I am awakened by some terribly foreboding sounds: A blaring horn, the screeching of tires, the driver mumbling some sort of expletive. I groggily mumble my holy words, but it is too late. The last things I remember are those huge headlights flooding us with light.

Prologue: Morning

My eyes open. Giant curtains allowing me to see the world and shut it out whenever I wish. The curtains move at a snail's pace today. Which is just as well because the world's stage is quite dreary right now. However, dreary mornings are merely one of the consequences of having no windows in my room. I try to rise up out of my bed but stop myself. These surroundings... Where are my books? Where's my dresser? Where's my mirror?

This is not my room. Worry rushes through my blood and my heart quickens. I glance down at myself and the river of fear tightens it's grip on me. This is not my bed, this is not a bed at all. It's a cold, metal chair. And I'm chained to it like convicted felon. I am chained to a freaking metal chair!

My legs are shackled to the chair's own legs. Strong metal wires wrap around my waist and tie me to the chair. They dig menacingly into my stomach and hamper my breathing. I cannot move my left arm, but my right arm seems to be free. I glance anxiously around the shadowy room, but can make out nothing except for the most basic of shapes. I clutch at my cloak and draw it close to my chest. But even its familiarity has been marred. No longer is it a pure and silky blue, it is now encrusted with a dark and evil red. Blood.

I throw down the fabric in disgust and desperately try to regain my bearings. It's okay, everything is going to be fine. I've survived much worse situations, and I will survive this too. I just have to calm down. Breathe Raven, you just need to calm down...

I'm in a flowery meadow. As I stroll through the flora, I hear the soft melody of a trickling brook. There is a patch of shade under an apple tree, so I sit down and wait. I don't have to wait long for what I want. Already, I see that someone who holds a flickering candle is approaching me. It is mother. She is dressed all in white and is coming to hum me a lullaby. She won't leave me until all my troubles have dissolved...

My visual meditation seems to be working, for the tornado of emotions has come to a stop. However, I quickly discover that I am only in the eye of the storm, for as soon as I decide that there's nothing to fear, a new question enters my thoughts.

"Where am I?" I wonder aloud. Silently hoping that someone will conveniently come walking up and explain everything to me. But I have no such luck. I never had good luck before in my life, so why should I expect that to change now?

A sigh of defeat escapes me, and I let my mind wander aimlessly while my eyes adjust to the darkness. Without thinking, my hand finds its way to the place where my communicator should be. Of course, whoever imprisoned me had taken it away, but it was worth a try. I take another look around the room. It is dark, but I am fairly certain that the walls are made of concrete. Stacks of cardboard boxes hide most of the room, yet I can still make out a few important details.

There are only two entrances into this cell, and they stand on opposite walls. Also, there are no windows on the walls, nor even any doors on the entrances. I must be in an underground bunker somewhere because there isn't a shred of sunlight anywhere. Or maybe it's still night time. Either way, an idea comes to me. A desperate little last hope of mine. After looking around one last time to make sure the plan will work, I close my eyes, and do something that I haven't done in a long, long time.

I scream. A shrilly, high-pitched scream that I will never admit to having. Even as I hear the shriek echoing against the many walls, I can't help but gag at how terribly feminine it sounds. It makes me sick, but it will do. If there is anyone even remotely close to this building, then they will hear the scream. As for people who are in the building...

Well, they will hear a distinct ringing sound until their ears finally stop bleeding. All I have to do is wait and hope. However, my heart is sinking, for I hear no footsteps racing towards me. No voices complaining about the scream, no response at all. The place seems entirely empty. Which is why I nearly fall out of my chair when I hear him say:

"Geez, give a warning before you do that."

I freeze; my eyes widen. I know who owns that voice, and he just heard me scream like a little girl. I frantically try to locate the voice's origin but cannot find it.

"Come now," says Red X while he steps out from behind a stack of boxes. "Don't you have anything to say to me? You did just rudely awake me after all."

I furrow my brow. Who does this jerk think he is? He expects an apology after he kidnaps me!?

I spit out the words: "Where am I?"

Red X grins, or at least I think he does, behind his mask.

"Don't you remember anything about yesterday at all?"

He must have read the blank expression on my face, for he doesn't wait for an answer.

"Heh heh, in that case allow me to welcome you to Day Four of your stay with Mister Red X."

As the words sink in, Red X leans over my shoulder and whispers:

"I hope you enjoy your visit."