to me!'

Mikey nodded in agreement even though he was still clueless.

A loud buzzing noise rang out through the lair. Someone was at the door.

Leo panicked and ran round quickly checking everything in the lair was tidy.

'OH MY GOD! She's here' he said running around Raph and Mike.

Raph chuckled 'Leo is fuckin wired!'

Mikey grinned as they both followed Leo to the seated lounge area.

'Places guys!' Leo shouted trying to usher his brothers to the bottom of the stairs.

'Dude how much coffee did you drink?!' said Mikey

'Oh just a few cups that's all' said Leo now pushing on Mikes shell to get him moving.

'I counted eight! And it was that espresso stuff too! Full cups of it!' snapped Raph shoving Leo's hand off his shoulder as he too got pushed.

'Oh man!' Said Mike '...remember what happened last time you had that stuff?! I'm not staying up all night wi you!'

At that moment the heavy door to the lair unlocked. The sound of the locks opening rang through the room and then the door slowly opened.

'…and here we are' said Donny pushing the metal door open trying to make it go faster. He walked through and led Casey and Tyler on to the top of the stairs.

'Wow!' Said Casey. 'This place is really tidy!'

Donatello looked around in disbelief 'Yeah! Your right!' he said trying to figure out what the hell had happened after he left that morning.

Casey stood aside as Tyler came forward into the open plan lair and looked around.

'This place is amazing!' she said in owe. Her eye's glistened in the industrial lighting and candles that were scattered around in different places.

Tyler had never seen this lair before and wasn't expecting this. The guys all had their own rooms. There was a dojo with loads of space, an open plan kitchen leading out to the living area and another few room's off to the other side of the dojo. A shower room, bathroom no doubt with Splinters room and a weight room further down the corridor. From the main door were two flights of stairs leading down to the lounge and without noticing Tyler has already made her way down one. She stopped at the top of the second and saw the other three Turtles looking up at her. She looked to her left at Donny who was smiling. He nodded reassuringly for her to continue down the stairs. Nervously she did looking down at each step too scared to make eye contact.

Leo ran to greet her at the bottom step sweeping her up in his arms.

'Hey Leo!' she said slightly suffocated by the Turtle hold he had on her. There was no response. He just stood there. Holding her. With his eyes closed with a huge smile on his face. 30 seconds or more past and Donatello stormed over embarrassed that he was having to un-latch Leo's arms to let Tyler go.

'Sorry about that' said Leo with a gulp.

'What the hell is wrong with you?! Snapped Donny as he looked at Leo then at Raph unsure as to whether or not he'd done something to their leader as a joke.

'I'm sorry Tyler' said Leo '...I've had a little too much coffee'

'Ooh' said Tyler putting her hand to her mouth and trying not to giggle.

'Oh man!' Donny put his hand on his forehead '...do you not remember what happened the last time?!'

Leo had sworn off coffee years ago after he had a little incident back when Tyler was first introduced to him and his brothers. He had consumed a couple of pots of the stuff to get a clear head to practice a ninja move he was having difficulty perfecting. He had seen April drink copious amounts of coffee when trying to reach a deadline for work but she always hit them on time. She was always professional and her work was always outstanding so he thought it could work for him too! But instead of mastering the ninja move he was obsessing over he spent 2days and 2nights scrubbing the toilet. He became 'The Master of Clean' a name given to him by Mikey after he watched his brother for a whole two hours scrub the toilet basin over and over,He had too much caffine in his body for him to sit still.

'Its ok' said Tyler trying hard not to laugh. She could hear Casey in the background hissing into his hands trying to hold back a fit of giggles.

Donatello quickly moved Leo out of the way to make sure he didn't embarrass himself anymore. Tyler turned sharply trying to hush Casey but he had crossed the threshold and his laughter was now uncontrollable. Tyler turned back around to find herself shadowed by Raph who was standing over her. She took a step back overwhelmed by how big he was. She eyed him up and down. This wasn't the Raphael she remembered. He had obviously been working out, lots!

His shoulders were broad and his plastron had numerous cracks and breaks through it. He even had a bullet hole! God only knows what the story was behind that!

She gazed up at him. Her big blue eyes penetrated his making his heart flutter a little. He found himself lost not really knowing what to say. There was usually sarcasm and smart limericks but this time he couldn't think of anything. He saw the girl that he used to play tricks on, that was something he hadn't seen the other night on the roof. He was too busy checking her out. He was now seeing her up close and saw all the detail in her features. Her face was so familiar but different at the same time. He felt content like he used to before she left, happy, warm and at ease but there was something else there with it this time, something he couldn't quite put his finger on.

'Hey trouble!' she said nervously.

Raph's face lit up and he burst out laughing. He hadn't been called that for years!

'I'm gonna think of a name for you too ya know?!' said Raph as he grabbed her arm and pulled her into his chest for a hug. Raph always used to give the best hugs. Not to tight and not too lose, just right, snug, which was surprising for the amount of muscles he had. She pulled away gently and smiled as he gave her a wink and a nudge on her shoulder with his fist. Then she glanced over his shoulder.

There he was. Michelangelo.

Raph move out of the way letting Tyler pass as she walked slowly towards him. She could feel her heart in her throat. Somehow she was moving towards him but she didn't even feel like she had shifted. Mikey looked as nervous as she did but he was still there and so far hadn't freaked out.

She stopped a few feet from him not taking her eyes away from his. Her stomach filled with knots feeling unsure as to how he was going to react to her.

Mikey's heart pounded in his chest. She was more beautiful then he remembered and he found himself drifting in her eyes. His attention was suddenly brought back by Donatello waving his arms around behind Tyler trying to get Mikes attention urging him to say something. Mike glanced back at Tyler but she had broken her stare and was now checking him out.

She realised how much he had changed. He was also bigger in size. Not as big as Raph but he had muscles bulging all over. He even had those oblique muscles that all the girls raged on about that were on the likes of Taylor Laurtner and Zac Efron. His body took her breath away for a moment. As her eyes traced his body she noticed that he also had scraped and scratch marks across his plastron along with scares here and there on his skin. She also noticed he had tiny different colored spots like freckles on the tops of his shoulders and across his nose. Raphael had also gone to town on him with the tattoo gun. He was sporting Celtic style tattoos from his wrists all the way up his arms to his neck and down his chest and back disappearing under his plastron and shell. They weren't as dark as Raph's. He was like a gangster rapper or something with the ink whereas Mike's were just thick outline. They all had tattoos only some were more prominent than others. She looked at him again realizing that he was now doing the same thing and checking her out.

He noticed that she had on some cute little black wedge shoes on with a peep hole at the front showing off some hot pink nail varnish on her toes. She was wearing tight black jeans with a chain fastened on to her belt then went into her pocket, keys on the end he supposed. She wore a tight black vest top that showed off her tanned mid-drift and a black baggy Gorillaz t-shirt over the top that had be hand ripped into a crop top hanging off her shoulder revealing the straps of her vest and more skin. Her hair was wild. A mass of waives that fell over her face making her fidget a bit as she tried to tame it by pushing it behind her ears but to no avail as it kept falling strand by strand back on to her face. Under her hair were those eyes. So blue, electric blue with the darkest, longest eyelashes. Her nose was dusted lightly with sun kissed freckles and her lips pink and glossed. Mike gulped. He had no idea what to do. He had just been staring at her now for ages. Tyler was starting to worry, was he judging her? Was he about to flip out on her? She had no idea. Then she remembered! She threw her hand into her back pocket and felt for the bandana that she'd found earlier.

'Mike!' she yelled as she wiped the orange strip of fabric out of her pocket and held it out in front of her to show him what it was she had.

Mike took a moment to process what was in her hands but then looked at her lost for words.

'Oh my god...' whispered Leo to Donny '...is that the bandana?'

'Yup!' smiled Donny '...she kept it!'

Mikey reached out and took the bandana from Tyler gently and examined it. It was the one he had hid in her bag.

'I can't believe you still have this!' he said in shock.

'Are you kidding? Of course I did!' she said back. 'I've carried it everywhere with me. Every day! You don't want to know where I've had it but it's always been with me.

Mikey looked up at her. She looked like she was about to explode.

'I guess I knew I'd see you again I just didn't know when and it was always my intention to give it you back and it's been all this time and I know you might hate me and I don't want you too and I….' suddenly she found herself suffocated again in Mikes arms.

He squeezed her tight not wanting to ever let her go. The scent of her perfume filled his nostrils 'Alien' by Thierry Mugler. He buried his face into her hair and neck and took a deep breath of her in.

'Its cool dudette' he whispered in her ear as he held her tighter.

Her eyes welled up and she smiled squeezing him back. She had missed him so much and was overwhelmed that he was happy to see her too. Her whole body tingled as his breath ticked her neck. She never thought that he would hug her like this after what had happen and she never wanted this moment to end.

'Hello Tyler'

Tyler's eyes shot around the lair and Mikey loosened his grip as she turned to see Splinter smiling at her.

Mikey and his brothers bowed their heads and backed away as Splinter made his way steadily towards her.

'Sensei' she said bowing her head. He stood stern and strong in front of her.

'I do not need you to bow your head Tyler Reese...' he said with a thunderous voice lifting her chin with his stick '...I need a hug too!' he grinned and started laughing as Tyler ploughed into him.

'We are so happy that you have found your way back to us my child' he said now surrounded by his sons and Casey. 'Come! Leonardo tells me you are quite the fighter' he led her towards the couches excited to hear about her adventures 'I would like to hear what techniques you have mastered on your travels' he continued.

Raph, Leo, Donny and Casey followed Splinter and Tyler to the seated area. She looked back at Mikey who was still in disbelief still looking at the bandana.

He looked up and they locked eyes again. He gave her a smile and his heart melted as she smiled back neither of them realizing how deep their feelings ran for each other.

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